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Trump Rally Fight Mashup: AMERICA UNDER TRUMP

Donald Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters have been clashing at Trump rallies since the beginning of his presidential campaign. Depending on the city, violence has been initiated by both of the opposing sides, yet supporters blame protesters and protesters blame Trump’s fanatical fans. Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the person that is promoting hate speech from the stage and making no attempts to reduce the violent altercations at his events.

Donald Trump began his campaign by alleging that Mexico sends rapists and criminals across the U.S. border, as a demagogue who has riled up dangerous anti-immigrant feelings. “What many people think and say in their houses now is being expressed in the streets and in their workplaces and in public spaces,” says Univision’s Jorge Ramos, the anchor of the nation’s largest Spanish-language newscast, who Trump kicked out of one of his press conferences in August.

Protesters and supporters have been facing off at Donald Trump rallies for as long as he’s been running for president. Initially, Trump encouraged violence against protesters; he’s since taken a winking, you-know-what-I-really-mean tone in discouraging it. During his rallies, Donald Trump occasionally warns the crowd not to hurt protesters, but he’s barely able to contain his excitement as violence erupts. “It’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Sort of exciting!” Trump has said as protesters were removed. “Aren’t the Trump rallies the greatest?”

Trump eventually bailed on his Chicago rally after “law enforcement” recommended he pull the plug. (The Chicago Police Department denied it recommended the rally be canceled.) Trump later blamed violence at his rallies on the protesters, who he claims are supporters of Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. However, many of the violent altercations began when Trump supporters attacked protesters for exercising their constitutional right of free speech and protests.

Paul Wertheimer, a crowd control specialist once called the “marshal of the mosh pit” by The Washington Post, said the power to control the crowd ultimately lies with Trump. “This is no different than if he were a rock star on stage,” Wertheimer said. “You can whip up the mosh pit or you can calm it down. He’s holding the mic. He’s in control.” Wertheimer said the way Trump encourages the crowd concerns him. “What is troubling to me is that Mr. Trump seems to enjoy it and seems to encourage it and to manipulate the crowd into situations that are beyond his control. If he doesn’t become more cautious, it’s going to be beyond his control to manage.

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Smart Meter Fight

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