Total Proof Donald Trump Jr. Was Set Up By Democrats

Who is Natalia Veselnitskaya? The establishment left, the NeoCons and the Fake News Media want you to believe that she’s a Russian spy working with Team Trump to undermine our democracy. However a closer look reveals that Natalia Veselnitskaya might be a Deep State operative and Democrat plant to take down the President. Darrin McBreen reports.

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After being shown emails in which she is called a “Russian government attorney,” Natalia Veselnitskaya denies any connection to the Kremlin.
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Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya Responds To Donald Trump Jr. Emails | NBC Nightly News
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  1. pec104 says:

    Have Americans given up expressing themselves in coherent readable prose? Every time I listen to or read them I get a headache.

  2. Helena Nickerson says:

    How can we get rid of these fake news prostitutes? That's all they are! Prostituting themselves for ratings, and money. And they accuse Donald Trump of being a capitalist. Yes he is, and so is all of the inhabitants of the earth, but at least he worked for his money, whereas CNS do nothing but prostitute for ratings and money. And I know some libertarian will jump onto my post and accuse me of being every bad name they can come up with. But rational Americans know the truth!

  3. james wagesi says:

    liberals put trackers in our sugary cereal

  4. Federico Elizondo says:

    Democrats' policy is laws with that they defend themselves and it makes it very strong to get everyone in control, but with President Trump's arrival everything is diverted.

    So neither of the two parties agree that it is another power stronger than his laws, both of you.

    But for the moment they are calm I wait the moment '
    If you have the power and the money, and they have more than that; A president has the power to open fire with only red button.

    Talk to reality. The border is in danger, because it can open fire from moment to moment. If the Russian open fire on Ukraine

    Because the United States can open fire against Mexico, talk to reality please 'if they are against those who are inside the US. Well now for those outside the US? Are you aware of what is happening in another country?

  5. Federico Elizondo says:

    All are totally wrong, the spying of the Russian are long before Trump were as a candidate for president 'were already spying in the state of Texas
      And much earlier than Hillary; But the question, who was watching?

  6. K Adams says:

    dude his son said he fucked up, I guess that's fake news how's

  7. genuineuni says:

    Natalia Veselnitskaya looks like a whore.

  8. indoctus41 says:

    NO WRONGDOING? You must be mad. Attempting to collude with a foreign power to receive benefits is a felony , a violation of the Constitution. The benefit as outlined in the emails was to win the election with the use of foreign help.

    By the way this Fake News stuff is getting a bit old, esp from a channel that makes up news stories all the time. Remember Sandy Hook being a hoax? Idiots.

  9. Angie Horton says:

    Bring it on you scumbags!! So sick of these liberal idiots!!!

  10. BK Shmocko says:

    1287 to 102. Libknobs…..down for the count.

  11. Chris Leaver says:

    Holy crap. Who are all these idiots on youtube? The tinfoil hat brigade is alive and well. Well… at least alive.

  12. L H says:

    Tim Caine looks like a pediphile

  13. Norma Knowles says:

    c n n. is the biggest lyers in the in the whole lying fake news.

  14. ensitu says:

    Soros own the dems and the media this dog and pony show's intent is to enrage law abiding citizens to the point that when a massive Trigger Event occurs a wave of hatred will be unleashed on the Right and Left along with actual attacks on our infrastructure, plunging the US into chaos which will destroy American culture forever

  15. john k says:

    If the phony democrats & the MSM are smart they'll stop with the lies, there's ten of millions of armed people ready to back Trump if this phony coup somehow succeeds. America dont need a civil war over phony journalism & Fake Cuck News instigators trying to deflect from the horrendous crimes of the DNC insiders like having leakers & witness's murdered right before they're set to testify.

  16. JLT Yes says:

    noe THAT is journalism

  17. Grinlathak says:

    4:44 "Obama fingerprints all over her" Sounds like a Clintonesque sex scandal.

  18. Grinlathak says:

    MMMM! Nothing burgers,, YUMMY!

  19. Ferol Foster says:

    Before any Trump is impeached, slaughtered, murdered, and whatever else these idiots think they can pull off to ruin your country more than it is, I suggest u all start arresting these crooked, lying DEMORATS that wont stop until everything is on the table. This little russian plant looks like a cheap hooker, and we all dam well know what her intentions were. Thank God Don jr. is smarter than that……

  20. George R says:

    excellent call out

  21. AY says:

    Uhm. She has Putin photo on her refrigerator.

  22. dachosenorg says:

    wonder if she needed an interpreter during the meeting, if so maybe a lot got lost in translation.

  23. Ray Gonzalez says:

    Soooo … nothing happened

  24. zonnekat1 says:

    A Russian nothingburger.

  25. John Holt says:

    Is this the same prostitute who peed on his Dad?