Russian lawyer was an Obama plant ‘Sits next to Russian ambassador with expired visa’

Natalia Veselnitskaya the now famous Russian lawyer connected to Donald Trump Junior has a lot of explaining to do on how far connected she is to the Obama Administration.
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Obama Caught Secretly Meeting Russian ‘Lawyer’ Who Set-Up Don Jr., Look Who She Worked For
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The Donald Jr. “scandal,” that the Leftist media hoped would destroy President Trump continues to shed greater doubt on Democrats as more information becomes available. People are seeing that the real scandal is with the Dems who were trying to set-up the Trump team.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr., was given the OK by Obama to enter the US without a visa due to her professional relationship with Fusion GPS–the same firm that created the ridiculous “Trump dossier” published by Buzz Feed earlier this year. Donald Jr. was set-up!

Now it’s all starting to come together. It’s no wonder Veselnitskaya promised Donald Jr. damning information on Hillary Clinton only to completely waste his time during the meeting. It was a carefully organized plot laying the groundwork for the “Russian collusion” narrative.

Veselnitskaya tried to get into the US in 2016 but was denied a visa. So, she appealed her case to the US District Court of New York. Eventually, she was granted a parole letter, which allowed her to enter the US on a client’s behalf.

What mysterious levers did Veselnitskaya have to pull to get into the US? It turns out the Russian lawyer was able to leverage her professional relationship with the Washington-based research firm Fusion GPS, which has recently made headlines for its “opposition research” against Trump.

Fusion GPS started its anti-Trump antics after being hired by establishment Republicans. Following Trump’s victory in the GOP primaries, the dirt-digging began to be bankrolled by Democrat money

They eventually came up with the widely-panned (and debunked) “Trump Dossier,” headed by former British MI6 official Christopher Steele. Funny how libs don’t consider that British interference in our electoral system.

The dossier, which was eventually picked up by Buzz Feed, claimed Trump rented a Russian hotel room in which Barack and Michelle Obama had slept–just so he could pee on the bed. Oh, and apparently he did it while Russian prostitutes danced around the room.


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  1. Carol Rompca says:

    Thank you for searching out this info,i think it is very important that you pass this information on to the Trrump administration before their lies take Donald Trump jr down…..

  2. FIRE ANGEL says:

    obama…rat of an ex-president who hates all americans…notice how she came out after congress debunked collusion theory…despicable dirty democrats with a few rat republicans…

  3. Abdul T says:

    GOP controls the house, why hasn't the speaker of the house find out how this Russian spy got a front row seat during this hearing? That should not be too difficult to do right? But feeble minded people on your side of the equation will belief your video because they lazy to think and ask questions.

  4. john osborn says:

    Sorry for conspiracy freaks but she got her seat FROM A REPUBLICAN, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. 's is notorious in Congress as Putin's prime apologist, House leader Kevin McCarthy even caught on tape thinking he's being paid by him. And she does not "sit next to" but behind in audience.

  5. TheKrazysinner says:

    that photo only shows the person from her lips down how do we know its her?

  6. vedicastrol says:

    Honeytrap set up cuz Trump had just won several GOP primaries

  7. Truth in the USA says:

    Why is it that no other news media is reporting this on air?And why are members of our government insisting on destroying our President and his family? America wake up because this movement here in our country is determined to destroy us one way or another. USA,USA.USA…….

  8. Turbo Jones says:

    dude. don't get ahead of yourself. so much is coming out. relax

  9. walt7500 says:

    G O O D L O R D ! ! !

  10. Charlie Charlie says:

    It is now, all beginning to make sense. No doubt Bill Clinton met Loretta Lynch on another airport tarmac, to let this Russian lawyer into the country and letting her stay here with an expired visa. I put nothing past the crooked Clintons!

  11. GD Blackthorn says:

    Where did you get the photo? There must be some type of video associated with it somewhere.

  12. gary schultz says:

    . voting Trump for prez in 2020 even if he does not run … that's how sick I am of the witch hunt by the dems & news media ….
    (even many repubs)…..

