Defending Russian citizens in US is not a crime – Russian lawyer (RT Exclusive)

The special counsel’s probe of alleged Russian meddling in US elections has focused on the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. In a RT exclusive, Veselnitskaya says the media has twisted the story of the meeting.

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Russian Lawyer Who Met Trump Son Had “Torrid Affair” With New York Times Reporter
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An intriguing Federal Security Service (FSB) urgent action bulletin circulating in the Kremlin today states that an initial investigation into the “affairs/linkages” of Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya, as it relates to her meeting the son of President Donald Trump, confirms her being a personal informant for the former American FBI Director James Comey, her being “placed/inserted” into this situation by the director of her husbands company, and her having initiated a “torrid” sexual relationship with a reporter for The New York Times.

As we had previously reported in our 12 July article titled “Russian Lawyer At Heart Of Trump Probe Revealed To Be James Comey’s “FBI Snitch”, the FSB had determined that Natalia Veselnitskaya had become “embroiled/entangled” in the Hillary Clinton-Russian Railways money laundering scheme that led, in October, 2015, to President Putin firing its president Andrei Yakunin.

Fired along with Andrei Yakunin from Russian Railways by President Putin, this new FSB bulletin states, were numerous of his top ministers, and as this relates to Natalia Veselnitskaya, included her husband Alexander Mitusov , who was Yakunin’s First Deputy Minister of Transport.

Alexander Mitusov and Natalia Veselnitskaya, this bulletin continues, met and married in 1999 [English] when they both were employed by the Department of the Prosecutor General (Central Federal District/Moscow) [English]—and after leaving this employment, Natalia Veselnitskaya became a managing partner (2003) of a private Moscow law firm named Kamerton Consulting


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  1. Listenio says:

    The Russia hacking crap is all designed to get US public behind the Nato encirclement policy. As for why the latter, it's probably to distract Putin from Syria and/or pressure an internal coup that ousts Putin and installs another neoliberal Boris Yeltsin who'll scrap Brics, Eurasian Union and other threats to US global hegemony. Read Grand Chessboard by the late Al Qaeda founder Znbiew Brezinzki.

  2. svtlightning300 says:

    there are so many other things congress should be spending their time and energy on !! for god sakes our infrastructure is crumbling, there are potholes everywhere, higher education is way to expensive, wages are way to low for the cost of living, there are few jobs that pay well,our food quality is genetically modified crap, we have a huge national debt , and congress likes to focus on things that are non issues.

  3. Refresh2b says:

    Bahahaha she can't remember the meeting but is representing a client. She must be a terrific attorney. Does she remember going to law school? What criminal hasn't used that line before? " I can't remember" lol. Does the Russian government believe that all American's are stupid. Or rather does it simply like to insult our intelligence?

  4. Fel Ani says:

    No one has said defending Russian citizens in the US is a crime. Veselnitskaya put forth an imaginary situation to then proffer her own defense TO her own invention, while representing herself as her own attorney in a "case" she just imagined…whew! Veselnitskaya may not speak English, but she seems fluent in loopy American-style Lawyerese.

  5. Jose Cortez says:


    So she comes to America to do something she isn't even allowed to do in her own country ? WHAT A JOKE

  6. Dave McCray says:

    Zionism is the cancer to earth

  7. Mark Schuckert says:

    Don't trust the American government one bit. They ignore, go around or change the law all the time.

  8. hambri hambri says:

    christian and israel is bigger cancer to entire world

  9. Listenio says:

    Wanting to lick this gorgeous lady is not a crime

  10. GTIboost5a says:

    Then deport them and ban them from entry.

  11. Mark Green says:

    Apparently, Veselnitskaya was quite sexy when she was younger.

  12. Huevo Duro702 says:

    Can't trust them Jews

  13. No Name says:

    Lmfao she answered in Russian

  14. wasy35 says:

    Christians are the cancer.

  15. David thomas says:

    There's nothing wrong with Russia from United States citizen

  16. George von Housen says:

    The media and the Democratic party are showing the fools and hypocrites they are as they rant and rave, and dance and prance empowered by their wishful fantasy and pure emotion. Without a shred of evidence that would stand up in a court of law. Maybe they will fold up camp and go to Iran where this kind of intellectual diarrhea (bullsh-t) is appreciated. World please don't think represent Americans or America. Thank you.

  17. PassOnTheTruth says:

    Russia stopped another genocide planned by amerikkka

  18. Kissing Bandit says:

    Until the US declares they are at war with Russia….they should STFU about Russia! Talk shit about Russia do something about it ….all hat and no ranch!!

  19. Mark Redmond says:

    Kikes Muslimes and Americunts are cancer.

  20. WI WOODSMAN says:

    Islam and Zionism is the cancer to earth

  21. Anonymous EXPOSED says:

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  22. Levi Jackson says:

    Warming : All electronic voice videos are foreign sources that seed misinformation amongst the America. Beware!

  23. tracey born says:

    the dnc is a criminal organization that is anti american anti women anti men anti gay anti children u name it they are insane

  24. Beachcheeka says:

    Seriously I want the art file for your thumbnail. please.

  25. Michael Harris says:

    New York Times reporter in bed with the Russians.

  26. Greg Duffy says:


  27. Donna Anderson says:

    liberal are gonna get theres

  28. Corporal Clegg says:


  29. jerry irvin says:

    So now does that mean that the New York Times has been compromised and is now colluding with the Russians.

  30. pissedoffvet ca says:

    It sure sounds like espionage to me! Obama, Comey and all their corrupt cronies need to be charged accordingly. Obama's so called legacy should be the first President in history to serve prison time. We the people are a little tired hearing these officials committing crimes and lining their pockets without serving time in prison.

  31. Jim Bàrn says:

    she should be put in jail she works for the DNC and Clinton and Obama

  32. winston ledford says:


  33. Davide Davide says:

    That figures. The evil media at it again. I hope the lady gave the reporter a sexually transmitted disease, preferably AIDS. What scum! Who wants to do anything with Russians after this one?

  34. Trish Mac says:

    Natalia was denied entry visa. She was given a visa by Loretta/Obama with strings attached. She had to be a honey pot and compromise a fellow named Sexton in DC.

  35. Fila Mom says:

    Proof that the demoncrats are jumping off the cliff to do anything to sink the Trumps. Talk about political suicide… NOTHING STICKS DEMONCRATS. GET OVER IT ALREADY! GEESH!

  36. William J Greklek III says:

    This channel needs to be renamed to the Trump trumpet network. This isn't anonymous. Anonymous usually stands up for what's right. They don't stand up for treasonous liars who collude with foreign powers and then try to make excuses for them.

  37. vee bobic says:

    So if Trump Jr gave Russia some uranium it would be wrong?

  38. Spino saundersmaster says:

    please do a video on why hillary and obama are not being charged with treason

  39. William Carr says:

    hillary for prison

  40. Kiki Stu says:

    Trump Jr. was set up, all evidence shows her linked to many of the DemonRats. Have no reason for "SPECIAL INVESTIGATION". 😡😡😡😡