Trump Collusion w/ Natalia Veselnitskaya – Confirmed by Donald Trump Jr. Himself – #DollemoreDaily

In this ‘Dollemore Daily’ Jesse addresses the meeting involving Natalia Veselnitskaya, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort. Donald Trump Jr. has admitted that the pretext for this meeting was obtaining damaging Russian held information about Hillary Clinton.

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Natalia Veselnitskaya: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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  1. Frank Lindsey says:

    I appreciate you

  2. Mr. Chandler says:

    there's nothing to figure out this s*** shouldn't be going on in the first place….or didn't you know how to figure that out?

  3. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky says:


  4. Gary Arnold says:

    Anatomy of the Frame-Up of Donald Trump, Jr.
    Those who brought us the Color Revolutions and Arab Spring are involved in the taking down the Prize …The United States of America.

  5. ctguy591 says:

    Hey russkies , just to let you know , it is very obvious just how fucken desperate the asshole putin is to get the sanctions lifted , WILL NOT HAPPEN , FUCK YOU PUTIN !

  6. ctguy591 says:

    What's the president's last name , is it trump or is it Gotti !

  7. Allejulia Reams says:

    HILLIARY GOES AT IT AGAIN….she always does the crime and then makes such a phenomenal cry-baby bawling at the news-people to report that TRUMP DID IT….when all along she did it. Read This Folks and Wake Up to This Trashy Bored Broad cry baby for loosiing the electtion !! She just refuses to believe no one wants her in American politics…once a liar, always a liar !!
    IMPORTANT TO NOTE about Natalia Veselnitskaya, is that aside from being a former state prosecutor in the Moscow Oblast, she is the most knowledgeable legal authority on the crimes of William Browder, of Jewish family in Chicago and is the grandson of Earl Browder, the former leader of the Communist Party USA— and who became so outraged at Hillary Clinton’s pushing through the Magnitsky Acts …. to ccover up her crimes in Russia …. she “established/created” in the US a non-profit organization named the Human Rights Accountability Global Initiative Foundation that calls for the repeal of this law so that Russian children can once again be adopted by American parents.

    So feared by the Obama regime because of her, Natalia Veselnitskaya, knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s crimes, Natalia Veselnitskaya was continually denied entrance into the US by the Obama regime—but when a US Federal Court ruled she could enter in order to defend her clients, the Obama regime had her detained for hours and humiliatingly stripped searched in London.

    Prior to her finally being able reach the US, Natalia Veselnitskaya employed the services of Rinat Akhmetshin to register her non-profit organization—who is a Russian-American citizen living in the US for nearly 20 years known as a “Russian gun for hire”, and whom veteran Washington D.C. reporter Steve LeVine stated about Akhmetshin by saying: “I call him skilled because — though I am certain that they exist — I know of no Russian gun-for-hire who managed to run his campaigns so successfully, running circles around purportedly much more seasoned Washington hands”.

    Upon Natalia Veselnitskaya arriving in the US and meeting Rinat Akhmetshin in person, he stunningly revealed to her that BOTH HILLARY CLINTON'S PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AND DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE WERE NEARLY 'ENTIRELY' FUNDED BY RUSSIA … and that so shocked her, she contacted the British-born music producer Rob Goldstone (who has close ties to President Trump) to initiate a meeting between her and the Trump campaign.

    Meeting with President Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and campaign chairman Paul Manafort, this meeting initiated by Natalia Veselnitskaya (without Kremlin knowledge) enabled her to detail this Clinton-DNC-Russia plot—and that President Trump assured President Putin the details of would shortly “become reality” in the US press.

    With the Kremlin in near total shock of the enormity of President Trump’s shocking revelations regarding Hillary Clinton’s vast crimes against both Russia and the United States, this report concludes, Trump’s conviction that when the American people finally realize what has occurred they could very well destroy their present government could very occur—especially when viewed of the light of these peoples being continually lied to by their mainstream “fake news” media telling them that it was Trump who colluded with Russia—and that no evidence of this being so has ever been produced, and all claims of such a thing being so having already been completely exposed as the lies they are.

  8. March Squirrel says:

    Is anyone really surprised the Trumps were totally cool with doing something like this? This family and its cohorts are unscrupulous sleaze bags.

  9. charger2538 says:

    Im just here to grab some pussy and vote for Trump .
    ….and I'm all out of pussy !

  10. XLastXOneX says:

    So much butt hurt in the comments section lol! 👌🏾

  11. Hulmeman E.T. says:

    Никогда не произойдет.

  12. D B says:

    I love that this just breaks after Putin again claimed they did nothing. Fuck Trump and his stupid followers.

  13. The End Begins says:

    Putin is brilliant, but it appears that Donny Jr. may be jealous of Jared's relationship with daddy Trump why else would he release this now.?

  14. The Civil Engineering DJ says:

    A president is supposed to serve two terms, Trump might and his cronies might be serving twenty – five…..

  15. Marton Steve says:


  16. D B says:

    Russia used a pretty Russian lawyer to lure them in with their big dumb egos and they think they got something from Russia. They got played and we have proof.

  17. Front row seat to the end of the world says:

    no but these Hypocrites would tell you it's fake news. well they're fake Americans and they support a fake ass president.

  18. ctguy591 says:

    Hey stupid trump , filing for bankruptcy will not help you on this one , you still will go to jail , HAVE A NICE DAY

  19. ctguy591 says:

    Dollemore , the ignorant trumpanzees hate anyone who speaks the truth !

  20. ctguy591 says:

    The orange asshole ran for president ro make millions , legally or illegally , does not matter with him !