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Latest Android Tracking You News

Follow the traces of your enemies
Android Tracking you
Image by Daniel Kulinski

Latest Android Tracking You News

Screenshot of my Samsung Galaxy GT-i9000 Phone running Google’s Android OS
Android Tracking you
Image by DanieVDM

Mobilile Usability – Eye Tracking an Android mobile phone with a Tobii eye tracker

Mobilile Usability – Testing eye tracking on an Android phone as part of a white paper, soon to be released by Tobii, about mobile device testing using eye tracking.
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Mountain Bike Android: Wie aktiviert man Live Tracking

Mountain Bike Android How To Video http://www.runtastic.com/apps/android/mountainbike/pro.
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smart start gps tracking android iphone or mostsmart phones that can control your alarm

remotely starting your vehicle and locking and you locking your doors similar to on-star.

Hand (Blob) Tracking on Odroid-X + Android 4.0.4 + OpenNI + OpenCV + PCL + OpenGL ES 2.0

Here I demonstrate the blob tracking algorithm (basically a reversed engineered version of the OPENNI hand tracker) that runs on the Android 4.0.4 + Odroid-X. The tracker is running at 15fps…

Cinema 4d – Android – Motion tracking.

I used inbuilt motion traclking. Global ilumination, Sky, Physical Sky, Ambient occlusion.
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TUTORIAL Descargar e Instalar Emulador de Game Boy Advance para Android

TUTORIAL Descargar e Instalar Emulador de Game Boy Advance para Android

Juega tus juegos favoritos de GBA con este emulador para smartphones y tablets Android. NO DISPONIBLE EN GOOGLE PLAY Descargalo aqui: http://www.mediafire.com/?csr4b8nvypwt102 Si …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Have a look at the blog post over here : http://unleashthephones.com/2014/07/04/micromax-a106-unite-2-unboxing-video/ Subscribe for the latest updates, video reviews, unboxings, hands-ons…

android based color tracking ROBOT!!

android based color tracking robot..based on aurduino mega adk board interfaced with android phone via usb communication…:) gaurav.pohuja@yahoo.co.in.

Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to an Android Phone (Droid X, 2, Pro, Evo, Incredible, Fascinate, G2)

Thought it would be helpful to some if I made a video explaining how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to your Android phone. Like me on Facebook: …

Android GPSRecon Tracking – FREE Smart Phone APP

Android GPSRecon Tracking - FREE Smart Phone APP

Android GPS Phone Tracking – GPS RECON Keep track of your family and friends with GPS RECON. You can monitor their activity from your android phone, android tablet, or your home Computer….