No Standing in Foreclosure, Bank Attorney Gets POUNDED!

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Banks have been dumping of REO properties in the market that have created a huge amount of inventory. This action is leading to sharp decline in housing prices. There are many amazing bargains to be taken advantage of when you buy REOs directly off the MLS.
It far easier to go directly to REO properties listed on the MLS than trying to find wholesale deals by marketing for sellers all over town. When you buying directly from the bank, it is the easiest and most efficient way to find wholesale deals.
I recently placed a classified ad on Craigslist for a low priced house that I had under contract I received phone calls from around the world along with 30 other phone calls a day for this property. This is at the same time the media is saying how bad the housing market is. The prices are so low that bargain hunters have come out of the wood work. Anyone that has cash knows that it’ the time to buy. That is why its a good time to be a wholesaler.
As a wholesaler, you submit a contract on a REO property then after the bank has accepted your offer, you can “deliver” it to the cash investor. Yes I know that cash investors look on the MLS themselves. The key is to beat them to it. If you can spot a great deal and get it under contract before they do .. you win. The cash investor is going to have to buy it from you.
Many cash investors that are buying now are landlords looking for rental properties. Landlords also want to buy properties at cheap prices. This is why there is such fierce competition to find these REO deals. The key to success is about who can submit a offer t and get it approved by the bank first. Whomever has their offer accepted first means then can then sell resell it for a profit.
There are many cash investors looking for deals that when I send out an email to my buyers list they are usually sold to in less than 48 hours. I am seeing multiple properties get bid up substantially over their list prices. At the same time, the banks are becoming smarter and realizing that it does not benefit them to dump a lots of inventory on the market. They are now starting to release their inventory slower in order to change the supply and demand ratios. This is the best time in history to get started as a real estate investor or wholesaler.
What is Required to Submit an Offer.

A Proof Of Funds Letter POF)
Cashiers Check For The Ernest Money Deposit
Purchase and Sale Contract
We will cover these 3 things now.
Proof of Funds Letter
If you have cash available, you can print out a bank statement showing that you have the cash available to purchase the house. If you do not have the cash available then you need to find someone that does have the cash. You can ask a private investor or a family member for the cash to provide you with a proof of funds letter. Another option is to get a proof of funds letter from a transactional funding company such as Best Transactional Funding
Cashiers Check For The Deposit
You will need a minimum of ,000 dollar deposit in order to submit a purchase contract on a bank owned property.
Purchase Contract
Banks do not allow you to assign contracts. This means that you cannot simply put the words “and or assigns” next to your name and use an assignment of contract form. You are going to need to purchase the property in either your name, the name of a company or in a land trust. Land trusts may or may not work depending on how the bank feels about them. They don’t want to see you making money on their property
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  1. Buck Johnson says:

    Stutter much? Not good for an attorney, particularly in an appellate court.

  2. immafreemann says:

    Attorneys are sleaze in general. You have a fiction (the Bank) allegedly speaking to the BAR card atty (ya right, that never happened) and the BAR card has no first hand knowledge of any facts relating to any case, they can only take hearsay paperwork, (they cant testify to it because they didn't personally witness the signing, etc. for any paperwork) and they argue only the law and the documents filing dates. They cannot testify to any intention of any paperwork, signing of any paperwork, etc.

    IT IS ALL FRAUD. The Bank counterfeits money (its not coinage act of 1792 gold or silver, and is only book keeping entry and they are commiting fraud doing on unlawful conversion and unjust enrichment and no court will ever discuss the truth of the $$$ changers. Jesus dies on the cross for kicking over the money changers tables, things have not changed in 2000 years.

    The issue of Standing is a jurisdictional matter and standing equals a "personal injury or loss" So how can a fiction suffer anything, everyone who believes a party that isn't real and doesn't exist is suffering from psychosis. A fiction cannot sign any contracts, have a meeting of the minds, have a mutual obligation to perform because Casper the Ghost cannot perform acts in the real world and neither can Wells Fargo or Bank of America, etc THEY CAN ONLY APPEAR AT COURT BY A MAN OR WOMAN WHO IS A BAR MEMBER, really?????? Sir when did you last talk to the plaintiff BofA????

  3. ZALBERTZ says:

    WEIDNER LAW IS #1 !!

  4. Alexis DeVille says:

    Since most banks did not have. Original mortgage. And used fake robo signers to steal hundreds of thousands of homes!

  5. Bluesky says:

    You need more volume

  6. Michael in Houston says:

    So this case was about the bank filing a frivolous action and being forced to pay attorney fees because of that frivolous action?

  7. Arizona Skywatch says:

    They did this to me also.

  8. matt 1180 says:

    i dont know much about court procedures but what i do know is that this guy sucks at being a lawyer.

  9. I Created An Account For This says:

    Judge Sleet should be called Snow because he just snowed those sob's.

  10. Bella Me says:

    So who owned the loan?

  11. J010011113 says:

    If I ever need a lawyer I hope he's not as whiny and nervous as this douchebag.

  12. meaturama says:

    Buckley V Valejo, the Hobby lobby case.

    I rest my case.

  13. meaturama says:

    Wat dus standing meen?

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    Check the details people

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  19. Stephen Gagne says:

    I shut this down only a few minutes in As I had been looking for bona- fide information. if nobody else can see that this is clearly a dubbed and edited piece – well I must be some sort of fake film savant. in the first 10 minutes alone there are 3 different people (with names in front of them) represented as being the judge in this argument. please don't take this little internet production as any sort of advice or evidence.

  20. Jason Todd says:

    take a look at the faxed forged note on my link. They have tried to bleed me dry with attorney fees.

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  29. s2772h says:

    Great information. What areas do you cover? Would like to Wholesale 3bd, 1 1/2 bth REO in Queens, NY (NYC) (next door to mother-in-law). Do you do A-B-C transactions?Thanks

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