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Ludicrous Speed, Buying from LG Chem, MCity USA. T.E.N. Future Car News 24 July 2015

Weekly show about future cars and future car technology. This week news about: Tesla’s new Ludicrous performance mode for the Model S; Toyota’s next-generation Prius is rumored to get a much larger electric range; Nissan’s Carlos Ghosn admits it may switch to LG Chem as a battery supplier; Toyota says experience makes it hates EVs; U-M opens a new research facility for autonomous vehicles; Toyota plans to bring just 11 Mirai H2 fuel cell cars to the UK this year; the Energica Ego nears production; and Chevrolet recalls just one Volt.
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Transport Evolved Electric Car News Panel Show 193: Shields Activate!

On today’s Transport Evolved: New pro-Tesla bills hit NJ, Nissan recalls the LEAF, Ampera prices get slashed, and Ford one-ups Cadillac

These stories and more, on today’s Transport Evolved, with Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, Mark Chatterley and John Voelcker


Here is yet another video of the @Fatt_cat15 killing yet another super car. when will it stop??? This is a full bolt ons and tune gtr vs a bone stock hellcat. What’s the deal with all these super cars getting rolled up by a dodge challenger hellcat. What do the Nissan gtr guys have to say to this.100k for a Nissan gtr to get beat by a huge boat of a car??? As for the cop we contemplated running but it just wasn’t worth it.
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Acelerados – Volta Rápida #4. Rubens Barrichello senta a bota em um Dodge Dart 1974!

Rubens Barrichello e Cassio Cortes viajam ao passado na quarta Volta Rápida do Acelerados. É hora de Rubinho acelerar o “Rei da Rua” no Brasil dos anos 70, o Dodge Dart com motor V8 5.2.

Apesar de restaurado à perfeição na cor original Chrysler “Vitamin C Orange”, o “nosso” Dart é fuçado: recebeu carburação Quadrijet e outros mimos no V8ão para gerar 300cv em dinamômetro, segundo o orgulhoso proprietário, o paulista Fernando Demarco.

Será que a força bruta do Dojão vai ser suficiente para virar um tempo competitivo no Autódromo Velo Città?

Confira aqui a Volta Rápida On Board: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhxJvMnuM6A

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Guangzhou high-rise pull to emerge from the concerns of fire safety hazards – fire hazard, high-rise

Status: 32 years 100 super high-rise where they stand

Guangzhou back in the 30s to have a real sense

High-rise building . 1937, 15-storey, 64-meter-high building completed in the love group, became the tallest building in Guangzhou, Guangzhou, and also became the first truly “high-rise buildings.” Circulation time in 32 years, and now high-rise building in Guangzhou is crowded in upon.

Documented information, currently under construction in Guangzhou, including more than 100 meters tall building about 100 buildings, 18 stories above the high-rise building has more than 7,000 buildings. Only in the center of Pearl River New City, Guangzhou CBD, 200 meters above the high-rise by planning have 18, and 150 meters above the high-rise buildings have 50 or so. On December 31 last year, 432-meter height Guangzhou, mainland China second “high-rise landmark”?? Pearl River New Town West Tower Project (full name of the “Guangzhou International Financial Centre”) cap, but also created a two-day level of world Building the “new” speed. This cluster of high-altitude hypoxia Carnival is still spreading: Theta’s “sister tower” the East tower 488 meters high set, plans to start in early October 2010, completion of trial operation by the end of 2014.

Question: ladder tall enough so he lifts hard to take

However, it will trigger high-rise building

Fire Security risks. Public safety experts say high-rise building will easily lead to land subsidence and the environment, energy, transportation and a series of related issues in urgent need of particular attention.

