Face-Off: Subaru Outback vs. Volkswagen Alltrack | Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports pits one of the best-known wagons, the Subaru Outback, against a newcomer to the field, Volkswagen’s Golf Alltrack. Which has the most cargo space? The best driving performance? Find out in our head-to-head comparison.

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  1. rence gay says:

    I have a 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium and got into car accident last 12/2/17 the Airbags NEVER deployed! I told SOA about this and now they’re doing investigation ! Consumer Reports has to re-eval about on Outbacks’ reliability… Now I got a 2017 VW Alltrack SE …

  2. Steven Strange says:

    So what I'm hearing is: If your a AAA member get the Alltrack. Okay. Got it.

  3. Ralph Cornwell says:

    I test drove both cars. The VW has a nice German drive, sorta stiff in a good way, & good brakes. It has great cornering for a front wheel drive vehicle. That's what it is. The rear wheels do nothing for regular driving. The turbo is a kick with a pronounce lag & the automatic good. But, working together there's all kinds of surges & lags. I bought a Subaru Outback which is smoother & feels more stable

  4. Edysin Simon says:

    I'd buy the all alltrack if it has the 2 liter diesel. What" It doesn't? nevermind then…

  5. Tim Lucas says:

    Alltrack. Much better looking, superior German engineering, and in a different league with driving dynamics!

  6. albert7139 says:

    I love the VW, but the outback is such a great Wagon, I see a ton of them around where I live, seem to be reliable as well. I'd love a beige one.

  7. Mustafa Yılmaz says:

    What's the point of comparing these two quite different cars. Outback is much bigger and purpose built. Passat Alltrack is the legitimate rival if you have in the U.S.

  8. Rida Al Osman says:

    These two cars cannot be compared head to head because of the following:

    -outback is bigger in width, height, and length,
    -outback has a V6 engine and can actually tow a trailer

    I think the outback can be compared to the awd Passat station wagon though it only exists in Europe, and possibly to the Volvo V90 Cross country.

  9. Pube83 says:

    both brands are garbage in the long run

  10. James Smith says:

    Alltrack all the way

  11. Intrepid Milotic says:

    Americans still like wagons >.<, such ugly disfigured cars. At least the golf has style, Subaru has been making ugly plastic junk since 1980.

  12. Scramblerkidd says:

    VW greasing CR palm trying to gain the trust of the consumer? I used to be a big VW fan,owning seven(air and water cooled) and actually still own a 2007 GTi. Currently own a 2017 Outback Limited 2.5. I wouldn't own another VW even if they half the price of an Outback. Towing not recommended with the Alltrack…really. That's funny.

  13. banstaman says:

    Cost of insurance between the two?

  14. Josh Dollins says:

    the subie is the way to go!

  15. Chris Soniak says:

    Love my 2017 Outback… Eyesight is awesome in stop and go traffic!

  16. chrisjoplin says:

    If you only plan to keep one for a few years the Alltrack will kill you in depreciation. Compare any 2-year-old VW with Subaru and see how much difference there is.

  17. Right Lane Hog says:

    Why is it that only VW and Subaru offer a wagon in the mainstream price category? How do they succeed where everyone else fails?

  18. David Mandziuk says:

    Damn cabin air filter. Like a Possum on Percocet Pissing on my Passenger front floor Pan at random. From Portland to Pittsburgh.

  19. David Mandziuk says:

    Early outback 3.6 with 5 speed , is the sweet spot CVT sucks.

  20. Blake Swan says:

    Holy $40k for the outback, yeahnpass