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Biggest Recall in History, Honda Goes Back to Basics, Volvo Has Your Back – Autoline Daily 1624

0:33 Takata is the Biggest Recall in History
2:06 Honda Goes Back to Basics
3:32 Blood, Sweat & Beers
4:40 Volvo Safety Has Your Back
5:30 XC90 Hybrid Comes with Level II Charger
6:48 NAFTA Car Sales Could Hit 20 Million
7:22 The Next Big Name

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Honda Motor Co expects to recall more than 1 million more vehicles with potentially defective air bags, expanding a massive, multi-company air bag recall, according to a person with knowledge of the matter. The recall involves faulty air bag inflators supplied by Takata Corp and would follow a similar move this week by Toyota Motor Corp. The Honda recall should be announced by the end of June. The number of vehicles it could recall is likely to exceed the 1.135 million vehicles Honda called back globally last year.

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How to Get Your Ex Back – Start by Taking Stock of the Past

Did you just experience a break up? Are you wondering how to go get you ex back into your life? Almost nearly everyone has at some point experienced some kind of a break up and later regretted it. But does that break up simply mean that you cannot get back together with your ex?

The fact is, 80 percent of the time there is no reason why you cannot get an ex back after a break up… that is providing that you know what steps are necessary to win your ex back.

The first step in learning how to get an ex back is to take stock of the past.  In other words take some time to determine what exactly caused the break up. Even though you can’t go back and you can’t change what happened, you can learn from the past mistakes.  So take some time to reflect on the factors that led to the break up or your relationship.  Was there a single event or was it some behavior pattern that led to the break up?  Is there anything you want to change or do differently going forward?  Remember you can’t change your past behaviors but you can change how you will act in the future.

The next step in the process is to go slow.  Don’t immediately jump in and zealously start pursing your ex.  You might come off as a needy person. Instead, focus your energy on improving yourself and staying busy.  Go out with friends, take a class, go a concert, anything to stay busy and keep you out there and being social.  You want your ex see how well you are doing.  Seeing you doing well will be so much more attractive to your ex than if you are aggressively pursuing him or her and just coming across as needy.

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How to Get Your Ex Back – Take it Easy

If you want to successfully reunite with your lost lover, you should take a slow, easy approach and you will get your ex back. After you’ve successfully gone through the pain of the breakup period (crying, denial, reinventing yourself, no contact, etc.) it is time to suddenly reappear in their lives and introduce them to the new you. Here are some ways to get your ex back and show them exactly what they’ve been missing.

First things first, you want to ease your ex back into your life; not jam the new you down their throat. You don’t want to come off as conceited or vain, however you do want to show them that you have reinvented yourself into something that they want to be a part of.

To get your ex back into your life and to show them that you have changed (for the better) then gradually begin to show the new sides of you. For example if your ex invites you to a football game, tell them that you believe you have concert tickets for the band that they never thought you’d like for the same night. Or if they tell you they are willing to catch a chick flick with you tell them that it’s ok, you actually enjoy seeing action comedies now.

Trying to get your ex back is sometimes hard and so is reinventing yourself. I know that it may seem easy to just train yourself to like the things they like but people don’t like to date clones of themselves so use this one with caution. Make sure you actually DO like the things you claim you do.

This next step is especially useful during the summer months. This step is to show off your new body!! Hopefully during the breakup period you have renewed that gym membership ad got your endorphins pumping as well as your muscles toned. All and all, looking great makes you feel great. If you feel great, you can confidently pursue getting your ex back. So if its during the summer months (or you live in Florida), make the next one on one meeting a “beach date” and show off your hot new body. What better way to get your ex back then making them drool?

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

Simple Steps to Take to Get Your Ex Back

There is a song titled, “Breaking Up is Hard to Do” for good reason. This song is just one of millions dedicated to the heartbreak associated with pining away for your ex and wishing you had them back. The reason is because breaking up leaves us feeling lonely, unwanted, powerless, and sad. In situation like this you want to get your ex back in your life. It is the same for the most of us. Especially if you are the one who was let go in the relationship. But how can you get past that hurt and win your lover back? Read on for some simple steps you can take to get your ex back.

Step #1: Avoid Contact

Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do after a breakup is to avoid contact with your ex at all costs. Not only does it make them miss you, it also gives you some personal time to heal. If you stay in constant contact with an ex all it does is keep it fresh in your mind that they do not want to be with you. This only prolongs your feelings of hurt and loneliness. By giving yourself some “me” time you allow yourself to grieve the relationship without dragging your ex through all of your pain. Another positive aspect of having no contact is that it causes your ex to miss you. Ever heard of the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? The reason why distance plays such a large role in getting your ex back is because when you separate yourself from an ex, you automatically out the ball back in your court. They will want to know what you are doing and with whom? They will also be forced to ask themselves why they left you if all the can do is think about you.

