Consumer Reports 2018 Most Reliable Car Brands

Consumer Reports each year asks its subscribers whether they’ve had problems with their cars. We use that information to produce our annual reliability survey, which this year includes data from 640,000 vehicles. 

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Consumer Reports each year asks subscribers whether they’ve had problems with their cars. That data, which this year comes from 640,000 vehicles, forms our annual reliability survey. Here are the vehicles at the bottom of our rankings.

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  1. hickorydickoryduck says:

    International Harvester

  2. Kju Njels says:

    It's so sad when you climb up 10 spots and your reliability is still bad.

    KIA all the way – in three years they're going to climb at least one more step up.

  3. Damian Gutierrez says:

    Buick was one of the first original brands that GM first started with and now it's one of the top 5 🇺🇸

  4. Gabriel G says:

    fuck lexus

  5. Ricardo Yanez says:

    Toyota is the most reliable Brand

  6. Randy says:

    I wouldn’t listen to one word CR says. Kia is the biggest piece of crap vehicle there is!

  7. David Klimmek says:

    Gotta understand tho..nowadays the reliability between major full line automakers like GM Toyota Ford Honda etc is like splitting hairs. These ratings companies must stay in "business" etc. I've found JD Powers an others more reliable myself. My family buys an drives Ford Trucks /SUVs & Lincoln cars for last 15yrs or more! Never been let dwn! Plus glad be getting best technology while supporting a true Amer brand! 👍🇺🇸

  8. Alladin Mostuffer says:

    Paid bastard to fool people . How they paying you .

  9. Meno Passini says:

    It seems they weighting complains and repairs equally. An on board computer being hard to navigate is not the same as engine failure or safety issues.

  10. Islander HP says:

    just get japanese car, assembled in japan, like infiniti, not like lexus ls350, which assembled here.

  11. Sjrick says:

    Chrysler has nowhere to go but UP

  12. Josh Peters says:

    A True , Real
    you have to wait about
    6 years or 50, miles
    and see how the Engine and Transmission hold up.
    It's to early to see if a New car is reliable
    and flat-screen problem is not a real reliable issue

  13. JUDALATION gamestrodamous says:

    Pretty soon African cars will be more reliable…

  14. archangele1 says:

    What I want to see is reliability ratings on cars with over 100K miles. Also how good car manufacturers honour their warranty. I bought an Infiniti and their warranty is total crap. They will find ANY way to get out of covering items under a warranty. I know I'll never buy another one. Now, Honda is great. They atually replaced a transmission in my 01 Accord when it had 109K miles on it due to an issue they had from 1999 to 2002. It was well out of normal warranty but they still did it at no cost to me. After I unload this Infiniti Q60S, I plan to go back to Honda. The Infiniti is a great driving car but, I need a car I can depend on and one which is not going to cost me a couple grand in repairs that Honda would have covered. (Oh, the Infiniti has only 34K miles on it!!!!! This is a $50K car too)

  15. Unknown Entity says:

    I can't take you guys seriously anymore.

  16. Marc Aliventi Aliventi says:

    Still no report on Ford's twin turbo engine for long term reliability, I would get one but still having nightmares about my Buick Grand national

  17. jahida says:

    Best information ever !!

  18. franimal007 says:

    Good thing no Honda, we have a 2017 CR-v and the electronics suck, its one of those things, it screws up, bring it in, its fine, go home, then on a trip, it does it again, stop the car, start the engine, it resets….FIRST AND LAST HONDA WE WILL BUY.Chrysler.…proof that CR is bought and paid for. Buick? Aren't they GM…LOL

  19. chris chatzidimitriou says:

    bmw and audi are the most unreliable cars in europe

  20. Emanuel Quintero says:

    Lexus and Toyota all the way!

  21. 넘잼 says:

    Almost American cars. Just one European car and no Asian maker

  22. D dicin says:

    hmmmm….no FCA cars ? That's interesting..

  23. peterzpictstube says:

    Yup Fords powershit DCT is the worst, with its reputation only unknowing suckers would buy a new one.

  24. Mario Torrez Quant says:

    Too much electronics is not a good sign, and no everything is electronically working, how scary!!!

  25. don684 says:

    The simple knob works and let's face it you need heat and air conditioning to work .Plus anything connected to an "info entertainment system will cost a bundle to fix ". Time to get back to basics in cars/SUV's . Why do I need a $1000.00 to $2000. 00 GPS built in system ? I can buy a GPS for $100.00 and if it breaks I am out $100.00 .The system fails in a built in system it will cost thousands of $ to replace . Give me well designed easy to maintain vehicles . I am not interested in bling -bling .

  26. Civilized says:

    4 of them are American. Why am I not surprised. American companies are mismanaged, overpaying workers/developers, etc. With the public education system being one of the worst out of other 1st world countries, it's not surprising that we don't know how to make anything decent anymore. Working class, bums that never paid attention in class, begging for higher wages instead of going back to school or doing something about it and the Upper class, spoiled a holes that don't give a rats arse about human lives, taking control of the government. With a weak middle class for so long, forget decent cars, the country can't even make decent phones. Apple has to get all their parts made by other companies because they can't make jack on their own. This is what we come to. GG.

  27. Shahed Hasnat says:

    Put Acura MDX and TLX in the list, they are made defective with the 9 speed transmission and infotainment console doesn't work right either.

  28. realimbored668 says:

    This list is shit because it has 2 Fords on it, don't believe it

  29. Randy says:

    Brought to you by the jap loving consumer reports.

  30. Everyday Products says:

    So if I​ buy a focus with a manual than my car will be rock solid since the only issue is with the automatic transmission

  31. rick morty says:

    Elon Musk is a genius any way

  32. Ryan Silva says:

    Why are you bashing Tesla again?
    They know they have problems to fix,but they aren't as big as GM or Ford.

  33. Guru Khan says:

    Good video!

  34. Chris Sanchez says:

    Seriously? Is this really reliability issues? A volvo has a infotainment system that is slow to load? That is unreliable? If it loads slowly all the time how is that a reliability issue? That's the only thing you can complain about with a Volvo?

  35. Robert Koscinski says:

    This is fake news!

  36. Jeremy Gjonaj says:

    The fact that Cadillac made this list actually surprised me. They claim to be such an amazing car. But your Escalade made the top 5 least reliable. Hmmm. Lincoln sounds better. 😊

  37. stringer 2295 says:

    Mostly American cars.?? That's why the rest of the world won't buy them!!!

  38. Fucking President says:

    A Tesla already made it to the no reliable list?

  39. nvkulk says:

    tesla has finally become a true american car!

  40. ktpinnacle says:

    Considering that the Esky shares a transmission with the Yukon and Tahoe, how can the Esky be so unreliable? Seems that these people are more apt to complain about anything when they pay top dollar for a glorified Tahoe.