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Earnings Report: Goldman Sachs Blows Out Estimates, Earning $3.3 Billion Amid SEC’s Fraud Case

Earnings Report: Goldman Sachs Blows Out Estimates, Earning .3 Billion Amid SEC's Fraud Case

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) reported fiscal Q1 earnings of .3 billion with its trading business again outperforming the rest of the financial industry. The better-than-anticipated earnings comes as a welcomed relief as the investment bank struggles to maintain its respected name in the wake of an SEC fraud case.

Goldman reported its quarterly EPS came in at .59, blowing past consensus estimates of .01.

Revenues in the quarter surged 35.5% year-over-year to .78 billion, vs. consensus estimates of .2 billion.

The company said it set aside 43% of revenue in order to pay expenses from employee salaries and bonuses, down from 50% for the same period last year.

“In light of recent events involving the firm, we appreciate the support of our clients and shareholders, and the dedication and commitment of our people,” said the bank’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Fiat Chrysler buyback, fines could surpass $1 billion

Fiat Chrysler buyback, fines could surpass billion
Earlier this year, when NHTSA announced it was looking into FCA's track record on the completion of 23 recalls affecting 11 million vehicles, the automaker said it didn't think a hearing was necessary. … NHTSA gets to choose from among the three …
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Mazda And Volkswagen Recall More Than 600000 Vehicles Over Loss Of Steering
Volkswagen revealed that a fix is currently under development for the issue, and that the owners of the affected vehicles will be notified once it is ready to be deployed. However, the automobile manufacturer said that customers that see their air bag …
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Indian Lng Imports Set To Reach 20 Billion Cubic Meters By 2020

Indian LNG imports are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of over 3% during 2010 – 2020, says a new research report from RNCOS.According to our research report Global LNG Market Analysis, the global market for LNG has been growing at a fast pace for the past few years. Despite the economic slowdown of 2009, the market did not seem to have been much affected as the countries globally understood the importance of using LNG. Major developments have taken place in LNG trade, production, and consumption along with market activities. Factors, such as huge investments, burgeoning demand, and environmental concerns have contributed to the fast growth of the industry.

As per our research, India is one of the major LNG importing countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Majority of LNG supply to India usually comes from the Middle East. The requirement of clean fuel, decreasing oil dependency, and diversification of energy mix has led to the transformation of coal-powered thermal plants in into natural gas in India. Consequently, we anticipate that India LNG imports will reach around 20 Billion Cubic Meters by 2020, growing at a CAGR of over 3% since 2010.

Further, our report reveals that, in terms of consumption level, countries in the Asia-Pacific region are driving the overall LNG industry. The burgeoning demand for LNG in countries such as, Japan, South Korea, China, and India is expected to result in the construction of more LNG receiving terminals during the next decade. Though Middle Eastern countries have been supplying large amount of LNG to the world, countries, such as Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia have also significantly strengthened their role as LNG producers.

Our report Global LNG Market Analysis, is a complete analysis and overview of the global LNG market as well as key countries. The report covers all the regions of the world, such as Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. Moreover, statistics and current developments for all the regions have been provided. These developments are related to trade activities, production/consumption, terminals, and plants among others. The report also covers the description of terminals and plants that are scheduled to come in future and their respective details. Most importantly, the report evaluates future outlook of the industry and provides valuable information regarding the LNG market based on different market indicators.

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Tesla Gigafactory: NV Recalls Her Lawmakers to Cement $1.3 Billion Tax

Tesla Gigafactory: NV Recalls Her Lawmakers to Cement .3 Billion Tax
Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Nevada Republican Governor Brian Sandoval might have officially confirmed last Thursday that Tesla's first massive lithium-ion reprocessing and manufacturing 'Gigafactory' would be built at the Taho-Reno Industrial Center just …
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Faced With Recall, Tesla Asks Just What 'Recall' Means
The flap began as the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year started investigating battery fires in the $ 70,000-and-up Tesla Model S sedan. It escalated after the agency listed as a recall Tesla's steps to reduce fire risks …
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GM's Recall Woes and Tesla's Soaring Image
The boys in Detroit aren't having the greatest of times this year, what with the obscene numbers of vehicles it's been forced to recall, not to mention the ensuing, very public debacle over its attempts to cover up the need for recalls with the …
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Eli Lilly $1.42 Billion Zyprexa Settlement – Atty. Stephen Sheller on Fox News

Fox News Channel reports on Eli Lilly regarding Zyprexa’s .42 billion settlement for off-label promotion. For more information on Sheller, P.C., visit www….
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Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella Drug Injury Lawsuits

Describes the background of Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella, the status of Yaz litigation, and the injuries that can be caused by these birth control pills (including…
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Electromagnetic Radiation To Cull 7 Billion Humans Within 5 Generations.

Your wi fi, mobile phone, smart meter and other electromagnetic devices set to sterilise the human race within 150 years.
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Shasta County Full Public Hearing on Chemtrail Geoengineering, Weather Warfare

http://www.frederickwust.com/ http://frederickwust.wordpress.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/frederickwust https://www.facebook.com/groups/chemtrailsla/ Th…

GM Could Face $2 Billion Tab If Bankruptcy Shield Falls

GM Could Face Billion Tab If Bankruptcy Shield Falls
… to profitability and maintain the buffer of cash it gained in the bankruptcy. GM's available liquidity was $ 36.6 billion at the end of September, down from $ 37.3 billion a year earlier, in part because of lingering costs to cover recall expenses …
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Takata Airbag fault prompts Nissan to recall 1800 Infiniti SUVs
The recall covers some QX56 SUVs from 2013 and the QX80s from 2014. Nissan says inflators made by Takata Corp. were built with an incorrect outer baffle part. That can cause pressure to build up, and the inflators can rupture if driver's side airbags …
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REALIST NEWS – Former DOJ Prosecutor Files $3 Billion Lawsuit Against NSA and Friends

http://www.jmbullion.com (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) http://www.freespeak.net (Our new social media website, similar to Face…

http://www.jmbullion.com (Recommended for Silver and Gold Purchases. I use them now.) http://www.freespeak.net (Our new social media website, similar to Face…
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$25 Billion Mortgage Settlement – Albany Real Estate Attorney – Banks Housing Crisis – Obama

President Barack Obama announced a 25 billion dollar settlement between the federal government and big banks after the housing bubble crisis. Albany NY Real …
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This teleconsultation discusses the current dynamics of the transaction banking landscape in Asia and challenges banks face in implementing an integrated reg…

Man Sues Bank of America For 1784 Billion Trillion Dollars

Man Sues Bank of America For 1784 Billion Trillion Dollars

Rich Iacovetta of RMI Lending discusses how poor customer service will come back to bite you if you’re not careful. A man is sueing B of A an outrageous amou…

I dedicate this video to the millions of Americans affected by Bank of America’s lack of due diligence. From selling bad mortgages to foreclosure fraud, this…
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