Step #2: Keep Busy

During the breakup period, prolonged periods of down-time will only allow you to wallow in your misery. Don’t beat yourself up like that. Instead, enroll your best friends into becoming your new adventure mates and plan activities all week long to keep you and your buddies busy and entertained. A huge bonus to doing this is that not only are you allowing yourself to have fun when you need it the most but you are also re-kindling friendships that may have suffered during your relationship with your ex.

Step #3: Be Happy

Sound impossible right? Seriously though.. if you think happy and remain optimistic, only good things can happen to you. If you are always down and seeing the glass as half-empty, all you are is doing in drawing negative energy to yourself. At this point, negative energy is the last thing you need in your life. Keep yourself surrounded by positive people and do things that make you happy. By this point your ex may try to reach out to you whether it be through text, email, or phone call. One of the most important things to remember when this happens is to ALWAYS sound happy to them. Keep the conversation short and sweet and always on a positive note.

If you follow these simple steps, your chances of getting your ex back will increase dramatically. It will be much more likely that you will get your ex back.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

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Get Your Ex Back by Taking Care of Yourself First

If you have just been dumped by either your boyfriend or girlfriend, the first thing you instinctively want to do is get your ex back. When you’re in the position, the pain of losing someone and being left in the cold can sometimes seem unbearable. If there are loose ends when a relationship comes to a close it strengthens our desire to get back together with our ex exponentially. Because of the pain associated with a breakup, we sometimes develop blinders on how to react to this situation in order to successfully get your ex back. The only true way to get your ex back is by working on yourself first. Read on further as I explain how working on yourself first is the fastest way to getting your ex back.

When you take the time to reevaluate yourself and your priorities during the breakup period, it forces you to focus your energy on yourself and away from the pain of being without your ex. One of the hardest thins to do during a break up is trying to remain occupied mentally and physically. By dedicating this time to reintroduce yourself to the real “you”, you will certainly keep yourself busy on both aspects. If you want to get your ex back, you have to really be OK with yourself first and know exactly what it is you want in a relationship. The only way to know these things is by reevaluating yourself.

There are also more obvious ways of working on yourself in order to get your ex back. These include: going to the gym, taking up a new hobby, making new friends, and concentrating your energy at work.

Renewing your gym membership is a no-brainer when it comes tot he “get your ex back” plan. Your ex needs to know what he or she is missing; and what better way to show them then by showing off your hot new body?

Taking up a new hobby is absolutely necessary in the “get your ex back” plan as well. Taking up new hobbies, trying new things, and making new friends becomes a “trial and error” procedure to help you realize what you like, who like to be around, and how you can make “you” happy. All of these things are like reinventing yourself. As you do this, your ex will take notice… and when your ex notices what they’re missing, you surely will get your ex back in no time.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

Getting Your Ex Back Takes Time – Prepare Yourself to Be Patient

Getting your ex back takes time as well as patience. You must keep a level head because chances are if you do not remain calm, you will more than likely make a mistake which will cost you dearly in getting your ex back. If you are not the one who ended the relationship, you will need to give your ex time. But if you are patient, you will get your ex back. Of course, there are other things you must also do to accomplish it.

You must realize the breakup happened for a reason

You must understand that there are reasons your ex ended the relationship and they are not going to date you again until there are some changes instituted within your life or maybe even their life. Your ex will need to miss you and your ex will not miss you if you are consistently around all the time. Getting your ex back will require that you do not contact them for a while.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Relationships are very much complicated but the breakup between you and your ex does not have to be as such. You need to simplify the situation. This means that you need to cease contacting your ex, which will enable your ex to miss you. Ceasing contact with your ex will also enable you to clear your head. You need to distance yourself from the pain associated with the failed relationship. Time does indeed heal all wounds and this includes the failed relationship. Getting your ex back will depend on how you handle this situation in its entirety.

Do not stay in touch with your ex right away

Many people make the mistake of wanting to stay in touch after a failed relationship. This is not good for you as the person who was dumped. Keep in mind that when someone ends a relationship, more than likely they do not want to stay in touch right away therefore, do not push staying in touch with your ex.

“Let’s be friends” is not a good idea

The “let’s be friends” idea is very noble however; let us face reality that more times to none when men state such a phrase, they unlike women do not truly mean it. When men state this “let’s be friends” phrase, they are more than likely wanting to hang onto you in case they cannot find what they are truly searching for and with still being friends with you, this phrase allows them to use you for the “fall back” person.

