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Mortgage Foreclosure Expert | What The Banks Don’t Want You To Know

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David Young
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GM Recalls After Fatal Accidents: Car Expert Lauren Fix

General Motors has recalled nearly 780,000 vehicles due to faulty ignition switches that led to at least six deaths. This affects the Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 models from 2005-2007. Why did GM wait so long to issue the recall? Female automotive expert Lauren Fix, The Car Coach appears on The Willis Report with important information on automotive recalls and technical service bulletins as well as the lawsuit brought against General Motors.

Courtesy of FOX Business News
Aired: 2/20/2014

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8 Expert Tips To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Beg You To Take Him Back

Take Back Your Power
by mahjqa

It’s a shame how we let a misunderstanding or a little spat ruin what could have been a life time of happiness, but it happens. One day you think your relationship will last forever and the next day you a sitting alone and wanting your boyfriend back. But you don’t have to lose the man you love for good. Here are 8 expert tips to bring your ex boyfriend back. Not only bring him back, but have your ex boyfriend beg you to take him back. If you are ready to feel his arms around you again, here is how to make it happen.

1. Stop thinking of him as your knight in shining armor and dwell on the things abut your ex boyfriend that irritated you. Sit down and make a list of all of his bad points, and every time you begin to miss him, take a look at the list.

2. Keep a good distance between the two of you for at least a month. Don’t let him see how badly he has hurt you. Even if he wants to make up right away, tell him you need a few weeks to think. Don’t make it easy for him.

3. Think about the time you first met your ex boyfriend. The image you presented to him that made him so attracted to you. What things about you did your ex compliment you on?

4. Look at yourself today. How have you changed? Talk with your best girlfriends and tell them to tell you the truth. To make your ex boyfriend beg you to take him back, you will have to be the woman he fell in love with again.

5. When you have found out where you have changed, you will have to take steps to remedy your problems. If you have let your looks go, join a fitness club and lose some weight. Shop for new clothes and change your hair style. You want to be able to knock his socks off.

6. After a few weeks have passed since the breakup and you have your confidence back, go out with your friends and stop by the place your ex boyfriend hangs out. Let him get a good look at you and see his jaw drop. Be sure to leave before he can strike up a conversation.

7. Now all you have to do is be patient. Your ex boyfriend will realize he is about to lose you for good and he will call and say you need to talk. Tell him you will think about it, then wait a couple of days and call him back and accept his offer to have a talk.

8. When you meet him, be confident and cheerful. Let your ex boyfriend do most of the talking. He will want to start dating again, but tell him you want to take things slow. This will make him panic and your ex boyfriend will beg you to take him back.

These 8 expert tips will work in most situations, but you can alter them to fit your particular situation. However, you should not change any of them because you think they are to hard for you. If you want to make your ex boyfriend beg you to take him back it will take a lot of strength and maturity.

H L Archer is well versed in the field of romantic relations having helped many people over the years to solve problems of dating, strained marital relations, divorce, dating after divorce and surviving after a relationship breakup. He would like to extend a helpful hand to you and any others that may be struggling with a romantic relationship.

You are invited to visit his blog for more relationship breakup advice.

Smart Meters not so Smart Part 01 – Why Am I an Expert?

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Privacy Expert: All Protesters Are Routinely Scanned and ‘Skimmed’ By Drones 2/2

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Cyber expert on smart grid: massive vulnerability, who’s accountable?

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Avoid Chimney Fires Through Expert Cleaning Services

The importance that the fireplace plays in the home can never be overrated. However, a lot of homeowners pay little attention to its maintenance. Perhaps, the only time they think of cleaning the chimney is when they experience an unexpected chimney fire. Regular Chimney Sweeps Tacoma will help avoid these problems from ever happening.

The burning habits of every homeowner differ greatly. This will also dictate how often cleaning is necessary. For instance, a home that uses more slower-burning fires requires more frequent cleaning than another home that rarely burn fire. Moreover, a home equipped with a heating system will need only need chimney cleaning occasionally.

With slow burning, more burnt solid particles travel with the smoke up your chimney. While this slow burning technique may seem economical, it tends to cause more buildup of creosote and dirt along the chimney over time. On the other hand, regular burning of hotter fires requires cleaning only at least once a year.

Chimney sweeps Tacoma companies guarantee that every nook and cranny of the chimney is carefully cleaned. They will brush the inside of the chimney to get all the debris out. Although you can do it yourself, many homeowners do not have specialized chimney cleaning equipments and are not well trained with the structure of the chimney. These professional chimney sweepers choose chimney brush depending on the size of the chimney. Typically, what they do is to run the brush up and down the chimney, leaving every part thoroughly clean.

Perhaps, one of the risky parts of the trade is going up the roof to clean the chimney. This is quite hazardous for people who are not experienced and skilled with climbing heights. Remember that roof structures differ from one house to another. Some may be very steep while others are sloping. Inexperience and carelessness certainly mean disaster. Hiring expert Chimney Sweeps Tacoma still remains the best option. Chimney cleaners usually do the cleaning before the winter rolls and in time for the heavy use of the fireplace.

However, if you choose to do the cleaning, make sure that you have extra precautions to ensure your safety. If possible, ask for help when doing the roof cleaning. You do not want the soot and debris to scatter around your home. So, be sure to shut the opening of the fireplace. Some are equipped with a glass door, if not; you can cover the opening with a large plastic sheet. After sweeping the chimney, carefully collect the ashes, debris and creosote that settled in the fireplace. Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners can make the job simpler for you.

But still the easiest way to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the chimney is by calling a professional to do the job for you. Chimney Sweeps Tacoma service provider not only cleans your chimney but also inspects it for any damage that can cause problems in the future. Just be sure that the chimney sweeper you hire is properly licensed, insured and bonded.

If you need chimney sweeps Tacoma, you certainly do not want to settle less than the experts in this field. The Chimney Specialists has been providing top notch cleaning services for residents of Tacoma.

Jeremy Bennett interviews Pharmaceutical Expert, Dr. Grant

Jeremy Bennett Interviews former FDA Consultant, Dr. George Grant on the dangers of Pharmaceuticals.

Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky

Cybersecurity Expert Gary Miliefsky

Information about a popular smartphone application that could expose your personal information to cyber criminals- Share your thoughts on Twitter @BretBaier.
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Tesla Cars Catching Fire, No Recalls: Car Expert Lauren Fix

Tesla Cars Catching Fire, No Recalls: Car Expert Lauren Fix

There have been a handful of recent reports about Tesla cars catching on fire. Why haven’t we seen any recalls, investigations, or technical service bulletin…