2018 Honda Accord & Tips for Dealing with Dealers | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #124

We got our hands on the all-new 2018 Honda Accord, and give our first impressions on its driving dynamics, updated infotainment system, and styling. Did you know October is a great time to find a deal on cars and trucks? We tell you why, and show you some of the big bargains out there. Finally, buying a car from a dealer can be a high pressure experience, so we share some of our tips for buying a car without all the hassle.

1:00 – 2018 Honda Accord impressions

13:32 – Hot car deals

17:57 – 3 tips for buying a car from a dealership

2018 Honda Accord Quick Drive: https://youtu.be/ZRFEpKCeM9w

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Honda has completely redesigned its midsized family sedan for 2018. The new Accord offers a new powertrain combination, a more upscale cabin, and a sporty ride.

Check out http://www.ConsumerReports.org for the latest reviews, tips, and recommendations and subscribe to our YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1Nlb1Ez

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  1. L Dupree says:

    Where do your elbows rest when youre driving? I have a 2016 accord ex-l and I've been bummed that the center console and left door panel arm rests are too low for me to really rest my arms on them.

  2. Edward Reyez says:

    Dodge charger front bumper design… not new..

  3. iLiketigerz101 says:

    camery is far better than this car. when you step in a camery, it's like you're in a bmw m5. the accord inteior looks like it was drawn by a kindergarten. the new accord looks very similar to the civic. its basically a hatchback that got a growth spurt.

  4. madmdm1 says:

    you need new people. I was done these these guys in less than 1 minute. Please get better people the review

  5. j Ramirez says:

    Lol wow when a customer tells me give me your best price or im hanging up i actually want them to hang up i dont need to deal with people like that salesmen are humans also dont need to be treated rudely the best way to get a good deal is to have a conversation with your sales person as to what you are comfortable paying for the vehicle and see how close the dealership can get to the number society now a days lacks in communication skills

  6. Nick Phillips says:

    Honda, bring back the V6, turbo charged, inline, true dual tuned exhaust, RWD/AWD and instantly create a market for a performance mis-size sedan and steal the thunder from the Stinger GT2

  7. Nick Phillips says:

    I like the front grill but do not care for the rear of the Accord

  8. Faris Tayb says:

    A lot of good information. Thanks

  9. Rahuley Shar says:

    1.5t with CVT= Garbage! Camry drivetrain is much better and bang for the bucks.

  10. wholeNwon says:

    Honda has a history of failure-prone automatic transmissions. That's why I always avoid the brand.

  11. TheRealSh1zz4m says:

    My advice is to wear pants

  12. Jack Lucas says:

    I am on my fourth Honda Accord V6. I would NEVER buy a turbo charged car and accordingly (no pun intended) will not buy the latest iteration of the Accord. The new high end Accord is less powerful and if I am not mistaken the fuel economy differential is marginal and probably non-existent in the real world. In addition the complexity and additional load on the diminutive engine to perform not even as well as the V6 portends reliability issues in the future. I recently purchased a Ford F150 to be used as a recreational vehicle, the one I bought was the big V8. I surveyed the reviews and watched a lot of Youtube videos on the vehicle and the one that determined my purchase was one where the mechanics in a Ford dealership were surveyed. There were asked given the choice which F150 would they buy for themselves the Ecoboost or the V8. All the techs but one said they would buy the eight basically citing the complexity of the turbo as being less reliable without the advantage of any real fuel economy benefit. It is my belief that the Accord, both versions, are inherently going to be less reliable with marginal fuel economy benefits. I think Honda has made an error that may end up with them losing a loyal customer base to other manufacturers, most likely Toyota. I look forward to test driving a V6 Camry in the 2019 model year when I trade my 2014 Honda Accord.

    It did not escape my notice that the discussion never addressed the engine and diverted to some other less important issue.