Getting your ex back should not entail having to lose your self-respect or being used. Please keep this information in mind when a man utilizes this phrase with you. Being friends with your ex will not be helpful in getting your ex back.

Do not burn up the phone lines with your ex

Do not consistently call your ex, in fact; do not contact your ex at all. Do not email your ex, do not text message your ex. Stay away from your ex as long as you can. If you completely stay away from your ex they will eventually contact you, even if only to say hello and be friendly, this is a great first step in getting your ex back.

Remain hopeful but realistic

Keep in mind that just because your ex contacts you this does not mean they want you back. Where this is not a sure fire way of knowing your ex wants you back, it’s a good sign that your ex was thinking about you otherwise, they would not have called.

The following information should be helpful in getting your ex back but do understand that nothing is fail proof. Sometimes relationships end for reasons unbeknownst and sometimes it is best to walk away. In stating this, it’s ok to miss your ex or want your ex back however, just play it cool and if it’s meant to be, he or she will come back and both of you can work on the future you wanted together in the first place.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – 6 Steps You Need to Take

You may decide to break up the relation because thee is no interest any more. You may be bore with him due to lack of passion in your relation. Once you moved out of the boring relation, you will have a relieving sense of freedom.

However, initially you will feel good after some day you might feel uncomfortable. This is the time you need to do deep introspection whether you still love him.

What you should know to win back your ex boyfriend with you?

If you are interested to get your ex boyfriend back, control your emotion first. Once you decided to move out from your relation for whatever reason, this is not the time to shows urgency in your behavior and sounds like a needy,

6 tips on how to get your ex boyfriend back

1. Relax yourself and hang out with your own friends. Relaxation will help you to regain your composure and make yourself more confident. You need to find out the root cause of the break up.

2. You need to learn to forgive your boyfriend’s wrong doings. If you cannot do that, you should not go forward to win your ex back.

3. Ask yourself whether your too possessiveness is responsible for the split. This is surely a problem and you need to get out of this bad habit.

4. Find out how you used to behave when you two first met and started dating. Work on those of your special qualities to make yourself more attractive. Rediscover yourself and become that charming woman he fell in love with at the start.

5. Visit those places and restaurants where you used to go together. Send him a small mail stating that you remembered those fond romantic moments, which you both shared once. This is very important step to get your ex boyfriend back.

6. If you notice that your boyfriend already started dating, do not get depressed. He might want to make you jealous to win back you. Wait for 3/4 of weeks before you make any contact with him. It is better he should contact you first in this case.

Do not overdo anything. Avoid any thought of vengeance; cursing because these things will only complicates the problem more.

You only need to communicate to him that you do miss him. It’s all about your plan and confidence. You should work on your complete strategy before you start to get your ex boyfriend back.

Riti is a dating and relationship expert. You can find her valuable suggestions on How To Get Exboyfriend Back at her blog. Just follow her posts on magic on making up, and learn how to apply for your benefits.

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The First Steps to Take to Win Your Love Back

Have you been wondering how to win your love back? It’s a common situation which most of us find ourselves in at some point in our lives; a relationship has ended, but you’re still in love with your ex.

The first part of your efforts to win your love back is to take a step back, cool off and pull yourself together. Trying to win back your ex immediately after the breakup is not a good idea. The wounds are still too fresh; you need to take a little time for yourself and get yourself together before you proceed.

You should remember to put yourself first. Stay away from your ex; don’t make any kind of contact with them, no matter how much you want to. Your ex has probably already asked you to leave them alone and getting in touch will make them angry as well as put you into a even more vulnerable position than you already are.

When you keep contacting your ex, you are making yourself look needy; and this can sink your chances to win your love back. If you want to have a shot at getting back together, then stay away for now.

What you should be doing at this point is working on your own life. Don’t let yourself sink into depression and spend all of your time alone. There’s a lot of hours which you’ll need to fill, but you shouldn’t spend them mooning over your ex. This really isn’t healthy – you’re better off trying to care for yourself right now.

Spend some time with friends and family and even if you feel like hiding at home right now, make yourself get out, meet people and take part in activities that can take your mind off of things. You may not be feeling so much like having fun, but you need to improve your state of mind if you want to be able to win your love back.

You’ll want to start thinking over how things went wrong with the relationship as you recover from the worst of the initial shock. Think carefully about whether it was something you did which precipitated or contributed to the end of the relationship.

It’s tempting to place all the blame for the breakup on your ex, but most likely both of you played a role in sending the relationship off the tracks. While you’re on your own and working to get yourself together, think carefully about the situation and assess the blame where blame is due; you need to be honest with yourself and accept the blame for the things which you did to cause the breakup.

