4K Review: 2018 Toyota Camry Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

Toyota has redesigned the Camry for 2018, making it more exciting to drive, spruced up its styling, and freshened up the interior. But more importantly Toyota continues to make advanced safety features standard on all trim levels.

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Which cars are the most reliable? And which brands have the best track record for quality? We go deep into our 2018 reliability survey to discuss who’s up, who’s down, and a few surprises from the over 640,000 vehicles included in our data.

:50 – How we gather our reliability data

2:50 – current reliability trends

7:14 – 2018 reliability survey highlights

15:35 – Tesla Model 3 reliability announcement

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Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

Follow Us on Social:
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  1. Tae Nam says:

    I appreciate Toyota keeping Camry NA 4cyl with more than 200HP and 8 speed automatic. All the other competitors have CVT or eco turbo. If you like linear power delivery, Camry is way to go. Long term reliability will be much better with NA than turbos.

  2. 1 Rami says:

    The more Camry’s Toyota produces, the more value it loses !!! When will you all get that Toyota lovers. Aren’t you embarrassed to be driving a Camry — especially when the car In front of , behind you and next to you is a Toyota!!!

  3. Dire Straits says:

    Not up to the standards of a 2018 ford fusion but an overall improvement

  4. 1 Rami says:

    Looks like a Kia

  5. JackStrait says:

    Unfortunately, they've turned away a lot of buyers with it's bizarre styling.

  6. DCS DCS says:

    Built in a factory that enforces Racial Privilege and rewards mediocrity!

  7. raymond ayvaziyan says:

    LE vs SE which one has softer ride?

  8. CastrejonHDTV says:

    I have the car, it's on my channel. If you want to see my opinion from an owner's perspective, subscribe.

  9. Proper Gods says:

    Omg this 2018 Camry looks like the 2010-2011 Camrys

  10. Senduran Pack says:

    He didn’t mention about android car and apple car play

  11. Alan Sanchez says:

    All new next 8 generation 2018 Toyota Camry LE 4 cylinder engine VV-T bilnd spot monitor Toyota safety sense & 10 Airbags & 5 passenger 4 doors midsize sedan & new Toyota Entune 3.0 touch screen

  12. Henry Mcgill says:

    please rip Camry

  13. Lars Frerichs says:

    Why the quad exhausts??? Yeah it's 300
    Hp. Plenty of V6 sedans have that.

  14. SnoBoardnRN says:

    New bold design. I'm sure it will sell like hot cakes.

  15. ON To says:

    Excellent review as always. The background music is so ~~~ smooth and soothing. Nice match for Camry. Can anyone tell me the name of this sound track, please?

  16. Keane DM says:

    Just bought the SE, it rocks!! my only (minor) complain is their phone gps connectivity, it only works with their propitiatory apps.

  17. ponchoman49 says:

    Interesting to note that interior room goes down a bit, the trunk is smaller and even the glove box shrinks. The new architecture does improve driving dynamics but interior quality and engine noise suffer a bit. I also find the front to be garish and ugly

  18. Drin Mo says:

    i saw the "0w-16" label

  19. Giri RK says:

    This camry looks nice! But the one which I have 2014.5 LE model sucks to the core. Though it was my mistake on choosing this car since it was cheaper than a mid corolla and to be frank i was new to cars in general. I lost respect to camry as a brand. High road and wind noise. Everything is built cheap top to bottom. Every car engine makes some noise which is fine, but my car makes a horrible grinding noise. Toyota now might have waken up due to stiff competition from american manufacturers, Mazda and Honda. But I lost my money on buying this brand. It's resale value is also less now. The only good thing it's a safe car since you will be afraid to experiment or hard press the pedal since the car will not give you that confidence. The transmission is better than CVT but it doesn't work well.I am not sure how people made this a best selling car.

  20. Lathan Starnes says:

    The Mazda segment was terrible. They condemn the new turbo engine, despite the fact that it does not have reliability issues. The infotainment is dead easy to use as well. People want to know about expensive drivetrain failures, not software glitches.

  21. Chris Olsen says:

    Manual transmission is the best for cost, simplicity and reliability. How much does it cost for an 8/9/10 spd automatic when that breaks?

  22. Ryan Kenyon says:

    It's too bad Ford and General Motors can't seem to get some of their quality issues resolved. They have some of the more stylish and performance-oriented vehicles out there, but who needs the headache?

  23. Steven Strange says:

    You guys have been surprisingly mum about how the new Honda Civics have fallen from grace. Even your website has little to say with the exception of the Sport and the Si. As a prospective buyer I need way more details than you're providing. Very disappointing.

  24. John Lee says:

    Looking at a 3 row SUV especially one the has over 5500 gvw so I can get the max tax deduction for my business that I use the vehicle largely for. I kind of have it narrowed down to the Nissan Pathfinder and the Dodge Durango. Currently a Rogue owner and like it but the Pathfinder is poor in reliability and owner satisfaction….test drove one and liked how it drove, but curious for yours and the community's input on both these suv's. Especially relating to reliability and long term durability.

  25. jceess says:

    "It managed to get average reliability in our survey, which is quite good for.. Chrysler."

    Savage af, but true nonetheless.

  26. Dallas Time Bandits says:

    She has the warmth of a snow pea

  27. Donald E says:

    So I did not see any talking cars….

  28. Rex Holes says:

    I'm an auto tech and I can say Toyotas are the best to own because they don't try to overextend and that means realiable, the thing that pisses me off is the trend toward having splashguards under the cars with no easy access to oil plug and filter and also having no transmission dipstick which can be checked from under the hood is ridiculous, Ford turbo cars especially sucks because they put a splashguard in the way and also radiator hoses SURROUNDING the oil filter like wtf?

  29. Viren vs says:

    That ZF 9 speed transmission is cancer

  30. Andrew Stern says:

    What uh, what's the point of prop microphones that aren't plugged in?

  31. Lulujoy says:

    Im trying to decide between a Kia Sorrento or Subaru Forrester, for reliability, space, bang for your buck.

  32. adayexpired says:

    These CR surveys feel like you asking your friend driving his 1 year old Chrysler with a hole in the muffler, a wheel about to fall off, the ceiling caving in, radio knobs broken off, knocking like the engine is about to stall – "How's the car? Any problems?" Your friend who is a die-hard fanboy hick who loved the Dodge Hemi commercials – "Nope, Not a single problem! Hemi! Love this car! Runs like new!" Not picking on Chrysler – pick any brand to insert into story.

  33. Robert LeBlanc says:

    What’s taking so long for the next episode? 🙁

  34. john jay says:


  35. Didi says:

    I am looking for a hatchback or small SUV to commute 100 miles a day in NY/NJ. I want it to be fun, and reliable at least with major issues (don't want to end up on the shoulders of i80). My current options are VW GTI, Mazda CX3, Jeep Renegade and Toyota CHR.

  36. God Speed 913 says:

    Bravo Chrysler, you made 1 decent car.

  37. Kevin Bisch says:

    Where is Tom M ?

  38. Karadjordje Trkulja says:

    Will Ferell?

  39. Eliot Sanz says:

    How nobody wants American cars, but they still sell cars????
    How many of you are thinking of buying a brand new American car????
    How many of you have a good, reliable American car??????
    I love ❤️ you America you are my dream my everything I just wish your family ( all Americans) would love to go out there and wish they had and buy an American car because is good n reliable as the Japanese ones😢😪