Not everyone buys into MSM freakout over Russian lawyer

Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. during the 2016 presidential campaign ‒ and who is currently in the middle of the ‘Russiagate’ narrative ‒ is in the US and spoke to RT about her overnight celebrity and who is behind the smear campaign against her. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky has the story.

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  1. Hohol zi Lvova says:

    What self respecting American works for RT? Gross

  2. aviomaster says:

    Joseph Goebbels
    is childs play
    compared to USA empire propagandists

  3. DankTech says:

    Russian propaganda

  4. Putin The Great says:

    SHe's now scared of the DNC mafia..they'll put a buleet in her brains not very long

  5. Haji al Kidya says:

    I am very attracted, physically, to Natalya.  I think I would love to meet her.

  6. Most Highson says:

    Welcome to democrazy/femocracy!

  7. DriverBruh says:

    Have come to terms that americans are stupid, scared, racist and most American politians are working against America

  8. Youtuber says:

    Explain how using exaggeration proves that she didn't say she had dirt on clinton…. This video hasn't proved or disapproved anything besides telling everyone she is being targeted because she wanted a meeting with Donald Trump Jr.

  9. Murderface says:

    Republicans are so brainwashed they cant see whats right in front of their face.

  10. Freako VEVO says:

    Who's dumb enough to buy this MSM bullshit

  11. Lucy Leo says:

    This Russian lawyer is a criminal with ties to the Russian mafia special investigator Muller should be issuing a subpoena for her arrest ASAP she has been trying to kill the Magnitsky Act for years it's all over her Facebook.

  12. ctwatcher says:

    I so hope and pray the Russian troops are still in CO to fight the globalists who try to turn us into Londonstan for the Queen and Pope. They must be stopped and it seems our govt. has drank too much fluoride, drank too much brewery beer of Hickenlooper's and now it is time to rid us of the evil alcohol brings. Please save us Russia! Our state and local govt.'s have lost their little minds.

  13. Rickie hiddenname says:

    Really? Rt.. the Russian news network doesn't think obvious and blatant collusion as described by email and lie after lie after lie is actually that bad…? SHOCKER!!!! Just stfu already… lol

  14. Dan Halen says:

    What you were searching for was fervor, which is intense passion and feeling. Führer on the other hand, is a tyrannical leader. #WordsLivesMatter lol.

  15. van allen says:

    If there are any brainless fools out there that still think Trump colluded with Russia…..I have a unicorn to sell you.

  16. RC RC says:

    sooo since when is it iligal to speak to Russians if you are from USA? andthat Junior is he a politician?

  17. Anni limon says:

    Nothing big fat nothing of the nothings

  18. Mark Redmond says:

    Who cares?? America and americunts are soon to be doomed to the history books of failed empires. Hope many suffer.

  19. Tuxedo Themes Web Services says:

    I wouldn't call her a "celebrity", she's delusional grandstanding.

  20. JJ Sully says:

    This woman is a Trump hater and us Hillary supporter look at her social media pages. If she hates Donald Trump so much why would she want to share incriminating evidence??? This was obviously a deep state operative setting up a trap for Donald Trump JuniorZ