If there’s something you did which caused the end of the relationship, then you need to not only accept responsibility for your actions but decide how you can change your behavior to avoid repeating your mistakes.

These are the first steps you’ll need to take in trying to win your love back. Some of them may be difficult for you and even the opposite of what you would like to do, but if you want a chance at rekindling the relationship, you need to use these techniques.

Recover the Romance you had when your love was new. Impossible? Not once you learn the magic of Pattern Breaking Up.

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Getting Your Ex Back – Taking the First Step Towards Reconciliation

Take Back Your Power
by mahjqa

You want to get your ex back, right? Well, one of the most important steps in learning how to get your ex back is finding out why exactly the break-up occurred. Of course, you can’t go back into the past to change the reason why your ex left you but you can learn from your mistakes. You can learn and try to grow from it. This is the step one.

Unfortunately, the majority of rejected lovers fail to take this important step and usually end up paying the price of it even if they manage to get a second chance. They just want to get back with their ex lovers. The sooner is the better. They always tend to ignore fixing underlying problems within the relationship first. Hoping for the best is usually not enough and statistically 92% of these reunited, unmarried couples end up going separated ways within six months again.

There are many reasons which may lead to a break-up. It may be just one specific event or it may be a pattern of behavior. You have to learn what it was that your ex did not want to deal with anymore. You have to find out the specifics so you can deal with the situation in a constructive way if it ever occurs again.

Are you struggling to understand the reasons behind why your now ex boyfriend or girlfriend left you? Are you suffering from depression because you knew this was the right guy or gal for you? Well you need to read to learn exactly why she or he left.

Sit down and get out a piece of paper. Write down what went wrong in relationship with your ex. Try to think about all situations in which you questioned your own behavior. It will help you to get to the source of the problem. Only if you discover what it was, you will be able to eliminate it.

You want to get your ex back and this time you would like the relationship to last, right? Getting back with your ex isn’t as hard as you think if you know what you are doing. You have to correct the mistakes which led to the break-up and by changing your behaviour you have to show your ex that she/he is better off with you. If you decide to ignore the problems which existed in your relationship before the separation, you will never be able to successfully get back with your ex. You may get a second chance… but it will never last.

But your situation isn’t as hopeless as it may appear. You can learn a cutting edge approach to successful reuniting with your lost lover or spouse. These methods have been used by many with an extraordinary degree of success. Please visit my site at http://www.LonelinessToHappiness.com/ to find out how you can get your ex back in your life again and make her/him fall in love with you again.

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Take Care Of Your Back With Ergonomic Office Furnitures

Official work has been defined in a new way over the past century. In the present scenario, several days are spent sitting in a chair, at a desk, staring at a computer screen inside a cubicle. The set up is slightly depressing and injuries from repeating the same muscle movements over and over are becoming frequent. The Office Furnitures in organizations can help turn the situation and help the employees to work harder.
Ergonomics became a buzz word in the last decade, but can be traced back as far as the  Ancient Greece civilization. The health of a worker in accordance  to the equipment is the essential definition of ergonomics and is necessary to prevent the injuries often seen in computer workers with time, and which can lead to long-term disability.

Determining the needs of a worker ergonomically means looking at the equipment, precisely size, position, etc and its interaction with the employee. Work stress and health is a serious issue and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration has come up with four suggestions to prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

Many people complain of back problems and although standing at work would help in easing back pressure, that is not a feasible option  for many and as such the bulk of a person’s body weight is brought down onto the seat as well as the backrest, armrest, and floor. An ideal chair is one that redistributes body weight and ease pain on the back by taking pressure away from spinal discs.

Backwards inclines along with lumbar support can relieve some back problems as can kneeling chairs. While these chairs give an appearance of putting pressure exclusively on a person’s knees that is not the truth. The angle of the body is lowered, but pressure is distributed evenly and taken on by the chair. These chair can be purchased from any store that deals in office furniture,  be it on the world wide net  or retail outlets.

Keyboards can come in a number of character spacing that reduces the stress on a person’s wrist. Again, these types of keyboards can be purchased readily where computer accessories are sold. Computer monitors should be such so that it can be lifted and moved so that the angle of contact with a worker’s eye causes the least amount of strain, especially when coupled with a screen to diminish glare.

Having a hedesk with adjustable ight is also beneficial to a person’s posture as well as helping decrease back pain. If you can raise a desk so that it can stand for a few hours a day, the benefits to their health will be doubled.

Sophia is one of the many writers who creates interesting and thought-provoking content on all ranges of furniture. She is a complete source for any piece of information regarding furniture. Get the latest updates on Office Furniture, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Reception Counter, Meeting Tables etc.