Trump, America’s Duterte… (w/Guest: Richard Greene)

Thom speaks with Richard Greene, communications strategist and author, about how Donald Trump is similar to the new president of the Philippines, and why that’s a bad thing.

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  1. A says:

    I think there is a lot of misguidance and disinformation here. If you did your own research and see what Duterte addresses exactly, I think it is quite clear they are not the same. As far as the host with his Guest making assertions without any fundamental proof of evidence nor lack of research on their part to have a discussion like this in comparison should not be published or shown.

  2. Eli Rose says:

    so, in america, if the police's life is put to danger in a legit police operation and they have no choice but to kill the criminal, they won't pull the trigger? interesting estados unidos… you expect that all criminals won't fight back? does that happen in america? when police arrests someone there is no instance when they'll fight back? you're pretty amazing if no one dies during every police operation there… heh… please stop saying duterte orders the Philippine police to kill the criminals .. he's not a psychopathic president who enjoys killing those criminals… more than 700000 drug pushers/addicts have surrendered already if I remember it correctly…

  3. Carlito Caoile says:

    you are discussing about what you have heard from the lies of media crap, about president duterte and you praised your friend roxas who has full of lies in his life..

  4. AJ AJ says:

    Duterte makes Trump look like Jill Stein.

  5. Journey4AP says:

    Full of Lies! Get your facts straight!

  6. Randy Villapando says:

    Duterte and Trump are not the same. Trump is a businessman and Duterte is a seasoned politician. Maybe on the way they talk there are similarities but they are far from being the same.

    I was in the Philippines during the whole presidential election and I can tell you why Mar Roxas lost.

    First, Duterte is more experienced than Mar Roxas. He was a Mayor for 22 years in Davao City, one of the most biggest cities in the world. He was a former prosecutor and served as a vice mayor and a congressman.

    Second, Roxas mishandled a lot in the Philippines. Remember Typhoon Yolanda? He was the DILG Secretary during that time and was in-charge of the Yolanda funds. Up until now Billions of Dollar of foreign government aid to Yolanda victims are still missing. It is believed in the Philippines that Mar Roxas used the money for his campaign for presidency. He paid millions of pesos for celebrity endorsements and even used children for his advertisement to demerit Duterte.

    Third, he was accused of vote buying during the election. There were a lot of videos surfaced in the internet showing supporters of Mar Roxas getting paid to attend a rally to support him. As much as 5000 pesos equivalent to 100 dollar per person given to those supporters. A lot of photos also showed that Mar doesn't really have a lot of supporters and at one point they have to Photoshop a photo to make it appear like there were lots of people attended his campaign rally.

    Fourth, even Duterte has a really bad mouth, his excellent track record as a pubic servant has gained much respect from the voters.

    Fifth, during one of the presidential debate, Roxas was accused of cheating. It is believed that he got hold of the questions for the debate prior the debate happening thus he was able to prepare on how to answer them properly. During the live debate, his answers showed on the screen before he said the answer a big proof that he was cheating.

    Please do your research on President Duterte and why 91% of the Filipinos supports him. I do not agree with Mr. Greene at all because most of his statement about Duterte are inaccurate.

  7. niefali says:

    Meanwhile Hillary goes fishing for undecided right wing voters…

  8. Ed Tolliver says:

    Here is something frightening: today, 28 September, 1 thread called out Duterte as a fascist and 3 defended him and his murders. History is repeating itself: "He was holding the masses, and me with them, under an hypnotic spell by the sheer force of his beliefs. His words were like a whip. When he spoke of the disgrace of Germany, I felt ready to attack any enemy." Karl Ludecke, an early follower of Hitler (1924)

  9. Daisy Cooper says:

    Duterte served as the mayor of Davao for more than 20 years. In Mindanao, the most violent region of the Philippines, rife with Islamic terrorists (that precedes Al Qaeda and ISIS) and communist rebels (local NPA, New People's Army), Davao City was and still is one of the most peaceful cities in Mindanao through his skillful governance and control. Duterte does not enrich himself in his position of power, unlike the typical Philippine politician who abuses his position through kleptocracy and kickbacks. He lives among ordinary people in his simple house and still prefers to live there instead of the presidential residence Malacañang Palace in Manila. So in these respects he is not an equivalent of Donald Trump.

    Duterte is also aware of the geopolitical role of the Philippines in the Southeast Asia region. As an independent country with limited military power, we cannot rely on America to defend us if China decides to invade our waters. Instead of inciting aggression from China through the Hague ruling, which rejects China's territorial claims of the whole of South China Sea, Duterte now seeks bilateral agreements with China and Russia in trade and commerce.

    He may not be perfect and he rules with a strong hand when it comes to drug trafficking, but after many years of entrenched graft and corruption in government by the ruling elites, people are sick and tired of the status quo and are ready for a change. Local politicians, judges and military officers are in collusion with these drug traffickers, as well as low and high-level police officers, so there is a need to clean house to root out the perpetrators hiding within the government.

    His rhetoric may be blusterous and he does not care for diplomatic pandering to the West, but he is a patriot at heart and he truly cares for the ordinary Filipino people.

  10. Glen Wallace says:

    But what nobody seems to be discussing, but should be, is what the election of such figures as Duterte, Berlusconi and Governor LePage and the real possibility of a Trump presidential victory demonstrates about the value and usefulness of the representative democracy used here and around the world. I believe the failure of the representative democratic system is now manifold. We need to return, as much as feasible, to the direct democratic system successfully utilized in Ancient Greece. Or there should at least be a hybrid between a direct democracy with federal referendums and a ranked choice instance runoff elections for all representative candidates at all levels, from city council to President. But we really need to put more responsibility back into the hands of the people and pull them back to reality. Our current system of government and elections allows for too much fantasy thinking about the role and capabilities of the candidates. If anyone is interested I cover this idea and topic more in depth in my essay

    But I agree that given that there currently is no ranked choice voting in the presidential election, that voting for Clinton and not Stein will reduce the odds of Trump becoming president and people should vote accordingly. While I have voted for either the Green Party or the Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate in past elections, at least for now, I'm done tilting at windmills — especially now that such tilting could help usher in the proto fascist Trump.

  11. Kiara Crisostomo says:

    These two dodos were told wrong 'bout Duterte .

  12. Netty van Driest says:

    Duterte is a fulblown fascist. I fear Trump will turn out the same, once elected. And his core supporters will love it.