Interview with Jerry Day on Smartmeters and surveillance issues!

I’m here interviewing Jerry Day about smart meters and other surveillance issues!
His YouTube channel is minivan jack


  1. Todd Boyle says:

    This interview is poor journalism, because it omits essential information needed for viewers to make the appropriate judgments and decisions for themselves. You have withheld information thereby driving our decision process, foreclosing peoples' freedom of choice. The benefits of smart meters in managing electric load add up to real benefits in sustainability, and reduced waste of electrical capacity of the grid, enabling efficient use of decentralized power sources. More importantly, you're contributing to the irrational fear of surveillance and reinforcing beliefs that secrecy is good for you. The secrecy laws are the single most important pillar of unjust power and concentration of wealth, since we have NO way to know how the $Billionaires make their money, or war factions gather their political force and wield corrupt influence on national policy. We need to know ALL their communcations and their financial transactions and contracts.

    Finally, the discussion here doesn't mention the far more extensive surveillance capabilities possible in the RF spectrum… Jerry gets into it a little with the discussion of tin-foil wrapping for your house, but incorrectly suggests the shielding can effectively shield your house. Your cellphone will probably still work, it's so ineffective. The power meters are the least of our problems. Anybody who wants to surveil your property, even a local hacker, will have no difficulty doing that. FORGET THIS ISSUE, you're on the wrong side of the struggle anyway.

  2. Chris Robideaux says:

    All the news about smart meters is proving that they are one of the most invasive, pernicious ideas ever hatched. Time to put these electric and telecom companies on notice.

  3. Hugh Neek says:

    The Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was once asked what would be the ultimate fascist system. He replied "rule by corporations"
    That's what we have now.

  4. private uno says:   great solutions and people taking action.

  5. Andrew Stergiou says:

    Cabin Talk? Living Off the Grid?
    What naive shallow pseudo convo that suffices for "progressive"?
    Damn Individualists in their pretenses "Jerry Day": reminds me of the CIA.

  6. Powertizing Advertizing says:

    This guy is a total NUT JOB! … 1) THEY … he never explains who "THEY" are or why they would have interest in the things "they" are supposedly watching. All the data in the world is only good if humans determine what the data is telling them. What huge government agency has the man power to devote to watching nothing? … he never mentions this! .. 2) He NEVER talks about how the meter can tell the difference between a hair dryer and a toaster (only in his mind) people like this have no real knowledge of how RF and EMF work. and couldn't tell you the difference between a volt and an amp! 3) The man knows NOTHING about cell phone networks 2G – 3G – 4G – 5G THEY ALL USE THE SAME FREQUENCY! …The only thing that changes is data compression. The same idea as how back in the day modem speeds increased from 1200 kbps to 56K it was all done with the same phone line. Google "4G" and learn for yourself! Wikipeda has an EXCELLENT explanation …this guy things it changes the carrier signal … hes so full of misinformation its entertaining! … in a sad way!

  7. Edith Kinsey says:

    I'm about the only one on the block with one, I think they watch me but certainly the gangstalking vandalism verified by a premises security inspector has not been thwarted as gang stalking perpetrators literally methodically tear/destroy down my house.

  8. Stormy802 says:

    "The legislature in Vermont passed a bill that allows a customer to choose to not have a wireless smart meter, at no additional cost. If there is already a smart meter in place, the customer will not be charged to remove it."

  9. joan dark says:

    Typical male wants to punish the poor womyn who answers the phone…wants to get her fired?…while the real culprits slide. What a creep he is. How is she to know what the company is doing if they don't tell her. I think he's a cruel, judgmental prick!

  10. G Kuljian says:

    I want to say that this man's comments are utter nonsense, but they aren't. They are 90% nonsense. For the record I am an engineer who happens to be familiar with smart meters, as well as those who design them. I'll give one fact, which from watching Jerry's videos, I have seen not one. A smart meter uses the induction around the main service entrance wire to sense the current. It senses only what is in that wire. It cannot sense which room you are in. After trying my best to see things from your perspective, I came to one possible aspect that could be used against people with smart meters. Since smart meters only have an insignificant amount of memory, they cannot store patterns of usage. But if one wanted that, they could perform that at a remote site, with computers that store data. But that's highly improbable except maybe in cases where there were some reason to do so. Even if they did, all they could be storing is patterns of whole house usage at the service entrance. You would need one of these in every room of the house in order to pick up patterns from individual rooms.
    As for the 1Watt label, that is because these meters sent a radio frequency communication signal back through the service entrance, so that they can read meters without having to actually be at the house.
    I like much of your channel, but will not subscribe to paranoia.