“Now the higher the floor the more established, aerial ladders come buy their own homes.” According to Fire Department fire prevention experts, high-rise building

Fire Rescue is a worldwide problem. The usual practice is to attack from within and outside the fire-fighting methods, that ladder trucks conditions permit, the water from the outdoor fire rescue; the same time

Fireman Into High-rise fire Site, with Water gun Connecting indoor Fire Hydrant Water fire, and rescue trapped personnel evacuation. “In fact, many residential quarters, ladder trucks could not reach because there is no parking.” According to Fire Department statistics show that there are fire trucks, Guangzhou, 13, and can be held more than 30 meters high, the highest two cars move up to 56 meters, 3 meters on each floor to calculate the general could only reach 12 floors, 13 floors.

It is understood that the world’s most advanced lift your car can give up to 93 meters, but the price of a car that more than 10 million yuan, and each one meter above, the high cost of many. It is reported that Guangzhou has already booked a cost of 15 million yuan of 78 m ladder is expected to put in place this year, when the rescue ladder height will rise to about 20 layers to further enhance the combat effectiveness.

Frequency mess thieves underground garage roof

Property law and order can not be ignored. Senior housing in the current burglary increased by “Spider Thieves” perpetrator represented. Criminals generally along the gas pipeline and sewer climbing from high to low, crawl into the house owners were committing the crime. Meanwhile, the emergence of high-rise buildings also make the roof, underground parking spaces as thieves favorite place to patronize the perpetrator, while the elevator is also prone to looting and so on. The floor is too high because some households would fall ill due to lift emergency by the bungled rescue difficult time.

Behalf suggestions Build tall buildings or low floor, not back and forth

? Municipal People’s Congress Lu Guanglin

“Period required high rises, that is to save space, improve the rate of volume, but over time they build low-level requirement that is desirable to improve the living environment. Guangzhou city and urban planning, has been back and forth.” For Guangzhou City high-rise building problems too intensive, Lu Guanglin on behalf of respect that has long been the “Planning Act”, the key is the implementation of local planning departments, the law given to the NPC the right to supervise their implementation and inspection.

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Nissan Recalls 300000 Versa, Versa Note, Armada Vehicles From 2012-2015

Nissan Recalls 300000 Versa, Versa Note, Armada Vehicles From 2012-2015
This morning, Nissan issued two recalls affecting more than 300,000 late-model Nissan Versa, Versa Note, and Armada vehicles. The Versa and Versa note are being recalled to fix a design flaw that could prevent drivers from hitting their brakes, while …
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Replica of James Bond's 'Goldfinger' Aston Martin on display in Beverly Hills
"I don't think it was really an option for the movie producers to go ahead and actually destroy a fully functional DB5," said Stuart McIntosh, general manager of Aston Martin Beverly Hills. With blowing up a real million-dollar DB5 out of the question …
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Is CarMax Selling Unrepaired Recalled Vehicles? You Betcha — And So Are Other
If you're planning to do some used-car shopping this weekend, take extra care to ensure that your next pride and joy doesn't have any outstanding recalls. Two consumer watchdogs — the California Public Interest Research Group Education Fund (CALPIRG) …
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Markey: Drivers at Risk from Regional Vehicle Recall System, Non-compliance w Early Warning System

Markey: Drivers at Risk from Regional Vehicle Recall System, Non-compliance w Early Warning System

Senator Markey was interviewed on CBS Evening News about Takata’s deadly exploding airbags, wrongheaded regional recalls, public reporting system non-compliance. For more information visit http://1.usa.gov/1uF1Ked

What we learned from the Ducks' 3-0 loss to the Avalanche

What we learned from the Ducks' 3-0 loss to the Avalanche
Colorado Avalanche v Anaheim Ducks ANAHEIM, CA – OCTOBER 16: Jarome Iginla #12 of the Colorado Avalanche and Christopher Wagner #62 of the Anaheim Ducks battle for a loose puck during the third period of a game at Honda Center on October 16, 2015 in …
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Honda Recalls 105K More Cars, But Too Many Owners Can't Be Bothered to Get
Honda has expanded its driver's-side airbag recall again to include more 2001 Accord, 2004 Civic, and 2008 Pilot models that were incorrectly identified by VIN when matched to Takata production records, the company said. An additional 104,871 cars are …
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Creative Designs for the Home from Dimplex Electric Fires

The fireplace can be a wonderful focal point in the home. Updating your fireplace can be one of the easiest ways to add a fresh new look to your rooms. Dimplex electric fires can offer some stunning options for your new fireplace focal point.

