‘Campaign is revenge for US lobbyist’s defeat in court’ – Laywer on Trump Jr. scandal (EXCLUSIVE)

Russian lawyer, Natalya Veselnitskaya, who’s caught up in a scandal over her meeting with Donald Trump Junior, has spoken exclusively to RT. Mainstream media in the U.S. has been speculating over possible ties between the Kremlin and team Trump. Veselnitskaya says she fears for her safety and believes she was framed by a man who’s lobbied for anti-Russian sanctions. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8i48

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Donald Trump Jr had a Meeting with Russian Mob Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya after his Dad won the RNC Nomination. George Webb Sweigert said back in Jan 2017 that he knew about the Donald Trump Jeff Epstein 1993 Connection (30 Long Island Parties) and 2 Incidents ? Can anyone Prove George Wrong ? Does George have any proof ?
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  1. Everett Padgett says:

    Comments below are air.
    We know our Government's corrupt but, do nothing.
    We will be held responsible.
    U.N. Secretary-General O bam a
    2018, has already decided.
    Government know this.
    Expect us? Is U.N. security council
    Fight is not with a text.

  2. Chris Martino says:

    She lieing her ass off. come on I can tell

  3. Jennifer Spurlock says:

    A set up to justify the wiretapping to ask for the FISA during the campaign.

  4. Scott Martin says:

    Russian plastic surgery is scary bad….

  5. Julio Sanchez says:

    She is saying the truth.

  6. luis quinones says:

    she is a liar

  7. Hugh Mann says:

    It's all a dog and pony show to keep the masses distracted from the real criminals and their Lucifer worshipping, human trafficking, pedophile industrial complex.

  8. adam adam says:

    She better not testify with Clinton around

  9. kalixta says:

    Let me guess! after all this She will get a "book" deal!!! lol

  10. domdomdidity says:

    Maybe Vlad should put his people on Browder, arrogant rich bastards usually have some dirt or even some sick perversion linked to them.

  11. hyou zan ren says:

    This revealed US congress is as corrupt as other countries!

  12. Fabian Medina says:

    Thumbs up if you will hit it

  13. phil blanque says:

    Trump suckies suck the russian dick…suckies……suckies

  14. Kenneth Babich says:

    Seth Rich was murdered. Where's his justice?

  15. jmoney Banks says:

    lol this is funny. Sorry lady we don't believe you.

  16. Patty Scabby says:


  17. Black Black says:

    This is some bullshit for them to by sometime for some more bullshit to by more time.

  18. Mark Fischer says:

    That woman was a fool to get mixed up and involved with Clinton. You are most likely wind up dead before you can testify.

  19. Robert Newberg says:

    Propaganda news brought to you by Putin the dictator and thief of Russian.

  20. Refresh2b says:

    She doesn't know politics. Don't watch TV, but yet she's having meetings with high level Trump campaign staff on behalf of of Russia the get an international saction lifted. Right..Go ahead and lie to those committee's. You may end up in a comfy US prison.

  21. Avery Jones says:

    I was told by Wendy Doster AKA @GWENJACKMANN that Lee's husband did a few documentaries. Wendy met Lee on twitter and Wendy set up this interview for Webb. It was a hoax by Wendy and she was the only one wh I knew until she told me.

  22. Avery Jones says:

    It's Bravo Cat!

  23. Gary Arnold says:

    Anatomy of the Frame-Up of Donald Trump, Jr.
    Those who brought us the Color Revolutions and Arab Spring are involved in the taking down the Prize …The United States of America.

  24. Christine W. says:

    Kerry Cassidy has been around for forever… she worked with David wilcock for a while. i kinda think she is a "bad guy"…just trying to get clicks and views. Will say she does do well with questions… not often does she ask leading questions either which i like.

  25. Christine W. says:

    in the video titled 4k solutions with Quinn… they mention David Cohen as going to the school of cia-u..or ucia. George skipped that one real fast and said huma Aberdeen is in there right? his name came up again

  26. Heyoka ChiefBigMouth says:

    Late nite review… Muller!

  27. Not Your Spy Bunny says:

    Watch "THE ROCKET REPORT – "Breathing New Life: #TruthForChris"" on YouTube

  28. RubyTuesday says:

    Bravo, by now I'm assuming you heard clarification of the Donald Trump Jr meeting with the woman lawyer. He wasn't going to adopt a Russian child at all. Supposedly the woman offered the meeting to give them dirt on HRC. She had none, I'm sure was hoping to set him up. That didn't work, so she used the chance to being up the Russian adoption subject, and they left the meeting, with no info on HRC. At least that's the version I heard everywhere today. I was sort of waiting to see if you were going to address what you said in this video, or the things youtubestory said about you. But maybe not.

