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Total Recall part 1 of 17

Total Recall.
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Bad Reactions to Cosmetics? Tell FDA!

From styling our hair to showering before bed, Americans love cosmetics. Most are safe, but some cause problems, and that’s when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gets involved. If you’ve…

Why the FDA Doesn’t Protect You Like it Should

Why the FDA Doesn't Protect You Like it Should

Think the FDA is there to protect you. Not so fast. In this weeks UltraWellness podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman shares the stunning results of some recent drug studies and explains why you – and your…

FDA Form 483

FDA Form 483 is the most common enforcement tool used by the US Food and Drug Administration. In this video Marc C. Sanchez, Esq. discusses the top observations from the FDA Form 483 …

Walmart, CVS + Family Dollar and Excedrin Recall

Quick summary of my trip to Walmart, CVS and Family dollar so far this week. Today was a good day! *** EXCEDRIN RECALL INFO*** http://www.youtu…
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New Toys Section Devoted To Recall Information managing editor Ryan Welton talks about a new toys section on our Web site devoted not only to toy recall information but also to resources you can use this holiday season. The FDA announces a nationwide voluntary recall of all products for sterile use from Specialty…
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Coumadin recall

The FDA has announced a recall for certain packages of the blood thinner “coumadin.”
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Chemical Massacre

(NaturalNews) According to U.S. government statistics, you are 6200% more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a homicidal shooter. This is the topic of our new video that’s just been…

Myth: Dietary supplements are not regulated

For more information, visit Are dietary supplements really safe? Are they regulated? People commonly believe that because dietary supplements are not subject…
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War On Drugs In Mexico To Change After Election?

War On Drugs In Mexico To Change After Election?

“The top three contenders for Mexico’s presidency have all promised a major shift in the country’s drug war strategy, placing a higher priority on reducing the violence in Mexico than on using…
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Government Shutdown: FDA Not Inspecting Food

Tony Corbo explains why the government shutdown threatens public health. See more videos:
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Zoloft Recall

Women please read this important article regarding the Zoloft Recall …