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Personal Stories

Fire starts in man’s home just after ‘smart’ meter installation.

Animals and Nature

Smart Meter Nightmare #3: EastCounty Woman and Pet Sick.

What you can learn from bees.

Dogs and ‘smart’ meters.

Cellphone Towers EMR Damaging Biological Systems of Birds, Insects, Humans

CellTowers and Birds: Study

Testing and Shielding

One scientist’s simple proposal for testing ‘smart’ meter accuracy:

“How to Shield Your Smart Meter” The basic concept, on a website that also sells materials.

A page with shielding information,

“Smart Meter Shield” a patent device (pricey).


EMF Safety Network’s page for ‘smart’ meter health complaints.

Smart Meter Help, an independent confidential database of complaints related to ‘smart’ meter installations. [coming]

Texas article on ‘smart’ meter problems.

CPUC complaint site:

Utility and Industry Links

CCST Report, April 2011.

Pacific Gas and Electric
San Diego Gas and Electric
Southern California Edison

Green Tech Media, inside the industry.

Silver Springs Network
Smart Meter Manufacturers Association


“How to Construct a Freeway Banner.”

Where to buy an analog meter

Read this SSM! post:

Texas Meter and Device.

Used Electric Meters, auction sales.

Political, Legal, Major News Outlets

Letter to Obama from EMR Policy Institute.

National Law Review on the risks of RF:

Wall Street Journal,  Sept 2010:
and Apr 2009:

NY Times, Jan 2011. AND

EastBay Express, July 2010.

County of Lake’s challenge to PG&E’s installations.

ABC7 in San Francisco: New Wireless Water Meters: AND Opt-Out Workshop:

Society of Environmental Journalists takes on ‘smart’ meter health issue:




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