Realistic Flame Effects

One of the great advances in electric fireplaces is the innovation of realistic flame effects. Dimplex electric fires can offer some beautiful flame effects that look and feel just like the real thing. These realistic flames can add a real sense of warmth and comfort to any room and offer many benefits over the real thing:

• Solid fuel burning fires can be a lot of hassle. You will need to have the right ventilation in place (flue or chimney) and this could mean a lot of extra work during installation.

• You will also need to clean out and prepare wood and coal burning fires and they can take a while to get started.

• With solid wood burning fires there is a risk of carbon monoxide being released into rooms.

• Dimplex electric fires can offer a realistic flame effect without all the hassle.

• You will not need to worry about ventilation and you can simple plug your Dimplex electric fires in and get instant heat.

• No carbon monoxide is given off by Dimplex electric fires and so you will have peace of mind when you are using these clean and safe realistic flame fires.

• The premium range ‘Opt-Myst’ model even offers a smoke effect rising from the faux flames which makes them look even more realistic and comforting.

• Another great benefit of Dimplex electric fires is that you can have the flame option on without any heat. This means you can enjoy the comfort of flames even in the warmer months when you do not need any heating on.

• The flame effect alone uses very little electricity and will add very little costs to your overall energy bills.

Adjustable Heat

Another great benefit of Dimplex electric fires is that the heat output is full adjustable. This means you can get the perfect heat for your rooms at just the touch of a button. This can help you to save heat as you will not have to heat the more than necessary. You will also be able to adjust the heat output of Dimplex electric fires easily with the remote control option offered on the leading models.

Creative Designs

There are many wonderful Dimplex electric fires to choose from. This includes some attractive contemporary designs that look amazing in modern homes. You can match the fires with surrounds to create stunning effects whether you are trying to achieve sophisticated minimalist chic or cosy country cottage charm.


Dimplex electric fires provide economic, attractive solutions to heating in the home. These innovative electric fires offer some wonderful options for homeowners including highly realistic flame effects.

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Turning Down the Heat: Protecting a Michigan Vinyl Siding from Fires

Modern vinyl sidings have been certified by tests as indicated by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Of course, you would not light a match and set the siding on fire to find out for yourself. If you want to protect the siding from fire, take note of the tips below.


Remove light debris: While vinyl sidings may have a high ignition temperature, light debris such as twigs and dry leaves around it can help increase the temperature. Check the home grounds for any combustible materials that are too close or stuck to the siding. Raking the front and back yard off of dried leaves may also prove to pay off in protecting your


Clean it regularly: Cleaning the siding on a regular basis keeps the siding clean and prevents it from catching fire. Dust might latch onto the siding surface and might ignite when exposed to extreme heat. It does not take more than a basic soap and water solution to remove dirt, grime, or stains that can affect the aesthetic value of your home. Clean with care, though, as you do not want to have moisture problems in your siding.


Keep away from heat: There’s nothing like a good outdoor barbecue to enjoy with friends and family as long as you keep the grill away from the siding. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the fire department responded to more than 8,000 fire calls between 2005 and 2009 as a result of barbecues and grills. Remember to place the grill at least ten meters away from the Michigan siding to avoid similar accidents.


Act decisively: If your siding does catch fire, remain calm and get a fire extinguisher or a bucket of water to prevent the fire from spreading. Never let a small fire grow into something bigger; otherwise, toxicity of the siding will start to develop. If it grows into something beyond your control, call the local fire station to bring the situation under control. Acting decisively can protect your Michigan vinyl siding just as it protects your home.


Fire prevention requires you, the homeowner, to do your part in protecting your home from fire destruction. Think first before you act to avert these grave disasters and keep your Michigan vinyl siding serious damage. The siding may hold out against the heat, but it will hold out much longer with your help.

