The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance

We cannot imagine how mass surveillance is about to change the lives of everyone in the developed world. This video is an eye opener to help visualize the future and how to protect ourselves from the most invasive technologies ever created and used against society.

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  1. Albert Einstein says:

    advice… dont buy new appliances go on craigslist buy used old washers driers refridge etc new stuff has chips in it…. use off grid power with battery bank use internet from cafes use face covers and hats when there dont touch the door aka figerprints simple

  2. News from Angelo R says:

    While working close to a smart meter (1 to 2 feet) my right hand got scram and I felt pain. The skin shrink and I was not able to move the fingers. This happens every time I was working in the same area. As soon I stayed away the problem disappears. This happens in two different place. I was doing electrical installation so I needed to be close to the meter.

  3. Hass moh says:

    with onzo, their associates and customers being the ultimate thieves who cares about hackers!! The deviance misuse mal-intended use of technology is a grandest theft of our individual and collective freedom of all and hardly anyone is paying attention. Every time I'm thinking of the abuse and intentional utilization of technology and science as tools of surveillance of control and profits, reminds me of what Malcolm X said warning us about the field slaves vs the house slaves, only now we all part of it, regardless color gender, religion, or class, 99% are the field slaves, and 1% are the house slaves, and from the 1% only 1% of 1% or less are the true masters of us all!!

  4. rene' lowery says:

    Bravo, Thank you Jerry Day, Jacquie Figg et al. I wish this was not such explosive of the 'monitization'. We will need to unravel it one by one. I am in Texas and it could not be more corrupt in their designs on the people.Texas is Horribly corrupt.

  5. Gadsden Viper says:

    Why hasn't someone sued these people for making money off of our private actions in our homes without permission or disclosure, this is theft of privacy.

  6. widow maker says:

    Really like Your information. Thanks

  7. James R Dugger says:

    they will charge u for everything electronic u operate eventually or to ck on u … thus is definitely a monetary gain for them

  8. Caden Sampson says:

    Jerry how do we go about making a case against the government, our rights are being violated and I am sivk of it. Privacy is almost impossible to come by in this time and the government has grown into something it most definitely should never have been allowed to become.

  9. Chino780 says:

    That commercial is scary. Wow.

  10. CABIN TALK says:

    I would love to interview you on my channel! I mostly do everything on Facebook where I have 25,000 subscribers. Please let me know if you would be interested in doing that.

  11. Chuffing Ale says:

    there has to be a way to introduce "noise" onto wire in your home that interferes with data collection.
    anyone know of one?

  12. Gold Thumb says:

    Good video. But can I ask how would the electric/data companies know that it is a hair dryer Susan is using just from the power cord? Wouldn't it just be Susan was using a small amount of power at 6:30pm. Now a computer, smart phone/tv other electronics that access the internet maybe but how a hair dryer?

  13. Edward Versluys says:

    note "highly targeted".

  14. Our Flat Earth says:

    Thanks, Jerry. You're amazing, a true hero. Yes, the crazy people who pretend they run the world have a lot to hide, including their vulnerabilities, and they must, as you say, "make sure your behavior isn't a threat." The problem for them is that there are billions of decent law-abiding citizens who now have the ability to be in communication with each other, and to plan how to bring the truth to light. That is now being carried out every day, all day long. Your contribution in that regard is much appreciated! 😉

  15. Adrianus Vlasveld says:

    De automatisering is al zo slecht dat we al teveel data verliezen, laat staan met dit soort smart meters en dubbele berekening

  16. ChiefJustice Middleton says:

    Full theft and use of our energy and information cuntrol, once again, another step to Agenda 21. Minority Report is what the elite want.

  17. john smith says:

    I originally thought this guy was another conspiracy theorist with a crazy big brother is watching story. But when he showed the advertisement from the data analyzing software company, I stated to get a little worried. I will tell you why this guy doesn't have 200,000+ subscribers. People mistakenly think that the government is going to protect them and not let any private corporation do anything that will intrude into their privacy. So they have a hard time believing this guy. The commercial shown is the best evidence put forth by this man that unknown bandits are taking a hard, intrusive look into our private lives.

  18. Doreen Agostino says:

    Thank you Jerry, for giving people an opportunity to know what is really going on.

  19. theylive23 says:

    I avoid anything marked as 'smart' as being strictly for dummies who don't mind giving away their privacy. There will never be one of these meters fitted to my home, no matter how hard 'they' push the idea.

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