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4K Review: 2018 Audi Q5 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

4K Review: 2018 Audi Q5 Quick Drive | Consumer Reports

The redesigned Audi Q5 looks similar to its predecessor but it’s more refined and high-tech. But some drivers might expect a sportier ride from an Audi. 

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2018 Audi Q5 Preview | Consumer Reports

Audi showed its redesigned Q5 for 2018 at the Detroit Auto Show. The Q5 features increased performance and a growing list of advanced safety features.

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Latest Audi Recall News

Audi A1 Legends Competition Kit
Audi Recall
Image by FotoSleuth
The Legends Competition Kit is an optional extra on the A1 which recalls the 1980s quattro rally cars.

Latest Audi Recall News

Image from page 35 of “Birds and nature” (1900)
Audi Recall
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: birdsnature51907chic
Title: Birds and nature
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Subjects: Birds Natural history
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : A.W. Mumford, Publisher
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
g what damage theyhave sustained, for, of course, in spiteof the care of shipping, they are notas perfect as before they were caught,and there is a great deal of delicatework on them before they are readyfor exhibition or sale. Mounted, a drawer full of butter-flies is more beautiful than a collectionof precious gems, for, although manyof our native butterflies are exceed-ingly beautiful, they are not to becompared with the average of thosefrom India, China, and South America.In these dead, heavy black alternateswith brilliant crimson, yellow, andgold, livid greens and blues, and deep,rich garnet and purple, sometimes inbroad bands and blotches of glowingcolor, and in others in wonderfullydelicate and intricate traceries andpatterns. The texture of the wings isalso infinitely more beautiful than any-thing we have here, some of themhaving a heavy rich gloss that exceedsthat on the finest fabric that humanskill can produce, while others havethe deep changing lustre of gems orliquids. 24

Text Appearing After Image:
THE WHIPPOORWILL WHAT farm boy has not heard thisbirdless voice echoing from theghostly shades of the thicketclose at hand, or scarcely audi-able in the distance? Perhaps you haveheard it as you have passed betweenthe wood and the hill over there, com-ing clear from the wood but re-echoingfrom the hill only the shrill last sylla-ble. Farther away on the distant hill-top you may have taken this last sylla-ble for the piping of the salamander.The whippoorwill song belongs withthe early May moonlit balmy nights, be-fore the blossoms have lost their best per-fume and before farm work ^as becomea mere drudgery. It vividly recalls the merry Maybasket-ing frolics,, apparently so necessary toexistence on the farm; the fresh green,fields and woodland blossoms; the plant-ing season with all its hidden promises.There is, in the warble of the bluebird,glad promise of returning spring; andin the animated whistle of the phoebereiteration of the earlier promise; butthe whippoorwill tells of that del

Note About Images
Please note that these images are extracted from scanned page images that may have been digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and appearance of these illustrations may not perfectly resemble the original work.

Latest Audi Recall News

2015 Fiat 500X Cross Plus: Australia’s Auto Sales – Full Year Results – 2015:
Audi Recall
Image by TuRbO_J
Australia’s Top 40 Selling Brands for 2015:

1. Toyota – 206,236 – Up 1.3%
2. Mazda – 114,024 – Up 13.2%
3. GM – Holden – 102,951 – Down 3.0%
4. Hyundai – 102,004 – Up 2.0%
5. Mitsubishi – 71,743 – Up 4.5%
6. Ford – 70,454 – Down 11.6%
7. Nissan – 66,062 – Up 0.1%
8. Volkswagen – 60,225 – Up 9.9%
9. Subaru – 43,600 – Up 7.6%
10. Honda – 40,100 – Up 21.5%

11. Mercedes – 36,374 – Up 14.0%
12. Kia – 33,736 – Up 20.5%
13. BMW – 25,022 – Up 10.1%
14. Jeep – 24,418 – Down 19.7%
15. Audi – 23,088 – Up 20.1%
16. Isuzu – 20,984 – Up 25.8%
17. Suzuki – 19,086 – Up 9.6%
18. Land Rover – 11,885 – Up 17.6%
19. Renault – 11,525 – Up 15.1%
20. Lexus – 8,691 – Up 24.2%

21. Fiat – 5,475 – Down 31.5%
22. Volvo – 4,943 – Up 5.3%
23. Skoda – 4,750 – Up 23.3%
24. Porsche – 4,090 – Up 45.4%
25. Peugeot – 4,000 – Down 9.0%
26. Mini – 3,342 – Up 30.0%
27. Alfa Romeo – 1,577 – Down 36.7%
28. Jaguar – 1,292 – Up 10.7%
29. Tesla (e) – 1,250 New
30. Dodge – 1,184 – Down 23.0%

31. Citroen – 1,106 – Down 15.0%
32. Foton – 1,065 – Up 98.0%
33. SsangYong – 1,000 – Down 22.0%
34. Chrysler – 925 – Down 44.0%
35. LDV – 767 – Up 258.0%
36. Infiniti – 574 – Up 30.0%
37. Maserati – 519 – Up 29.0%
38. Proton – 421 – Down 48.0%
39. Chery – 201 – Down 66.0%
40. Ferrari – 167 – Up 40.0%

Total New Vehicle Market – 1,155,408 Units – Up 3.8% on 2014 tally. 2015 is also a new record year.

