Smart Meters surveillance device spying on your home

Smart Meters surveillance device spying on your home



  1. Robert Elliott says:

    They aren't just gauging your wattage use. They are tapping into communications frequencies which is absolutely illegal, it is definitely under the wiretapping laws. But now that we have the Patriot Act, we can do nothing about it. They can monitor any and all actions of your internet devices as well as anything else. Electricity isn't just wattage, it is also very detailed information if you have the components to translate it all. You can be certain the energy companies have all the necessary components to actively monitor your internet information, your cellular calls, anything they want. Watch what you do in messaging, because it can and will be used against you, as well as purchases and everything else. People think they didn't get chipped by the government because it isn't in their hands. You can bet your ass you are all chipped, in every area you dwell in. They don't need it to be in your skin, they have a database that goes all the way to the NSA directly from the grid.

  2. Temples of Life says:

    these meters surly cannot determine if your using a drill or lamp! all of the outlets to the house go to 1 main breaker ultimately. then this smart meter is outside before the breakers.. so how could this meter determine what this man says. it would only record the entire amout of watts used for the whole house, and that number wohld fluctuate as you use appliances. what i want to know is, how could this meter pissible know when you have a single light bulb on, when ususally there are other appliences being used at once, so the meter would never be just picking up a single light bulb. im clueless to this all obviously. but can someone explain, exactly how these meters are suposed to be "spying" on us.

  3. Stan Marsh says:

    Please include this in a future video. I am suffering. Please research gang stalking and spread the word. My previous youtube account has been disabled.

    I have been gangstalked for my entire life but I was blissfully oblivious until the head chip symptoms suddenly appeared recently. All my life I noticed strange coincidences like lots of people circling me in the street, 10+ mail trucks driving behind me on the same road, helicopters over my house at 4am. And dozens of cars of the same color sometimes. I also experienced my mom speaking like a warrior poet one day which was really odd and strange. When that happened, I was in college at the time and finished reading Beowulf. My mom is a spanish immigrant and has no idea what Beowulf was but she quoted from the book exactly. My life is full of these really weird coincidences and I never really paid attention to it.

    I was younger and really a naive person. I never felt terrorized and didn't really pay attention besides thinking it was just a coincidence. (except the warrior poet thing. That was really strange). I thought it was a prank my brother set up but even he didn't know what I was studying in college at the time so there was no way he would have known to get my mom to quote Beowulf.

    I am now 100% convinced my entire family has chips in their head. Some of these symptoms are shared with my little sister and my mother.

    My symptoms include (all within the past 2 months)

    – Smelling poop when I think bad things about the government or rich people.

    – Smelling poop when I eat food or drink water. Not sure why. I have to make a very pronounced conscious effort to eat food.

    – EXTREME anal and heart pain (my little sister has the same thing. Her heart hurts so much randomly that she starts to cry). Please understand nobody in our family or entire bloodline has ever had any heart problems whatsoever until now all of a sudden. We all do now.

    – Random amnesia and forgetting everything (I actually felt it as I was typing up this comment for the first time, as crazy as that sounds. Now I am reposting everywhere I can so people know this is quite real)

    Also happens when I am mad about some news story that makes the government look bad. Amnesia so strong I don't even remember where I am for a second.

    – Smelling good nostalgic smells when I think good things about the government (such as when I went to the fish store with my mom as a kid and had fried fish for the first time). My little sister smells lemonade when she is nice to people.

    – Weird random bursts of loyalty and love for rich people and the government.

    – Crazy weird violent dreams about being gang raped by my family, tortured, alien invasions ( I am a male).

    – Hot sensation on my head.

    – 5 extremely painful bumps on my head that I never noticed before. I had a surgery as a kid for a head injury, and I believe this is when they implanted the chips. They never hurt before 2 months ago.

    – My words being jumbled as I speak sometimes, or my voice randomly cracking usually when I am talking against the government.

    – My leg moving by itself in bed at least 2 times in the past month.

    – Extreme bursts of emotion but not like mood swings. They are extremely intense and last only a split second and are very, very intense. Like the maximum emotion you can feel in your life but only for an instant. Like extreme anger as if everyone killed your whole family. Or maximum sadness like everyone you loved passed away. Lasts an instant a split second. They are not mood swings that stick and affect my mood, more like electric bursts through my body.

    – Very repetitive, rethinking the same thoughts over and over but that has been happening for a while, maybe 6 months but I didn't really notice it until the other symptoms showed up.

    – My online comments being deleted or misspelled after I type them. Even after I go back to edit them, they become misspelled again.

    – My mom is having very insanely violent dreams as well as my little sister. She dreamed that an "angel" told her she is about to die a week ago. Marking the date of her death on a calendar a year from now. It is pure terror.

    All of this is very recent. Please help us by letting other people know about it. This is very real and it is being done with technology. I am not religious and do not believe in demons but I do think that a bunch of psychotic subhuman monsters run the world and are using technology to try killing people who don't agree.

  4. Stuart Oakley says:

    This simply is not true. Absolutely radical claims with no back up.

  5. Andrew Vaile says:

    what a load of croc they monitor how much power you use at any time so they know how much to produce
    they dont have cameras so how is it spying on you and it wont know what device you plug in just how much power its using

  6. stephanie Rae says:

    oh no, people in apartment complex are screwed

  7. Alex Baron says:


  8. Gabriela Donescu says:

    Orwell's 1984 revisited  

  9. Flower Power says:

    But there more to come
    We might as well all leave earth and live on mars with this bullshit crap.

    If the king ain't having one, then I'm not.

    Lol. 🙂

  10. MrAnomilus says:

    Don't buy smart phones, or any "smart" appliances.
    Buy older used appliances, and use a simple flip phone.
    Don't buy or watch television.
    Use anonymization software on your computer.

    Preserving your rights takes work. That includes your right to privacy.

  11. Jessie James says:

    Where is the letter. I want to sign one and mail it.

  12. mavric711 says:

    cant do that anymore. they will shut your utilities off if you don't let them install the smart meters