  29. Sea Haggith says:

    TRUMP – PUTIN meeting NOT GOOD – alex jones said it went fine – what a lying sack , i told him to get info on it since stone was up there – i say SH*TE !

  30. dave hightower says:

    it's Natallllllllllya

    Not the way you pronounce…

    It just shows..you need a vaction to Ukraine…and have women who can tie knots in cherry stems take care of you.

    Here is some educational stuff…always good to brush up on.


    Or…we can all turn Jewish…and then what would they do then….

  31. Craig Clougher says:

    On a Alex Jones vid, with the Bernie Lawyer, oh what's his name.  Some coconut head was doing the usual Bernie bashing accusing Jason of being a vile lib or some such and Jason replied with a simple "I voted for Trump" and the attack continued…….out

  32. Conspiracy Realist says:

    This is heavy and long and the sound is off and the graphics suck but the message is straight forward. Give it a try. https://youtu.be/5va4dq_gG3M

  33. Cyndi Holcomb says:

    ass hole

  34. Not Your Spy Bunny says:

    I don't suppose G.W. has some highly classified intel on the possible murder of C.C. – Chris Cornell , who also may have had some info about human trafficking leading back to some possible high profile figures – via his foundation he started for victims if such. This is a relevant topic, if these people are legitimacy being disappeared or offed by whomever to protect the guilty. Is murder a more severe crime than under age. non consensual sex crimes… No one should have to die trying to protect the innocent victims of these monsters & exposing their hideous crimes.

  35. Carol Bronder says:

    I have fact-checked George on numerous occasions and found several mistakes in a recent video, which I corrected, statement by statement. It was concerning Amalgamated Bank and the DNC, primarily, but of course veered off into other areas. When you copy the transcripts and paste the material into a word processing program, you will notice that it is difficult to break up into logical paragraphs that sequence into the next in a sensible fashion. It's confusing and difficult to follow and fact-check.

    George gets many "facts" wrong, actually, and I have spent many hours correcting them on his videos. The result is that I have been attacked by Jason and George and their "fans", and that is not because I was necessarily wrong but because Jason got very nervous when I tried to find out more about him and had some findings which he called "malicious rumors" and even "libelous". In the end, I was able to get more information about him, such as his age (younger than 50), which lead me to his actual birthdate, which helped me in my search to get more accurate information. I amended my post but he continued to hound me, publicly, along with George. I thought it was rather an extreme reaction, particularly since the comments I made were here, on Bravo's channel, and not on theirs. And because I corrected my original post with accurate information.

    They both drop "crumbs" that you can follow if you have the time and/or inclination. Also, I do not believe George pulls this information off the top of his head because when he wings it in interviews or live streams he is quite often wrong or at a loss for an answer. He is reading it and that is why in his videos he does not stare straight ahead. He is going off script or off notes. His "accidental meeting" the other day with "Jeff of New York Times" was probably planned in advance and George was prepped in such a way as to make it appear he knew more than he in fact does. It is an act. I have noticed more "bots" appearing in the comments sections and also I have noticed a censorship/screening of chat comments – more of this in future will show up in questions that are preplanned so that George is "at the ready" with answers/a script.

    I have also noticed in the livestreams that George and Jason both wear headsets/earbuds even when only talking to one another. I think the are getting cues/information from their "producers".

  36. phi 0318 says:

    How has he kicked the poor people?

  37. Carol Bronder says:

    I am telling you, these people are Christian Zionists. George pretends to be a Jew or says that he converted. And supposedly Jason is a Jew but "not orthodox". Yet they didn't even know that the Jewish tradition is to have a closed casket when discussing Seth Rich's funeral. There are other signs as well but in a nutshell, I believe it is a shell operation for right wingers/Trump supporters who are drawing in evangelicals into their Christian army believe in Israel/the second coming.

  38. SimSim says:

    One part of the psyop I haven't seen you talk about is the alien angle (other than RDS and his martian sex slaves). Check out victoryoflight on twitter. This acct gained credibility solely on the fact that one of their first followers (might actually be first) is Obama.

  39. virginia olson says:

    What! You believe what George and Jason say? That ciricus..Wow..you didn't fall down the rabbit hole you jumped..I heard I don't know but..maybe..Somebody said this or that ..where is the evidene? Hope someone look into it…but you already put the info out there for people to believe…Your figuring it out?..When you have down right evidence then show it!