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Rising China, Trump’s America, and the Dangerous Beginning of a Post-American World

Rising China, Trump’s America, and the Dangerous Beginning of a Post-American World

Fast-rising China and the outcome of the recent US elections are fundamentally transforming the global order. China’s economic growth, military expansion, aggressive behavior in the South and East China Seas, growing presence around the world, and increasingly emboldened foreign policy present a growing challenge to the US-led global system created in the aftermath of the Second World War. Statements by US President-elect Donald Trump questioning US commitments around the world have further exacerbated this fundamental shift. Living in a post-American world will have enormous consequences and touch every aspect of our lives. Metzl explores the key drivers of our fundamentally transforming world, what it will mean for global politics, economics, and culture, and what kinds of collective action will be required to lay a foundation for a stable future.
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Mazda Issues Takata Airbag Recall For 74,310 Mazda2 Sedans In China

Mazda Issues Takata Airbag Recall For 74,310 Mazda2 Sedans In China

Mazda’s Chinese joint venture will recall 74,310 Mazda2 sedans for the purpose of replacing defective airbags, behind pressure from Chinese regulators.

The Mazda2 sedan joins multiple other Mazda vehicles fitted with Takata’s defective airbag inflators, such as the 2003-2008 Mazda6, 2004-2006 B-Series, 2006-2007 Mazdaspeed6, 2004-2008 RX-8 and the 2008 MPV.

Last month, the Takata recall grew by 1.3 million vehicles on Japanese shores, with the likes of the Mazda 2 (or Mazda Demio), RX-8 and Bongo van known to be affected.

As reported by Autonews, China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine stated that Mazda will contact affected vehicle owners through authorized dealers and replace their airbags free of charge.

“Like all other recalls, we work with local authorities and react seriously,” said Mazda spokesman Hideki Taira. “There’s no delay in the procedures in China.”

According to the Chinese regulator, the affected Mazda vehicles were manufactured between July 24, 2007 and June 17, 2015.
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Rx8 recall steering wheel turning by it self.

Measuring Instruments And Meters Industry In China

 Originally referred to the measuring instrument designed to measure water, gas, electricity, oil pressure, flow, temperature precision equipment. Including thousands of varieties of products in the last century, after 20 years, with the micro-electronics technology and the increasing development of communication technology. Accordance with the scientific classification of modern measurement include scientific measurement, legal metrology, engineering, measuring three aspects. Scientific measurement task is to develop and establish the basic standards of measurement devices, to ensure value delivery and traceability for legal metrology and engineering instructors to provide basic protection.

The task of legal metrology is the people’s livelihood, the importance of measuring instruments and commodities, measuring the amount of behavior measured by the government supervision of the administrative department in accordance with law, to ensure that relevant and accurate value. Engineering measurement task is to society as a whole traceability of the activities of other measurements, provide measurement calibration, testing services, on this basis, we are divided into specific geometric measurement, temperature measurement, mechanical measurement, electromagnetic measurement, optical measurement, acoustic measurement , electronics, measurement, time and frequency measurement, measurement of ionizing radiation, chemical metering.

 China’s current all kinds of measuring instruments more than 6000 companies, has formed a relatively complete variety of categories, with certain technological base and production scale industrial system has become the second largest in Asia excluding Japan, measuring instruments producer. 95 years, our measuring instruments and meters industry, the overall situation is to move forward. Product miniaturization, integration, intelligence, development direction of the bus, and so keep up the pace of international development, emergence of a group of technologically advanced new products, a group of private enterprises with considerable scale the rise of industrial development of China’s measuring instruments The new force.

It should be clear that, although our measuring instruments and meters industry, a certain development, but far from being able to meet the national economy and scientific research, national defense construction and various aspects of social life, the urgent needs of the growing, measuring instrument products in China, most of belonging to middle and low technical level, but also reliability and stability of key indicators, not yet fully meet the requirements, high-grade, large-scale equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports, mid-range products, and many of the key parts and components, foreign companies also occupy more than 60% domestic market share of .

Restricting the development of our measuring instruments and meters industry factors. China lags behind the development of measuring instruments, there are many problems facing the severe situation, the main factors that focus on the following four areas:

 First, technological innovation and industrial progress stagnated

Modern measurement is light, machine, electricity, computers, and many kinds of basic disciplines highly integrated product of the new technology is very sensitive to replacement of products of modern industry, frequency of application and development of new technologies very quickly, one category each year a number of new product launch, especially in today’s information age, competition has become increasingly intense, slightly slow down the pace of development, will be far behind.

Already entered the 21st century, China’s general level of measuring instruments still at the beginning of the 20th century, 80 years on the international level, large-scale and high-end equipment almost entirely dependent on imports, and many much-needed special equipment or a blank, middle and low product assurance quality, there are still many difficulties need to overcome. Scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development has stagnated and is restricting our measuring instruments and meters industry, the development of a “bottleneck” and restricting our measuring instruments and meters industry, technological innovation and development has stagnated There are three main factors: first, a serious shortage of research funds; The second is lack of qualified personnel; third is the lack of government, industry, academia, research, whole, with effective integration.

