2018 Volkswagen Atlas Preview | Consumer Reports

We take a look at the all-new Volkswagen Atlas at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show. The Atlas is a U.S.-built SUV that targets families, offering three rows of seating and a host of advanced safety gear. Volkswagen hopes competitive pricing will also grab the attention of North American consumers.

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  1. Your Pal says:

    I'll buy one if my grandfather ever comes back from the grave so I can show him all the great sites across America.

  2. Kenz300 x says:

    VW needs to think about the impact of the vehicles they sell gas, diesel or electric.
    VW should have spent their money developing all electric vehicles rather than wasting money on polluting diesels.
    Climate Change is real. It will impact all of us and all future generations
    Cheating on emissions testing should be prosecuted and people should go to jail.
    6 Volkswagen Executives Charged as Company Pleads Guilty in Emissions Case –

  3. John Noonan says:

    Atlas, rise!

  4. Sean Kurth says:

    So the Atlas isn't going to be replacing the Touareg, it's just going to be the reliable, mainstream, premium counterpart to the Touareg's unreliable ultraluxury bargain?

  5. Jolleyroger848 says:

    You know what should be standard having the whole car painted one color and not having the cheap looking black cladding

  6. Grant Jones says:

    no diesel engine? do real for me then

  7. Shao Yu Mai Wang says:

    Great, no Passat wagon, but we get this piece of crap.

  8. Jude Nwabueze says:

    It's a skoda kodiaq

  9. gip1279 says:

    It looks nice but I don't know if I'd choose it over the highlander or pilot.

  10. Juan Carlos G Roman says:

    huge fan of yours, but guys, please, i'm so over with hearing you say "we wish this was standard" YOU SAY IT ON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR VIDEOS!!! it's like it's become your signature line, drop it, we get it!!! facepalm*

  11. Nima Bahrehdar says:

    Why does it look so boring?!

  12. MrAviador says:


  13. Kip Paseo says:

    It looks very Asian rather than Euro-ish.

  14. talat804 says:

    is this a lower model Audi q7???

  15. erlebo says:

    The Atlas, at last.