The Bank Foreclosed On Our House

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  1. fat cat says:

    Bank of America is terrible. Should have been let to fail.

  2. Shadow Wolf says:

    Example 👉Mom died left the house to me. We moved in & payed on Equity loan for seven years. Plus all taxes & expenses. bother & sister took out equity loan on home before Mom died. Both are on home titled but not on Loan. The Estate has been closed for 7 years. Loan is current Bank wants full loan now!!! HELP PLS. we can't seem to get a loan

  3. Laser Wood Shapes says:

    30 grand in debt, making 50 grand in LA and a home you haven't paid on in a YEAR. lady, stop listening to Dave Ramsey. You are bankrupt. That is a fact, not an opinion. Go to court and get the protection the law grants you.

    Bankruptcy is like Alcoholism. Even if you don't ADMIT your an alcoholic, the way you drink MAKES you an alcoholic.
    You are bankrupt even if you don't go to court. It is a "financial state of being" not something you "declare".

  4. Noah kdkdkd says:

    Mortgages are usury, taxes are illegal. Zionists/Jews control everything. Yet, no one is smart enough to revolt against this juggernaut

  5. Pets says:

    Just claim bankruptcy chapter 11

  6. Becky Shell says:

    What kind of house sells for 60,000 in LA?The lady seems a little bit lost.

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