Donald Trump’s rise is a scary moment in America – A response to Ezra Klein

The deeply annoying Ezra Klein spent about four minutes explaining how dangerous Donald Trump is and there are so many glaring errors and assumptions that it takes a good 40 minutes to respond. His site Vox is devoted to sitting on a high horse and explaining to us plebs what goes on in the world but the guy is so unbelievably arrogant, it hasn’t occurred to him that he argues like a babysitter.

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  1. carrie honey says:

    Yeah when I came across this ding dong ezras video it was a real eye opener about how fucking dense the left is. They love their little bubble.

  2. Eirexeyes says:

    Over 270+ million people have been murdered in the cause of jihad.. So yeh Islamic jihad has caused more deaths than any war in any other time in history..

  3. Eirexeyes says:

    99.999% of the 40,000+ terrorist attacks since 9/11 have been carried out by Muslims.. So banning these people who are 99% more likely to kill themselves in a terrorist attack along with countless other people… So banning them is not such a bad thing when you look at the numbers and stats ..

  4. MMMCLXXX ________ says:


    Again, you're a fucking genivs.

    I don't care what your flaws are or whatever 'imperfections' you may have. You're a whole person. And your intelligence/humor combo is lethal. Like, it cripples me everyday.
    The Gavin calderas that have been erupting with these mental midgets and loud mouth losers, just turns me on in the most non-homo way.
    Sometimes I want to hammerfist your forehead, but I love you too much. I'd fucking sit you in front of any so called 'authority' on any subject or 'leader' of any movement.

    You could 'lose', and still have taken chunks out of flesh and made craters in whatever narrative machine there is.

    Don't ever change Gavin. You're an angel , whatever connotation that may carry. Sometimes angels are all over the spectrvm of karma .

    If I believed in divine plans and all that… still… I would say that you're definitely here for a reason.

    You'll always suffer as humans do. But you are built to speak the language of the world; and will never fail. Just like Gilgamesh went through all sorts of shit, his Fate was already set. He did what he needed to do.

    I love these long ones by the way. It's equivalent to listening to some of the brutal music I enjoy. It's cleansing and digestible.

    You're a voice for so many of Us, on all different levels.

    This is a garbage piece of writing. I've been working my ass off since this morning outside. I feel like a giant beat me with a couch. My creativity is buh. Brain jello.

    It's hard to be in the 'audience' of YouTube when there is something so well done in front of you. I hate wasting energy on comments, especially because I use my phone 99% of the time. My computer is a Notebook. Typing to a prerecorded video is claustrophobia inducing.

    So, cool. Meant to tell you yesterday, when you blasted that fucking Gonzo or Gazzi, who looks like that Blacktor in Fifth Element. You're Mercurial in the real-time manner. It's akin to watching honor play out.

    I'm 36, and your skewer into traditional ways, gives me echoes of what once was hope; like some phantom limb. Amazing how inspiration comes more from the past than the future. Even still, it removes no preparedness from the future of self, it actually calibrates and enhances every new day.
    So thanks big guy. I have a great sense of satisfaction from watching your bloodfarts.

    I'm a fellow CNS taker. Specifically, you call it Adderall in the States. It's Dexedrine up in Canadioia. Shit saved my life. I almost died from neural death. Becoming so bored and hopeless, my brain just started to cannibalize itself. I was about two weeks away from either some grand mal seizure into a coma, or just some catatonia I guess. In any situation, organ failure due to the nervous system 'letting go', was a very high possibility.

    My intelligence is infinite. I was told too late in my teens after I was already into call screening, living on my own, and self destruction. My memory is here and there. I don't mean IQ anyways, because it proves about 5% of a person's usefulness in general. Seriously.
    The way I process information is both a burden and exponentially encompassing and efficient. Life is absolutely tedious. A living hell. I have no real filter in the incoming. I have to manually cut my feelings off. They severally hamper improvement.
    Since I've been in Dex, along with a balance of common others, my neural growth is plentiful and protected.

    I take it twice a day though, everyday. It's necessary. The synthetic version of what I must be missing, makes the subtle difference between productivity, and feeling nothing; nothing but nothing pain.
    Because of one fucking chemical , a lineage of genii clunks to rolling halt with me; the environmental pollutant sponge.