Previous best year was in 2013 when 1,136,227 Units were sold.

SUV sales now account for 35.0% of the Australian market, while Passenger Car sales account for 44.0%. Many predict with the continuing growth of SUV’s, sales of SUV’s will overtake traditional Passenger Car sales by 2020.

If you take a closer look at the results, you’ll also see a pattern. Every FCA brand, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, took big hits. Chrysler and Dodge sell one model each, the Chrysler 300 sedan and the Dodge Journey SUV. Fiat and Jeep have been hit with constant recalls and bad servicing reports, which has lead to sales drop, plus pricing has crept up to the point that vehicles like the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X are considered overpriced. Fiat also deleted the Panda and Punto from it’s Australian lineup in 2015.

Also another pattern, what ‘dieselgate’?? It seems it hasn’t effected sales of VAG vehicles in Australia, with Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda, all increasing their sales and all recording record sales! SEAT is the only one missing, but they could be making a return in 2017 if you believe the reports, I have my fingers crossed ……

And another pattern, Chinese brands are all but fading into the sunset in Australia, with only LDV and Foton seeing in action. Great Wall has all but disappeared in Australia, selling only 147 Units and down 95.0% and Chery too is on it’s way out. It’s hard to imagine Great Wall sold 11,000 vehicles in Australia just 3 years ago!!

And yet another pattern, Sime Darby is responsible for the importation of SsangYong, Peugeot and Citroen into Australia and look and behold, they too took big hits when compared to their 2014 sales results. Sime Darby is a Malaysian owned automotive company that has made a mess of these three brands. Citroen is priced higher than Peugeot, yet in Europe and other world markets, it’s the other way round, while starving the Citroen brand of new models. The C4 Catus will only reach Australia in March 2015!! New Zealand has had it since the middle of 2014, I believe.

One more pattern, the down fall of both GM-Holden and Ford in Australia, is a sad sight! Both recorded lower sales results and in Ford’s case, not seen since 1967!!

Out of the Top 10, only Mazda, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Subaru saw record sales, while in the Top 20, Jeep and Suzuki were the only ones not to score record sales.

And a special mention to a brand that I am fond of and that’s Renault. It’s hard to believe that in 2010, the brand only moved 1,778 units in Australia. 5 years later in 2015, they’ve sold 11,525 units! That’s quite a turnaround for the car maker. A pity the same couldn’t be said for Peugeot and Citroen.

This week's recalls: Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen

This week's recalls: Acura, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Honda, Mazda and Volkswagen
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. (Volkswagen) is recalling certain model year 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles manufactured January 15, 2015, to January 21, 2015, and 2015 Audi Q5 vehicles manufactured January 13, 2015, to February 3, 2015.
Read more on ABC NEWS 4

Volkswagen India recalls 3877 Vento diesel cars
In December, Mumbai-headquartered Volkswagen Group India said that approximately 323,700 cars of Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi in India are equipped with the EA 189 family of diesel engines. Globally, cars powered by these engines have the so-called …
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Latest Audi Recall News

VW emissions scandal: Volkswagen Group begins sending recall letters to UK drivers
Volkswagen and its group of car brands, including Audi, Seat and Skoda, has begun sending letters to drivers of vehicles caught up in the emissions cheating scandal. The letter, sent to owners of VW Group-produced cars all over the UK, says their …
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VW forced to recall all 3.0L diesel cars and SUVs in California
The recall order covers all 3.0L diesel V6 engines that are using what CARB calls "illegal emission software" and covers vehicles ranging from 2009 to 2015 models. Porsche has issued a statement that says it is waiting to hear from engine supplier Audi …
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Audi Volkswagen to recall 120000 cars in Korea

Audi Volkswagen to recall 120000 cars in Korea
Volkswagen and its premium brand Audi will recall more than 120,000 diesel-engine vehicles sold in Korea, following the emissions-cheating scandal, the companies said Thursday. If confirmed by the government, this would be the largest recall ever by an …
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Dieselgate: VW rolls out first of Australian fixes
The diesel emissions recall affects more than 20 old and existing models from Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda, with each requiring a slightly different software change due to different tunes; some models may require two or more tunes due to updates …
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RECALL MOBIL Audi Recall Puluhan Ribu Unit A6 dan A7

RECALL MOBIL Audi Recall Puluhan Ribu Unit A6 dan A7
Solopos.com, INGSOLSTADT — Pabrikan mobil mewah asal Jerman, Audi, merilis perintah recall (penarikan kembali) untuk model A6 dan A7 karena terindikasi rusak pada komponen airbag. Penarikan berlaku untuk model 2012 dan 2013. Dilaporkan …
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Lieff Cabraser Announces Filing of Nationwide VW Recall Class Action Lawsuits
SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–"Truth in Engineering" is Audi's official slogan. Sadly, the Audi A3 and multiple Volkswagen cars with diesel engines were allegedly engineered to deceive. This is one of the allegations in separate class action …
Read more on Business Wire (press release)

Nissan Leaf Driven, Mazda Concept, Audi R8 Spider, Mercedes E-Class, Porsche by Sky Motoring

Nissan Leaf Driven, Mazda Concept, Audi R8 Spider, Mercedes E-Class, Porsche by Sky Motoring

Nissan Leaf driven, Mercedes E-class, Mazda concept, Audi R8 Spider by Sky Motoring.

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