 Second, a long-term stability and reliability of products is not a fundamental solution

My measurement products, including industrial automation instrument systems, communications equipment, etc., although the technical specifications of similar products abroad, compared with the gap is not great, but the stability and reliability is not high. Greatly limited the use of our measurement products and credibility of the reason for three main areas:

(1) Long-term neglect of the basic technology research development.

(2) made the basis of common parts and pieces of quality, but off.

(3) business-to-product quality control and management of poor product quality, but off.

 Third, the old system, constrained the development of enterprises

The old system that hinders China’s economy, especially the state-owned enterprises to develop a common problem. Equipment industry is no exception. A considerable number of state-owned enterprises, due to the shackles of the old system, we can not burden the students to disentangle the history, the loss of vitality in the market competition, production and management of serious landslides, a large number of backbone enterprises in the line between life on a struggling Therefore, the pace of institutional reform is an important way of development

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I was FLOORED to hear that all this talk of DRILL, DRILL, DRILL only means that multi-national corporations will be profiting even MORE from America as they take OUR oil off OUR coast and sell it to whoever is the highest bidder. Likely CHINA.

McCain & Palin have been acting like drilling off our pristine coasts will benefit America and be a national security issue – but it is JUST A PLAIN PROFIT ISSUE FOR BIG OIL. This McCain supporter ADMITS IT.

If you thought this drill, drill, drill chant sounded too good to be true, you were right. Not only does it take 10 years or more to come online, but once it does, it’ll be sold to the industrial powerhouse of China as they continue to feed their industrial machine and move jobs out of the U.S.

THIS IS DISGUSTING – and the oil money pouring into John McCain’s campaign should sicken you as well – if you are a proud American and want the best future for our kids and their family in the future.

It is time to stop playing corporate games with these big oil conglomerates, foreign companies manipulating our markets, and other special interests who all have their hands in the Republican pockets.

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Market Report - BOJ Cuts Rates, Toyota Falls

In today’s Market Report:

The Bank of Japan cut already low interest rates today. They said conditions in the world’s second largest economy would worsen. The cut–to 0.1 percent of its key rate–comes at a time when Japanese business confidence is at a seven-year low…and the nation looking at what may be its most protracted recession since World War II.

The dollar gained slightly against the yen on the move, but is still on-course for its biggest weekly fall in 23 years.

And the world’s number one carmaker Toyota was the subject of media scrutiny ahead of a news briefing next Monday, when the Nikkei reported Toyota would announce its first parent-only operating loss forecast for the current year.

Other Japanese media had less severe outlooks for Toyota, but plunging sales and a surging yen have hit all Japanese automakers hard.

Toyota made an operating profit of around 5.8 billion U.S. dollars in the first half of the year, so the loss would have to be even larger in these last six months to put it in the red.

Tesla Slaps $121K Price Tag on Model S Sedan in China: Why the Price Hike

Tesla Slaps 1K Price Tag on Model S Sedan in China: Why the Price Hike
(Photo : REUTERS/Noah Berger) A Tesla Model S electric sedan is driven near the company's factory in Fremont, California, June 22, 2012. Tesla has announced its pricing strategy for China, which includes a $ 121,000 price tag for the Model S sedan.
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Recall Roundup: GM Recalls 300K Full-Size Pickups; Ford, Tesla Also Issue
Tesla is recalling 29,222 model-year 2013 Model S vehicles equipped for, and delivered with, certain NEMA 14-50 (240 volt) Universal Mobile Connector (UMC) adapters. During charging, the adapter, cord, or wall outlet could overheat, increasing the risk …
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9 burning questions for Elon Musk
In this Friday, June 22, 2012 file photo, Tesla CEO Elon Musk walks past the Tesla Model S after a news conference at the Tesla factory in Fremont, Calif. (Visited 2 time … Also the configuration of adapters puts an undue amount of stress on the wall …
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US retailers recall pet food made in China

Some US pet food retailers have finally decided to recall pet food manufactured in China. It’s a decision made after US Food and Drug Administration receiving thousands of complaints of pet…

FDA to Open Offices in China, India

The Food and Drug Administration will open three offices in China and one in India, the first outside the U.S. The FDA offices will help inspect food before it reaches the U.S. (Nov. 18)
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Aston Martin issues China recall over accelerator flaws

Aston Martin issues China recall over accelerator flaws
British luxury carmaker Aston Martin will recall 1,094 vehicles on the Chinese mainland due to problems with the accelerator pedal, said the country's quality watchdog on Wednesday. There is a possibility that the pedal could break, so the car would be …
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Recall Corner: China bites back on Aston Martin recall
However, with the recent Aston Martin recall – the luxury car maker is recalling 17,000 cars, which is most of the vehicles it has produced since late 2007 – China is fighting back. The British company said it had discovered a Chinese sub-supplier was …
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FDA Traces Heparin Contaminant to Processing Plant in China

FDA Traces Heparin Contaminant to Processing Plant in China

http://www.medpagetoday.com ROCKVILLE, Md. — The FDA said today that a heparin-like contaminant found in heparin and linked to several deaths has been ident…
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Advancing Sustainable Enterprise in China: Product Reuse

Tianzhong is an innovative Chinese company promotes the concept of “reuse” by remanufacturing photocopiers and extending the lifespan of electronic goods. ww…
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