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At CES Consumer Reports expects to see home assistants controlling even more items in your home, laptops that are always connected and even bigger and brighter TVs.

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This week we answer viewer questions on winter tire traction, auto start/stop systems, our favorite muscle cars, and the family hauler potential of commercial vans. We also give our first impressions of the all-new 2018 Toyota Camry.


0:50 – Winter tire traction

3:04 – Automatic Start/Stop Systems

6:06 – Muscle cars

9:38 – Commercial vans

12:24 – 2018 Toyota Camry


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  1. 范君愷 Karl says:

    Hey Panasonic's got one oled tv

  2. tom11zz884 says:

    He forgot to mention Panasonic and Philips also make OLED Televisions in addition to Sony and LG.
    Dumb Indian

  3. hyou zan ren says:

    need better ultra wide 4k monitor!

  4. Maria Rodriguez says:

    My garage door is useless

  5. David Phillips says:

    how does never Myself oblige?

  6. Dima Andro says:

    CES is getting more and more boring every year now, wtf

  7. Mohammed Kazam says:

    Garbage, all of it. Show me some innovation.

  8. Robert Evans says:

    Average age of people who follow Consumer Reports is 72 years old. No reasonable young person will even buy a magazine or believe the biased 'reports' that they put out.

  9. Cameron Williams says:

    needle nose softly blow chin up passenger interview.

  10. AgnosticVeteran11B says:

    Smart locks = hackable locks

  11. Migool says:

    take a shot everytime he sais wirelesd

  12. FutureParadise says:

    Having an always on microphone in your home is a really bad idea

  13. Garth Howe says:

    Ha! My Amazon Echo told me the local weather when you said something like "Hey Alexa, what's the weather". I would like to see more competition driving the price of OLED's down. When I went television hunting, they were the ones that really stood out … but were too pricey.

  14. nickolas says:

    More convenient to consumer = more convenient to hackers as well? They just need to hack your google home then have control to pretty much everything

  15. Bertram Inc. says:

    And Sony’s OLED is an LG screen with Sony’s better processor.

  16. Nido says:

    What was he talking about ?

  17. Jarl Ballin' says:

    Shit I thought I was watching a CNET video…

  18. MrEnergyCzar says:

    We'll see how all these smart products listening into people's homes get accepted in the coming years…

  19. Rick James says:

    ces is jan 9th to 12th. Lets see how wrong CR is, as per usual.

  20. QuantumOverider says:

    A bunch of unsecure onsolete next year spy machines, well done humanity.

  21. Jefferson says:

    These guys sound like the coworker that hates everyone, but when they're hanging out with everyone, they try hard to compliment but only shit comes out with some cherry on top. Then will smile or smirk like they want to be in the room.

  22. Richard R. Smith says:

    When is Toyota going to have a Camry with 4 cylinders or
    hybrid model that has embedded NAV that works with the head up display ?  Or when is Honda going to have an Accord with
    a proper bird’s eye 360 degree camera not that I will buy another Turbo engine
    anyway.  Honda has a 4 cylinder with
    embedded NAV that integrates with the head up display but it’s an unreliable
    1292 degrees Fahrenheit 100 thousand RPM Turbo and it has no 360 degree bird’s
    eye camera available on every other car 2018. 
    And Toyota only provides a CD player and embedded NAV for $ 940 option
    called Entune Premium only on 6 cylinder 2018 Camry models that only get 32 mpg
    highways and that unit integrates with the head up display option.  You know what is worse ?  Neither Toyota nor Honda are listening to us
    tell them these glaring red flags. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Accord users get home and find out they don’t have
    bird’s eye camera like EVERY other car 2018. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Camry users get home and find out they don’t have
    a reliable NAV at all.  Drive the car for
    a decade and either never be able to see what is around you in a garage or in
    tight places or not be able to find directions of where you want to go.

  23. Douglas Donatien says:

    Love the review and love the Camry!

  24. ELPJM09 says:

    Toyota makes the best cars and trucks. People think their cars are boring. In reality their not. I'm a proud owner of a 2016 Corolla S Premium. Any Toyota is a great investment. What the majority of people want is a reliable car that won't break down on you with peace of mind, that's what Toyota does. My next vehicle will be Toyota Tacoma TRD 4×4.

  25. dany manchster says:

    automatic high beams are the stupidest thing ever invented. now lots of cars have high beams on in street that is slightly low on lightning and I end up with all high beams light flashing in my eyes. this technology should be regulated.

  26. Alvin Brock says:

    Does the auto high beam turn down the lights when you are approaching the rear of traffic going the same direction?

  27. billy fatbowe says:

    ….I don't think they wrecked it…are you NUTS…;-(,,,,,,,,its a TOP seller…;–),,,,,,,,

  28. Ben Stern says:

    Dif you get a raise Jen?

  29. benedict kirby mallare says:


  30. IMA RUSSIAN says:

    buy a new camry if you want to save money and get a decade's worth of economical use

  31. thwipp89 says:

    from the pix i saw, the new camry looks more aggressive and even a little sportier, especially compared to those in the past.

  32. alpha7ization says:

    These guys clearly do not like Toyota lexus they crap on the Camry? This car with the v6 and now double wishbone suspension is going to embarrass a lot of cars in higher price ranges

  33. Julius McDow says:

    Honestly, I can get with the new Camry. It's an honest, reliable car that will do the job in comfort, efficiency and now with a touch of style. I'm THANKFUL for the V6! Goes to show the rest that switching to 4 cylinders isn't necessary to get good MPG. Some of us still want power and the sound! An angry bumblebee is not a good soundtrack for your arrival/departure in my opinion.

  34. Julius McDow says:

    A G37 is NOT a muscle car….dude.

  35. TheLifetraveler1 says:

    Hello, I personally dislike the auto start/stop system. I refuse rentals that have it. However, in renting a late model Escape once, I pulled into a dealership and they showed me how to disable it. Of course, it resets itself when you start the car again, but I just disable it again.

  36. Dan Rigsley says:

    g37??? lol..old fart car with power.

  37. kn7gez says:

    I see reliable going away with new engines in Camry. Direct injection and turbos nooooooo!!!

  38. jones logan says:

    The bold guy needs to let the other two people speak.

  39. thiinkerca says:

    This show has lost a lot if lightness and humour with Tom mutchler leaving.

  40. Austin Bridge says:

    Just a suggestion on the new look to the show: I like the different camera angles. But they do not need to continuously move on the slider. It's more distracting to watch while trying to focus on the host content. Just a comment video professional to video professional.

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