Smart Meters – Surveillance State – Smartmeters

The bulk of this was filmed in winter 2015 and the whole thing was so annoying, I didn’t even want to touch it for a good, long while.
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  1. Truthstream Media says:

    Look. If someone purposefully left a basket of rabid, moody poisonous snakes subjected to the zombie T virus on your front porch that repeatedly bit you every minute of every day all day and night and then when you protested, they said the only way they would remove them is if you went through a rip rop rippedy roo rigmarole of bullsh*t that includes hundreds of dollars and hours of your life you will never get back… you wouldn't be little miss sunshine pants either. And that's how I felt about going through the ridiculously frustrating process Oncor put us through seemingly as punishment just to opt out of our smart meter. That being said… even though it really was this stupid, I think the electric companies actually hate dealing with it more than they tried to make us hate dealing with them, so there. Not sure who tied up whose resources more, but the life-changing health benefits and financial gains are more than just a one victory against this corruption.

  2. lucy paul says:

    I live in AZ and I just had them change out my smart meter to an analog. I didn't have near the experience that you did nor the cost and I was still quite upset with the extra monthly charge. They came out within a few days to change it out at no charge. They are charging me $20/mth for having to come out and read it manually. They said they would only come every other month to read the meter, making it a $40 charge to read the meter. Now I'm wondering, if they don't read the meter but every other month, how are they going to be billing me monthly. I'll call them and ask. Didn't think of it at the time. They told me they didn't ask people whether they could put in the smart meter they just did it as an overall upgrade to their customers. So, we still have neighbors on either side of us with the smart meter, one aimed right at our front patio where we sit and the other aimed at our garage. If people really knew the dangers of these they would opt out I think but they don't know, most of them. They just can't believe people would lie to them about the dangers. And, of course the workers of these electric companies believe what their company tells them, that "the studies show" their is minimal radiation exposure. Unfortunately the 5G roll out will probably make these smart meters look like small potatoes regarding the dangers.

  3. HotPeridot says:

    Wait a minute – you said your house was built in the 1990's and wasn't built to handle smart meters. Where in the heck are you at in Texas? I'm on the West Coast (no, not California) and the house we've been renting for 20 years was built in 1987/1989 time frame and the original meter box was already set up to handle the smart meters and the smart meter wasn't installed until around 2010/2012 time frame.

  4. Lauryn Hembree says:

    Great video! I’m going to check our meter tomorrow, and if it’s a smart meter, we are getting it taken out.

  5. Maniac Builder says:

    should shout out that electricians company that came to help you ^^ they deserve the extra custom ^^
    – Also just curious they say the levels are safe but is that per meter or when 20 of them are on 1 wall is it x20 ?

  6. Rebecca Ann Sinkula: Mystic Angel Healing says:

    CHECK OUT this important info from INPOWER movement: MASS ACTION of LIABILITY.

  7. FulCon11542 says:

    Wow, just wow. I'm in high school now and actually study about electronics. I have to admit I had a fair bit of laugh watching those technicians. Newer heard anyone doing anything with electrical circulates while they are live, it takes special kind of stupid for that, unless your intention is to break something or kill yourself. Also here in god forsaken country of mine we are also switching to digital power meters, jej. Interesting thing USA is doing much butter then Croatia, but we get free electrical box, I repeat FREE one, you can put it yourself or they dig your wall but it's done the right way.

    Again this is so stupid that it's actually funny in a way.

  8. Escape the Matrix says:

    Note to Self: Don't move to Dallas unless you want to live in a house with no electricity.

  9. Escape the Matrix says:

    Is it at all possible that we're all collectively living in an episode of 'The Twilight Zone,' and a director is going to callout, "Cut," at any minute, and we can all go back to a normal, non-Matrix existence? I'm guessing no, but that's the only thing that would make sense at this point.

  10. Escape the Matrix says:

    I liked my farmhouse in the country with an 'analog' meter. We read our own meters and submitted the reading on the bill that was snail-mailed in. I just pulled my meter out, spun it backwards to what I thought was about the fair amount to pay for the electricity that I used, and everyone was happy. Except for the utility company. 🙁

  11. Berta Nelson says:

    Check out In Power Movement. They are stopping smart meter installations by making corporate heads personally liable!

  12. InventorDeeJay says:

    34:34 HAHAHAHA

  13. InventorDeeJay says:

    23:03 HAHAHAHAHA

  14. Conor O'Hara says:

    Hey, I live in CT and have followed Jerry Day's protocol to a T. I removed my cancer box from the side of my house after sending a demand for removal to Eversource, my power company. I have a long legal paper trial, which is probably why it took them at least six weeks to threaten power shut off from the street unless I allowed them to replace my analog meter with their "company meter". My written response to them was that I would only allow them to do that under extreme duress of their threat…. a threat of life and limb here in the NE in the winter.
    My "appointment" to escort them onto my property is not until next week…. I was wondering if you have any words of advice. Jerry Day's protocol really does not take one past replacing the meter, it does not advise on what to do when they come back to you with a threat.

  15. Bob Frguson says:

    my wife got it done had to pay a fee but bill went down quite significantly they read it every other month

  16. PLASTIC HACKS says:

    41:12 what is that creepy thing that is slowly turning to the right?

  17. The Flip says:

    Arron is so cute

  18. The Flip says:

    I put my iPhone on airplane made to make sure cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth are turned off

  19. Z0mbi3Peach says:

    NOT sticking up for that phone rep, just speaking from being in customer service call centers, if you ask anything that isn't on the script or something they don't have a specific rebuttal for, the company asks you to move on like nothing was asked or you get the "I'm not permitted to comment on that" the company doesn't even tell the agent why. I asked every day for 2 years and I never got an answer.

    This process however, is sickening, the customers are the reason they have a damn job. Why do they insist on these dangerous meters and why do they refuse to acknowledge the facts? They can't speak to customers? You're the customer service department, you have one job, serve a customer. It's like they're purposely bullying you

  20. ____ _____ says:

    you can hot swap meters by the way, it's just wise to turn off the load (basically the meter switch to the house) otherwise it may 'POP' when you swap it over. Most tradesmen wont point the finger unless you pay them specifically to do so.

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