  11. Buffer Zone says:

    Our hydro bills were high. So we changed all our bulbs to LED's to see if there is a difference. Hydro bill came, and holy cow, almost dropped by half. Yay.
    Then the the "Smart meter came. My bills climbed higher and higher.

  12. Hylke Westerhuis says:

    Claudia & Jerry, you're great&terrific human beings & I thus respect&applaud&thank you.

    I fully agree&concur. Moreover I'm certain&convinced, all&everything will happen far exceeding even 'our' worst&wildest fears & predic&expecta-tions.

    You&We're fighting a loosing battle&war.

    Even Trump is only a small&minor puppet&figurehead in the ongoing global 'game' being orchestrated by the unholy alliance of Judaic & Christian Zion&Supremac-ism that's subvert&damag&destroy&ravag-ing the world through&by financial&military&political&medial&judiciary&education power&might&dominance & low moral(-s/ity) & total ruthlessness.

    This&They really really scares the living shit&hell&daylights out of me & makes me loose any&all&every trust&faith&hope in past&present&future of&for me&mankind&world.

    :_[[ hYlkeW (63y NL-Misanthropist & MGTOW-Monk/Hermit in GER)

  13. allene Soracco says:

    thanks Claudia!!

  14. Phillip Dunbar says:

    that is the real problem response…i get it from my brother…father of 3 , mortgage and a nice house full of lovely gadgets, and he ceo of his own computing company and freelance software implementer for private sector……"I have nothing to hide…"…when he has always been secretive….people say one thing but mean another…problem I find with most people…I want a simple life off-grid and travelling to and from communities..working and sharing…away from the nonsense and greed of money and personal wealth….know any places Claudia?

  15. Phillip Dunbar says:

    off-grid is the only way…thank you sir, and cheers Claudia.

  16. Laurie Davies says:

    Also, I want to add to my previous comment that utility companies do not have any such arrangements with fire departments. That's just nonsense, and this is coming from someone that's had to hold with local authorities when calling to report downed power lines, pit bulls attacking meter readers, and a variety of other incidents. Electric suppliers and local authorities couldn't be more separate entities. I know this from dealing with them within the capacity of my job, and also watching all hell break loose among management when a negative report comes into the local corporation commission. No-one is snickering over the water cooler talking about how "We've sure got the masses fooled."

    So, though I follow many of your videos on geo-engineering with an open mind, I can't be open to this.. because I just know better. And I hope people won't be too frightened by the misleading information given in this video. Also, remember, people can opt out of having a smart meter though it is for a higher cost, because the company has to pay staff to read and provide technical services to that meter… it's not automated.

  17. Laurie Davies says:

    Claudia, I do love your channel, but what this guy is saying is bullshit… even if he genuinely believes it. I know. I worked in field communications for a major electricity supplier for 10 years. One of my roles was to roll out smart meter technology, and I can tell your right now that NO-ONE is monitoring the activities of customers… outside of basic usage to determine billing. There is no infrastructure set up to monitor what a customer is doing from room to room. The utility company is not the CIA or NSA with a need to get intel on whether or not someone's using their blender at 2:00 am. That's not to say there aren't very real hazards that come with smart meters.

    For instance, they remove the need for field technicians. With the push of a button power can be turned off or on, and what if there's a disconnect for non-pay out and no-one's home but the kids? A field technician would leave the power on for children or an elderly customer, or a customer on oxygen, or some other kind of life support. With smart meter technology, that's not done. That power goes off, period. There's no humanity involved, and I do foresee that creating many problems. Also, I personally know meter readers that've saved lives of people they've heard shouting for help while out on a route. Again, that's not gonna happen any longer.

    But a smart meter doesn't pose any more of a radiation risk than one's cell phone, laptop, or anything else that operates wirelessly. And I can tell you right now with 100% certainty that no-one is monitoring individual activities within the household using a smart meter. A smart meter can reduce and/or manipulate consumption as per a customer's request. But that's about it.

  18. Malka Beth Wendy G-F says:

    I'm 33 I've tried finding detailed paper maps of this new area (that I actually plan to leave as soon as possible) but I can't find them, or at least none that were updated after my parents were born! I'm hoping my next place will be better in that regard because now I need my cell phone for navigation.