  13. TieFighter33 says:

    Good job getting this information out to the public.

  14. Sam Iam says:

    wasn't she also found in a pic on facebook page in MCain's office ?

  15. Black Swan says:

    What about 10 year old Barron and the 4 year old grandson? Did they have meetings with Rosiyan nannies AND gulp down Russian salads while petting Russian Samoyed dogs in the park? There's a special dont miss MAD- SOW segment this weekend

  16. toddjon stevenson says:

    Sol Alinski (Hillary Clinton's Hero) says…. accuse your enemies of what you have done😎
    I wish Fox would pick this up, from Rules for Radicals
    To Trump Supporters? He's got this, Democrats will go to jail

  17. holoholo haole no ka oi says:

    although it certainly does look like Her, it would be nice if we could see her entire mug.

  18. Edwin Zakrzewski Jr says:

    A Liberal Media Witch Hunt.
    This is what this is.
    Next week it will be something else.

  19. Doxxy Lover says:

    Hillary said in some of her speeches that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians. I always wondered what/how she would know something like that. Know we know. I hope everyone out there reading this and watching the video forwards this to President Trump, Sessions and anyone else you can get an email/twitter info on. I'm sure the president and his appointees know this, but I think the president should be alerted to what the people, who voted for him, know.
    Just my thoughts.

  20. John Smith says:

    The so called evidence in this videol means nothing. She was sitting behind a Ambassador at a hearing in Washington DC. Her job as a Russian spy is to gather information from where ever she can .There are Russian spys all over Washington. There will be many more things revealed about the Trump family and their Russian connections. Hold on for Watergate 2.

  21. Anonymous EXPOSED says:

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  22. Dr. Tom Director Prayer Warriors Ministry Hunt says:

    Obama needs a gallows!

  23. Jan Wallace says:

    Democratic party was infiltrated by the Russian a long time ago….thru Unions and community action groups and poor black communities……learn your history…..Ask Bernie Sanders he knows what is really going on…../

  24. al meggs says:

    BHO was an operative himself for The communistsWe are witnessing the take over of USA

  25. Jack Lincoln says:

    President Trump is feeding the swamp snakes their tails. Love it!!

  26. Wendy Ferguson says:

    This fool obummer is like a bitchy little four year old try to "get back" at President Trump. How sick and childish  IS THIS sick little black man???  We have a saying in South Africa and we use it when we want a classless person to leave our company 'VOETSEK" (roughly translated means if you don't git we will use our boot to make you git!)

  27. Jangan Ketawa says:


  28. Trish Mac says:

    Why doesnt Chelsea receive such scrutiny. She is not being secretly surveilled and wire tapped by Obama Administration like the whole Trump family.

  29. Sonya Lewis says:

    Obama still has presidential and political power? Wiiiill don't that do all? You know, I thought most White America hates Obama; you know his being Black and all. Nope, not buying it. Obama's being a complete weirdo but it's in the public so he's done gone and gave himself a pretty bad reputation. Do you honestly think Obama has political power? He's a puppet to Zionists. Zionist Israel, now that is political and economic power. Is that the dark power you allude to? Do you know that Trump has over 13 Jewish (Zionist) cabinet members. Trump elected them. Trump is also indebted to Zionists for getting him out of bankruptcy. How can you elect that many Zionist Jew members to your team and not have biased policy?

  30. fjd kl says:

    obama and hillary ..worst dodgy politicians

  31. vee bobic says:

    Obama one crooked muslim .

  32. Sonya Lewis says:

    People do not be sheep to this phony site. You're being led by the nose. Someone's back pedaling and using whatever they can grasp at to fix a situation. A but of news, Obama is not presiding over our country, Trump is. We'll not let Obama come back as president, there are better choices besides it's unlawful. What is Trump hiding? Seems to me the Russia connection with Trump is becoming more transparent. Obama is a fool for stalking Trump. He cannot possibly be that stupid unless he's being told to do so. Obama, should just leave and not involve himself with this new administration. It's going to self-implode soon.

  33. Linda Sandoval says:

    people know this is not anonymous