If you have questions, please visit us at www.ahiexperts.com for complete details and answers.

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How Homeowners Can Benefit from Dimplex Electric Fires

In this day and age it makes sense to choose a flexible and economic heating option for your home. Dimplex electric fires can offer a great range of benefits for homeowners with different budgets and requirements.

Affordable Installation

Dimplex electric fires are straightforward and fast to install. There is no need to worry about pipework or chimneys as with open fires and gas fires. You can install the fire yourself if you have an available plug. If not then you will need a professional qualified electrician to carry out the installation and fit you a new power outlet a safe distance from the fire. This is really only a very simple job and will save you a lot of money over other heating options.

• Dimplex electric fires will plug into a standard 13 amp socket. This means you will not need to make any special adjustments to your room electrical requirements.

• There is no costly maintenance or cleaning required with these quality electric fires and this means they will continue to save you money and time over gas and open fire options in the years to come.

• Dimplex electric fires are so much more flexible for homeowners than other fire place options. You will not need a chimney or fireplace and so you can put them anywhere you want in the room.

• You will also be able to take your Dimplex electric fire with you if you move house.

Economic Usage

Dimplex electric fires can offer some extremely economic and low wastage designs. The Optiflame and Opti-Myst products are designed to be 100% efficient. This means no energy is wasted whilst the fire is in operation. This can not only save you money on heating bills but will also help you to reduce your carbon footprint as well.

• Another great energy saving option is the flexible flame settings. You can enjoy the cosy feel of the replica flames without having the heat on as well.

• This means you can enjoy the ambience of your flame effect fireplace all year round independent of the heating.

• Figures show that using the flame-only setting is so low in energy usage that it should only cost you as much as £2 per annum.

Safe and Reliable

Fuel burning fires do present a number of hazards to the home owner. For open fires there is the risk of sparks or hot particles charring or even setting alight to furnishings. For gas fires there is a risk of dangerous leaks. Both of these fuel burning options will also present a risk of carbon monoxide build up in rooms which can be very harmful.

With Dimplex electric fires you will not have to face any of these risks in your home. These types of fires do not burn fuels openly and so there is not threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. You will also not have to worry about gas leaks or open flame fire hazards.

Dimplex electric fires can offer safe and reliable heating for your home. There are a number of flexible designs and features available to help you make the most of your fire all-year round.

Getting The Most From Real Fires And Fireplaces

The spring may not be the most obvious time to start thinking about real fires and fireplaces but as we approach the longer, balmier days of the summer months, now is the perfect time to get your plans and designs in place if you want to enjoy the warmth and ambience of open log fires come the colder weather.
A fireplace can quite literally transform a room but it needs to be well thought through in order to achieve the design and style that will complement your furnishings and become the focal point for your room.
Real fires and fireplaces come in many different shapes, designs, sizes and styles. From the more enclosed wood burning open fires to modern convector fire designs, your open log fires design company can create a fire to suit your surroundings. You can choose from a wide variety of grates, fire canopies and dog irons to complement the fireplace and the d?cor of your room.
Many people find choosing real fires and fireplaces for their home a really daunting task. After all, it is a highly specialist area which involves many considerations apart from the design, such as performance and capability. You don’t want to choose the wrong fire and then spend the next few years having to look at it, because it will become the centrepiece of the room.
Many open fire design companies offer useful advice on choosing a fire and can recommend the styles which will suit the period of your house as well as your d?cor. They can give you a rough idea of budget – based on what designs you require, whether or not you need a chimney liner and the fireplace you require to house your fire. They can also advise you on how the fire will perform based on where it will be placed, the type of fuel you will be using and whether you will be requiring it to heat hot water.
Your open log fires company can also help to troubleshoot problems with your fires after they have been installed – this includes advising you on regular maintenance and how to avoid smoking fires. The vast majority of these problems can, however, be avoided at the design stage if you use a qualified fire design company to plan, design and install your real fires and fireplaces.

To find out more about real fires and fireplaces why not visit the Camelot Real Fires website where you can browse their range of open log fires.