Smart meter effects

This was “testimony” given by conspiracy theorist Sheila Hemphill, a “wellness shop” owner from Brady, Texas, at the Texas Republican Party state convention. Best quote: “…when the smart meter pings off 900 billion waves it creates friction, friction creates heat … it can cause the smart meters to catch on fire!” Complete hogwash but definitely worth the listen–especially if you’re an engineer!

We just wonder if she has a cell phone, fluorescent lights, drives a car, or owns an appliance with a motor?


  1. Allen Gwinn says:

    Larry, if I were a rocket, you'd be my fuel!!!

  2. Allen Gwinn says:

    Again, folks, please post links to all these people killed by their smart meter. These things have been in use for years. Certainly there's at least one anecdote?

  3. Larry Wilholt says:

    Allen if assholes could fly you would be a rocket not a engineer

  4. Joe Guru says:

    Luddites are amusing. Good thing they haven't discovered that they're driving around with a load of gasoline in a tank underneath their cars. We definitely have an education gap as demonstrated by this Hemphill woman.

  5. Allen Gwinn says:

    If folks want to post comments and keep it civil, I'm happy to engage in fact debate. If you want to be uncivil and simply ramble on with baseless conspiracy theories and name-calling then there are probably better places for you to do that.

  6. Allen Gwinn says:

    For some strange reason YouTube has decided a whole bunch of comments on this video are spam. They aren't. So it you didn't get posted, repost and I'll unflag them.

  7. Allen Gwinn says:

    She doesn't have the requisite subject knowledge and obviously misunderstands RF and electrical engineering.

  8. Default Name says:

    Allen  I would be happy to connect you with the Electrical Engineers, PhD's, MD's that I personally work closely with on the subject of EMF.  I happen to be trained in beneficial use of EMF from the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin Germany where I will post you EVIDENCE of the beneficial effects of EMF – now according to the FCC "safety standards" there should not be ANY effects – good or bad.  Are you OK that the FCC has NEVER TESTED WIRELESS EMISSIONS ON ANY LIVING ORGANISM.  Ask me how I know this?  My son spent 2 weeks in DC having over 40 meetings with FCC, FDA, HUD, EPA, DOJ etc.  Hearing it directly from these departments – so I will assure you every statement I make regarding the harmful effects of EMF is substantiated by thousands of peer reviewed medical research documents.  Every statement I make regarding the disharmonics that occurs when you emit a 900 MHz frequency into a 60 Hz frequency system causes noise in the line – FACT – I use the term waves per second because my audience is not accustomed to the techy lingo that goes around with Engineers -but if you want to "talk tech", I'll match my "techies" with your "techies" all day long.  These are the guys who develop the technologies with 7 harmonic rectifiers to reduce/eliminate the noise or "dirty electricity".  So unless you start posting some of your "evidence" and stop spouting that your an "engineer" blah blah you are not qualified to refute the information I state here because I can guarantee you I can support every statement I make here with research and reports from individuals whose credentials that will trump any ignorant statement you try to make cause guess what – what I say here is the truth. 
    And FYI – I am hard wired in my house, I do limit my cell phone use, I do have a degree in Computer Science, I am trained in Quantum Reflex Analysis and I have a working project with NASA.  So put up or shut up cause your ill informed statements are damaging to people's lives and to the effort to bring truth of the hazards of EMF to the general population. 
    Here start with the research that received honors as the 2013 Global Medical Discovery that clearly demonstrates the beneficial and harmful effects of EMF on voltage gated calcium channels.  Wireless Radiation Causes Health Effects Via VGCC: Dr. Martin Pall PhD.
    Then check out this video demonstrating the beneficial effects of EMF BEMER-Group / Latest demonstration 7 (Deutsch)
    Then check out this on the harmful effects of EMF
    SMOKING GUN: Proof of Red Blood Cell Damage from Smart Meters – Take Back Your Power Sneak Peak

    I can do this all day long and would be happy to speak with you directly.
    Sheila Hemphill

  9. iprovedit says:

    Conspiracy? You don't believe that supplying anything but 60 hertz to a motor or capacitor doesn't create heat? What type of engineer would approve putting a device that creates dirty power on the front end of the power supply? She's doing her best to warn the ignorant.

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