  13. Tigerex966 says:

    Honda is saving money BIG time.
    This is the" civic platform" just slightly stretched.
    Same chassis, same engines, same transmissions, aside from the 10 speed.
    They could not fit a (financially speaking) the V6 in the civic platform, hence no V6, because no room or beefy structure for it.
    Nothing wrong with that, simply platform sharing at it's finest.
    And the 1.5 litre turbo is derived from the Fit and used in the CRV, civic, civic sport, civic si, accord.
    The 2.0 is used in the type r and accord.
    And you can best believe Acura will be next in line.
    The old accord platform that handles the ridgeline, oddesey, TLX, RLX, MDX, and to a certain extent NSX (accord in reverse) will still be around for a while though for heavier engines.

    Acura did the same by combing the TL and TSX into one model the TSX

  14. Tigerex966 says:

    Bring back the coupe, and the ability to get a manual with the top trims, like touring.
    Are there any front drive coupes available in America anymore?

  15. Alexandrina Krylova says:

    IF THE SCREEN of the Accord IS ANDROID then, the Accord can go to hell. I will remove stupid android and install an IPAD – People Love APPLE iPhones – JAKE FISHER "FUCK YOU" AND FUCK ANDROID

  16. timmyvechett says:


  17. Richard R. Smith says:

    When is Toyota going to have a Camry with 4 cylinders or
    hybrid model that has embedded NAV that works with the head up display ?  Or when is Honda going to have an Accord with
    a proper bird’s eye 360 degree camera not that I will buy another Turbo engine
    anyway.  Honda has a 4 cylinder with
    embedded NAV that integrates with the head up display but it’s an unreliable
    1292 degrees Fahrenheit 100 thousand RPM Turbo and it has no 360 degree bird’s
    eye camera available on every other car 2018. 
    And Toyota only provides a CD player and embedded NAV for $ 940 option
    called Entune Premium only on 6 cylinder 2018 Camry models that only get 32 mpg
    highways and that unit integrates with the head up display option.  You know what is worse ?  Neither Toyota nor Honda are listening to us
    tell them these glaring red flags. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Accord users get home and find out they don’t have
    bird’s eye camera like EVERY other car 2018. 
    Imagine how many 2018 Camry users get home and find out they don’t have
    a reliable NAV at all.  Drive the car for
    a decade and either never be able to see what is around you in a garage or in
    tight places or not be able to find directions of where you want to go.

  18. mct8888 says:

    I think it looks great, first good looking Accord. Quit trying to make Honda boring again.

  19. Tous Shong says:

    I like Ryan answer and I'm a current Accord owner. So, is just not me but again looks is a personnel preference. Good review and thank you!

  20. TheBigOakTree says:

    Read the book "Influence" by Robert Caldini. In it he researches thought process, sales tactics, and even involves himself in jobs where persuasive tactics pay off. Quick story. I went to finalize the purchase of a 2017 Toyota Limited today. Great deal, as I received $4100 off of the $45600 along with a couple of accessories equaling additional $400. I went in to financing manager's office where he began to be much too chummy chummy and buddy like. It was so much unnecessary talk that I had to keep him on target. But the tactic is, and Robert Caldini's research confirms this, is that a person is far less likely to say no, or disagree with someone whom they think either 1) likes them, or 2) that said person has been 'nice' to them. It is the unsaid rule of reciprocity! And it lurks in the shadows of nearly everyone's subconscious. It normally shows itself in the form of biting one's tongue or turning a blind eye to things that you are actually uncomfortable with. Fast forward: I was interested in an extended warranty (just wanting to know the numbers). Before I knew it was on my sales contract that I was about to sign. I looked at the guy and I said "How come my out the door price of $25K (after trade) ballooned up to $28K?! He proceeded to hit me with his best fast balls as explanations, then pointed at some of those interests that I had and that he put in my contract. I said "I feel really uncomfortable now, listen, remove every thing added so that I am back to my out the door price! He looked stunned and disappointed, then spent the rest of our time trying to make sure that I wasn't offended by his tactics. Brutal.

