Is JP Morgan Shorting Paper And Buying Massive Amounts Of Physical Metal?

“New commentary from a bullion insider who claims to have personally managed the movement of 27 million ounces of gold from HSBC’s vaults into JP Morgan’s seems to substantiate Sinclair’s claims.

The industry insider has come forward claiming that JP Morgan’s paper short position is in fact a hedged trade (as Blythe Masters claimed here)- and claims that JPM is in fact MASSIVELY LONG PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER HELD IN THEIR OWN PRIVATE VAULTS while short the paper futures market.
Is JP Morgan actually a double agent shorting the paper metals market for their own benefit?”

JP Morgan Article Link:

Link To Hugo Salinas Price’s New Article:

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  1. Sidney Boudro says:

    And when he gets through it takes months and months to happen. He needs to get this depression started so we can begin to starve. You can't starve in a day you know.
    Have some patience.

  2. fursatali says:

    This must mean the profits from the Physical will far defeat the losses from the Paper Shorts. If this is true…I hope we are all prepared for the super inflationalry scenario..GLTA..

  3. BUDDYSNORES says:

    I happen to like Linsey Williams. He is saying things no one else is, and often coincides with other news we hear (mostly from other non mainstream media) Seems to me he gives a lot of free info and doesn't plug his dvd's that often. I think he really cares, and time will tell.

  4. JPMorganMustDie says:

    No real Proof, it's just speculation about somebody else speculating in a speculators Market.
    He said that she said, is not proof of anything.
    They say a Picture is worth a thousand Words, but a thousand words is not worth a Picture.

  5. Sidney Boudro says:

    Lindsey Williams has made several mistakes but I don't believe his sources were expert on what he made mistakes on. He said that that wild well in the Gulf of Mexico would vent forever, wrong. But on money he has never made a serious mistake even when calling for things everyone else thought were false. I think some are dissing him because a lot of people believe him and this doesn't fit the rich mans agenda. I believe him you do what you must.


    can teds statement be independantly verified

  7. deanmat says:

    LINDSAY WILLIAMS, if it turns out the dollar isn't dead by the end of 2012 (and he once clarified that it would still exist as a currency but with extremely little purchasing power) WILL YOU ADMIT HE IS CRAZY? (I haven't decided either way. But, we have to consider his hits and misses. He says he got a lot right. But is there proof? I just haven't seen it. Can someone show me.

  8. deanmat says:

    Prove LINDSAY WILLIAMS right. The Alex jones video has him saying he said this and this and this about oil. Why not post the clips of him saying these things with the dates. Then, we will believe. Just having someone say: "I said…" doesn't make people want to believe.

  9. MoneyBags73 says:

    Pretty Catchy. LOL I admit it could sound a little conspiratorial. A bullion trader who has seen the massive amounts of bullion in private vaults.

  10. MoneyBags73 says:

    Good point. LOL I just hear so many negative comments about him and everyone is simply guessing.

  11. RAMKING61 says:

    Lindsey Williams prediction of our present day Iran scenario can be seen in my 2008 videos of a speech he made in 2006.

  12. onemindonespirit says:

    Pencils and paper.

  13. dauerhaft1 says:

    Fantastic commentary

  14. manofreedom says:

    LOL!!! Yeah, I know what you mean….I ususally skim through his interviews to get to the "meat". Every interview I've ever heard him give could have been shortened into about 5 minutes or less of usfull info.

  15. Type Password Here says:

    wtf, a bullion insider ??

  16. manofreedom says:

    To quote Lindsey Williams….."OK, here we go. Oh I implore you to get ready because I stayed with the elite in 1970 and I know. Get a pen and be ready to write this down. OK, I'm gonna tell you so here it is…are you ready for the key word….Oh please, please write this down, I beg of you, because the elite know and they told me. OK here it is. You need to know this to save your dinner table. There it was did you get that? I sure hope you did to save yourself."

  17. sstrich1 says:

    I do not know about lindsey Williams. I think what he says is possible . I will still due what I am doing in-spite of what he says.

  18. MARK S says:

    there you go moneybags, listen to this guys statment…spiritartman thinks 'derivatives' were brought up by lindsey williams 1 year ago before anyone else was using that word….this is the type of people that listen to lindsey williams…case in point.

    nothing personal spiritartman…but if you post your comment, i will use it to make my point.

  19. MARK S says:

    moneybags, enlighten YOURSELF about lindsey williams. people who've listened to him and his confident 'prognostications' are so repelled by him, they don't want to bother to make the effort to produce his previous false statments to show you. 'cooky' is the precise term for this man.

  20. Icriedtoday says:

    Hilarious. You are asking US to show you sources to prove that the man who is notorious for making statements from unnamed sourced is, in fact, making it up! LOL.