A documentary on eight of the most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Istanbul’s building boom (Turkey); the Mission to put a human on Mars; the effort to develop Lagos (Nigeria); Africa’s unprecedented clean energy opportunity; the project to probe the nearest Earth-like exoplanet; Atlanta’s stadium of the future (Georgia, United States); India’s effort to modernize its highways; and China’s unprecedented One Belt One Road, “New Silk Road” initiative.

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Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West

By Matt Stewart-Evans:
Alex Gopher:

Kevin MacLeod
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  1. Weyird says:

    0:00 Istanbul's building boom (Turkey)
    4:05 The mission to put a human on Mars (Nasa)
    8:37 The effort to develop Lagos (Nigeria)
    15:42 Africa's clean energy opportunity
    21:11 Breakthrough Starshot (First Mission to the Stars)
    25:56 Mercerdes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta (USA)
    30:00 India's Highway Super-system
    35:02 China's New Silk Road (One Belt, One Road)

  2. BIGHOOKBOB says:

    Blah blah blah and the West should pay for it because they have the money and it will benefit them.

  3. ScreamingPatriot says:

    China number 1!!!

  4. Logic Beaver says:

    I liked the projects and economical side, and I wouldn't have minded some political look onto it, but it was more politics than engineering and architecture.

  5. Tom Johnson says:

    "Blah blah blah basic international relation politics :(. Im narrow minded and cant learn pls stop talking about politics because im stupid:("

  6. Damon Barnhurst says:

    Lagos check out what skyway is doing. Cheaper efficient transportation

  7. Aaron Lester says:

    Obama was the fool my friend! I was enjoying your channel until you showed your Bias.. B-Bye

  8. Cabbot Sanders says:

    Quantum Webtron Tunneling ;^)

  9. Kes Egtkon says:


  10. Ted Bell says:

    You know, I have zero problem with pushing for more, better and higher efficiency renewable energy. But you lost me the second you used the phrase “climate change denier “. I should have known the second you started talking about rising sea levels. My bad for giving you the benefit of the doubt.

  11. Márton Juhász says:

    what do you mean by first modern spacecraft capable of carrying humans past the iss? moon landing anybody?

  12. England Is My City says:

    Thanks you china

  13. NoseDive b says:

    Clean energy!

  14. Chenyang Zhao says:

    This video is extremely pessimistic about China's One Belt, One Road. I suggest they do some research and use more reliable reference. Please abandon bias ideas. Analysis from both side. And we are all tired of judging from "human right", "free citizen", "benefit elite" all those old stereotype. Just keep open-minded and go there see what is happening in Chinese people's REAL life!

  15. DR. PHONE PERFECT says:

    Dude, in India the main problem is lack of awareness among people about traffic and when they break the rules they think they are daredevils.

  16. MojoRisin says:

    quite a well done video. liked it. thanks for it.

  17. Theo Devine says:

    wow talk about adding in your own political agenda towards a video i thought was just supposed to be informative.

  18. M O N I K A ! says:

    americans these days. always talking political nonsense

  19. Kenneth Radke says:

    A man never even landed on the moon LOL…what a deception. Coming from a Christian point of view and the truth, I know that the earth is not 65 million years old but only 6-7 thousand years old. Scientists discovered dinosaur bones with skin intact with DNA and the works. The elite are the world's masters of spreading lies to discredit God's proof of His creation…..

  20. Fepe Vegan says:

    we build stadiums they build a world