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smart meters: cost increases [Take Back Your Power]

Low Cost DIY EMF Protection – Radio Frequency (RF) Shielding

http://www.electricsense.com/7173/cheap-rf-shield-emf/ As wireless technology grows in popularity so does our exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation. Thi…

PG&E electric bill in the $200/mo range? See this East Bay Solar Home. He did solar at $0 cost

See how this homeowner installed solar for cost, and got a better rate for his monthly power right of the bat. Also see how much it would have cost him if…
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How Much Does a Trane Air Conditioner Cost?

How much does a Trane air conditioner cost? I’m thinking of getting one. Air conditioner price goes up with its efficiency, its air volume and the quality an…
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CTV : Cost Increase Complaints

CTV Vancouver interviews the owner of a One Bedroom condo that was billed over 700.00 just after getting her Smart Meter.
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Like the West Marin County, California communities of Stinson Beach and Point Reyes Station (and growing numbers of communities around the state and the nati…
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Higher cost of Harrisburg parking meter rates, fines causing concern

City’s new meter management company has made unpopular changes.
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Colorado s Legalization of Marijuana Could Generate Millions for the State, but at What Cost

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