Bank Of America Raided By Deputies To Seize Homeowners Property

A bank foreclosure story you’ve got to see to believe. A Collier County couple turns the tables on Bank of America, the bank that tried to foreclose on their home. Now, the family is foreclosing on the bank! Even bringing trucks and deputies ready to seize property.

The foreclosure nightmare started when Warren and Maureen Nyerges paid cash for a home owned by Bank of American in the Golden Gate Estates. They never had a mortgage whatsoever. But, the bank fouled it up and wound up issuing a foreclosure through their attorney.

The couple took their case to court and after a year and a half nightmare the foreclosure was dropped. A Collier County judge said Bank of America has to pay the couple’s ,534 legal fees for the error. After more than five months the bank still hadn’t paid up. So, the homeowners’ attorney did just what the bank would do to get their money, legally seize their assets.

“I instructed the deputy to go in and take desks, computers, copiers, filing cabinets, including cash in the drawers,” Attorney Todd Allen told WINK News.

Outside the Bank of America on Davis Boulevard, several deputies stood by with movers ready to start hauling out the bank’s office supplies and furniture.

Inside, the homeowners’ attorney was locked out of the bank manager’s office by deputies while the bank manger tried to figure out what to do.

Allen says the manager was visibly shaken, “Having two Sheriff’s deputies sitting across your desk, and a lawyer standing behind them, demanding whatever assets are in the bank can be intimidating. But, so is having your home foreclosed on when it wasn’t right.”

After about an hour the bank finally cut a check to satisfy the debt, and no furniture was taken. A representative for Bank of America issued a statement saying they are sorry for the delay in issuing funds. They claim the original request went to an outside attorney who is no longer in business.

As for Allen, he calls this a symptom of a larger problem he sees often in the courts, where banks don’t perform their due diligence on foreclosure cases. “As a foreclosure defense attorney this is sweet justice.”

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    Salute the lawyer

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    Fucking YouTube, shows it my feed as parted 6hrs ago. Check the description 2011… Knew I'd seen this a few times.

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    Sweet for the home owner

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    that's what I'm talking about.. JUSTICE

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    Greatest repo ever. I love it. Good for the homeowners hopefully they receive a fair amount.

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    remind me not to go there unless i have to

  8. David Ridlespriger says:

    seen a nasty bitch today that had poor customer service skills .she looked like a ex-drug smuggler that got her teeth knocked out for coming up short.

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    From the law firm, Dewey, Screwem and Howe

  10. Dwight Stewart says:

    Okay, if they had actually taken the bank's computers and filing cabinets containing the personal financial records, legal documents, and personal data of the bank's other customers, both that couple and their attorney could have been sued by those customers. If I was one of those customers, I certainly would have sued them (for a hell of a lot more than that $2500).

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    I'd like to seize her ass sets

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    Haha "Fuck You Bank of America" πŸ–•πŸ»πŸ˜‚πŸ–•πŸ»

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    Fuck these banks stupid assholes

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    So you paid in cash but you still have a mortgage what the fuck kind of bank is that

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    Fuck yes, people need to fight back the banks instead of being bullied into submission

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    I can’t believe the bank manager was ab;e to lock out the lawyer so he could figure shit out. If it was against a home owner, do you thunk the home owner would get to do the same? And he cut a cheque? At a moment like that in that location, the only payment acceptable would be cash, just like if the bank tried to do that to the home owner.

  18. Eli Frost says:

    Well alot of people work at the bank so if someone messed up you can't really blame the bank, but I guess you have their attention, but the only one smiling is the Attorney as he is the one who got paid. Yeah the family got their home back, but they already had it.

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    God. I live vicariously for such justice. Amen.

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    Fuck that bank I hate them