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Stop Smart Meter Rally in Vancouver

A number of citizens and organizations – including the BC Public Interest Advocacy Centre and the Clean Energy Foundation – gathered recently in Vancouver at the headquarters of BC Hydro to…

Smart Meters not so Smart Part 01 – Why Am I an Expert?

What expertise do I bring to the discussion? Since I could not attend the meeting regarding Smart Meetings, I decided to put together my thoughts about Smart Meters to be played at the meeting…

Radiation (RF EMF/EMR) from an iPhone (Smart phone) in different modes

In this clip we will see that iphone emits Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiaiton (EMF/EMR) in various modes, even when not in use, even when idle! Using a Smart phone you can stay…

‘Smart Meters’ – the New Silent Killer

SmartGrid: Technology For “Big Brother” But despite glowing promises of energy savings and lower rates, the project from the outset has faced opposition from a public that does not want a…
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City Councillors try to understand SMART Water Meter refusal

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, as part of outstanding Agenda 21 New World Order compliance the City of Toronto is undertaking a major ‘modernization’ of the water program having everyone’s old water…
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Smart Meter Nausea

Smart Meter Nausea

Chiropractor Dr. Bruce Holmes of Burbank California measures “Smart Meter” RF Radiation with Tony Passarella of
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The British Gas smart energy monitor works alongside your Smart Meters to show how much gas and electricity you’re using. Click here to Subscribe! Find out more about…

Lights Off! The Darkness of the Smart Meters

By Alberto Garcia Illera and Javier Vazquez Vidal “We all know that connected devices are uprising, and this enables more overall control over them. But what happens when that control is used…
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Smart Meter radiation shown on HF35C analysis instrument in Nanaimo BC

Smart Meter radiation shown on HF35C analysis instrument in Nanaimo BC

Smart Meter Video:This clearly shows that the smart meters give off more radiation than what BC Hydro says in their promotional material. In their letter to me, and I quote “It would take…
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Smart Meters are Dumb

Smart Meters are Dumb TFHL rants on the bad side of DUMB Smart Meters.
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