    So be prepared to stop negotiating at any point, have an out the door number that is written in stone, and don't fall for the "I like you" and "I think you are a good guy" sort of tactics. Hope that helps someone. Cheers

  21. Naveed Chaudhry says:

    Honda only made the safety features like lane change assist standard because Toyota already made them standard on the camry…i would hardly give Honda any credit for doing this since they seem to have only did this as a response to a competitor

  22. Lance Zheng says:

    This is a Civic XL

  23. Live Leak says:

    Love this 2018 Honda Accord, I was between this and New Camry but no more.

  24. Marcel Tansie says:

    With time the design fades slightly, doesn’t look so dramatic anymore

  25. David Hodgin says:

    My next car will be electric

  26. Tony Morris says:

    Just curious… What do you think is the "most exciting" car on the road for under $40k to purchase?
    Personally if I could get everything I want , it would be a rear wheel drive with decent power and fuel economy, doesn't have to be the best in either category. It would not have a turbo motor, if not available in a manual transmission it would certainly not be a CVT. It would be an enjoyable car to drive all the time, not limited to any particular segment of driving. Must run on regular grade gas, have comfortable front seats even for the passenger, meaning adjustable for comfort desired settings. And include a back seat that I could set in being 6ft tall. And a sedan or coupe, not a hatchback.
    …. So what is your answer to the "most exciting" car choice to purchase under $40k?
    …. And do you know of any cars that meet my wishful desires? Also under $40k ??

  27. Kyle Madrid says:


  28. Night Robin says:

    We don't need to see the narrator's face, show more shots of the suspension and body roll of the actual vehicle in high speed turns.

  29. Joel L. says:

    Can't do it guys, Honda has one ugly baby. Send it back! Might get the Ridge line instead. My son received the 17 se sport for graduation gift. I love it…

  30. Doug Almonte says:

    2017 still looks better overall imo

  31. CastrejonHDTV says:

    New Camry is better and faster. Also, they still offer the V6. What say ye you Honda fan boys?

  32. Santiago Heyser says:

    Best and quicker review of the Accord I´ve ever seen. Would you recomend to change my 2016 Altima for a New Honda Accord?

  33. howlingwolf125y says:

    Looks like Honda went back to a beautiful traditional dashboard layout for the Accord???. Looks Great. Great job Honda!!.. The dash is more upscale and tradition- and looks great!! The only thing left to improve on is get rid of the push button shifter. But I am a SUV guy. I wish you could get this (Accord) dashboard on a Pilot or Ridgeline. I really would like to buy a Ridgeline or Pilot. Basically, I love the entire design of the Pilot and Ridgeline including the steering wheel, but I simply can't purchase one because the Dashboard/controls look terrible and are so non-traditional. Wish Honda would would take the Accord dashboard/ controls and put them into a Pilot or Ridgeline – and of course add a traditional console shifter. Then I could finally buy one.

  34. Rye Shelton. says:

    hate the fastback sloping roofline.

  35. 67tomcat says:

    Like it a lot, and not mentioned in this brief review, 6 spd. manual transmissions are available with both the 1.5T & 2.0T.

  36. Alex W says:

    Can someone explain to me how the push-button shifter is a nuisance to use when parking? If you pull into a space and forget to shift into park the system automatically shifts to park when you turn the car off, or open the door.

  37. Jamaican Me Crazy says:

    The wheels on the 2017 ate way nicer. The front fascia needs the be revisited. At least the chrome bits maybe if it were made of a dark looking chrome I dunno. It really bugs me

  38. Ed Wardo says:

    Like it or not, Honda pushes the envelope when it comes to style. This design will grow on everyone the more we see it around.

  39. 김선재 says:

    which trim has button gear shift ?? anybody?

  40. thái nguyen says:

    Honda always get trouble with transmission

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