    I went into that because I can see that tedium agony in your face and eyes a lot. Working through that, and being such a well-informed loving prick-force, is really commendable.
    I have experience with being on stage at larger venues and per forming music. A role I am supposed to play in good ol' Hollywood has been delayed by USCIS non-im. It happened JUST before all this shit started happened. They said they were backed up with visa bullshit. They should have just said MUSLIM . I would have forgone doing $15,000 of lawyer work for myself, and writing a step-by-step manual on navigating US/CAN immigration properly. They still took my processing fees of hundreds of dollars though.
    Anyways, I understand the pressure of being in the focus. It's compounded when your life gnaws at you.
    You're a soldier.


  5. Kenneth Behnken says:

    I'm gonna start calling people tit now 😂

  6. Xanat0s1 says:

    Holy shit this guy is stupid xD

  7. Anthony Mercado says:

    What a faggit

  8. Bonnie Wynn says:


  9. Patriotic Anarchist says:

    is Ezra the actual pajama boy from the obamacare comercial?
    if not he looks just like him…fucking limp wristed insufferable man child

  10. crosseyedbandit says:

    He's a jew, that's one reason enough.

  11. Shinaid43 says:

    I'm glad gavin translated this man's speech because all I heard is aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😧😳😦he has no personality whatsoever!! we don't have these kinda people over here !well maybe a few I've not actually met one!! and i can't translate a constant tone!! I think they might teach it in some uni in Dublin!! I live on the border we can't really leave what the other person thinks we're saying to chance!!so most of us tend to express ourselves verbally and physically!!! like if I'm going to tell you a joke I kinda lead in laughing! this kinda can be used to start a fight but that's a totally different laugh!!I like to know where I stand from the get go! tv,online, in person!! but that's coz I'm safety conscious and a women!! and I'm the weaker sex !! Gavin 12 punch rule hasn't made it over here yet !!so if someone's going to punch me I like to get one in first !! oh I think I'm going of track cheers for the video of the first original dildo!! thank fuck times have changed and they come in pink now !! hated when men actually thought we liked the look of a penis!! LOL

  12. Brian Jin says:

    tyson is humble as fuck what are you talking about

  13. Cordero Mendoza says:

    truthfully i hate everybody

  14. Long Plank says:

    Those fucking entrepreneur hating idiots, my father immigrated from Guyana as the third youngest of a family of 12 so he got beat up and ignored all day long, and his family was poor as fuck, he started his own company back on the 90s after thousands of back braking jobs, and it's now worth over 10 million.

  15. letsdothisshiat says:

    Gavin has got to be an idiot

  16. George Obi says:

    if ezra caught you sexing his wife he would make you coffee

  17. EisNeiN says:

    Gavin thinks his reactionary, emotion-based babbling is anchored by the fact his bitch crapped out a baby. Alright. His donkey-brained, narcissistic conversion from 'Atheist-for-reasons-of-convenience' to 'Christian-for-reasons-of-self-delusion' was similarly based on the 'miracle' of a screeching, blood-&-shit-smeared infant. Given the rising tide of cretinous fucktards, fatherhood is an ugly-ass thing; it proves nothing, beyond a likelihood of idiocy and a tragic fertility that is further polluting the planet. In Gavin's case, fatherhood was a divine bolt of bullshit that sent him deeper up his own asshole, searching for any 'truth' supporting his only true conviction: an unwavering belief in his own awesomeness. Now he's found his destiny as the True & Magnetic North for America's moral compass… despite being a reactionary asshole with an ADD-based inability to follow his own arguments to their logical and usually absurd end-points He's funny, he occasionally stumbles across a good point, but he's also a navel-gazing, self-obsessed douchebag.

  18. Fred Nietzsche says:

    ezra klen is a bitch. props to gavin.

  19. Big Stuff says:

    How did this retard become popular?

  20. OettingerCroat says:

    laugh at 31:59 is so epic and spot-on. Ezra's execrable video actually HELPED get President Trump elected. WINNING!!!