China, Pakistan reject US objection to CPEC

Pakistan has strongly rejected US objections on China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’, in which China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a flagship project.

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  1. India is mother of terrorism in south Asia says:

    Crying US and India on Cpec :p LoL

  2. Daniel Schwartz says:

    United States has become a joke their debt and borrowing from China is staggering so it's only matter of time till United States Starts begging China to Help again Hence why China does not gives a Fuck about United States.

    And talking of India they are just known beggars from United States, US Aid to India is Highest in the World sitting at $94 Billion us dollars to date.

    And not forgetting European Funding and Humanitarian charities like Unicef and Oxfam spending $$ million of dollars in India helping Poor People, HIV/AIDS And Rape Victims.

    Rape is the most common crime against women in India.

  3. CrudeTruth 77 says:

    ohhh poor boy….cpec will rise. russia will keep mum US in the backyard of afghan…remember my golden words

  4. Billy Bob says:

    Disputed territory? You mean the USA – a country stolen from the real American through subjugation and extermination. The Brit shill maharaja puppet signed it away so that makes it final? What legitimacy? Kashmir is culturally and ethnically more Pakistani than Indian. You could mistake the majority of ethnic Kashmiris for pathans or Baluchis but not Gujarati or Tamil !

  5. Shah Fahad says:

    What about endian ocopide kashmir

  6. Arslan pak sar zameen says:

    AHAHAHA Fuck india lap dog poodle of the US. Biggest terrorist nation on earth. Free kashmir. Free khalistan. Free Nagaland and etc etc etc. Fucking piss drinkers.


    We have destroy..CPEC and OROB project..