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Latest Audi Recall News

Image from page 35 of “Birds and nature” (1900)
Audi Recall
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: birdsnature51907chic
Title: Birds and nature
Year: 1900 (1900s)
Subjects: Birds Natural history
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : A.W. Mumford, Publisher
Contributing Library: Smithsonian Institution Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:
g what damage theyhave sustained, for, of course, in spiteof the care of shipping, they are notas perfect as before they were caught,and there is a great deal of delicatework on them before they are readyfor exhibition or sale. Mounted, a drawer full of butter-flies is more beautiful than a collectionof precious gems, for, although manyof our native butterflies are exceed-ingly beautiful, they are not to becompared with the average of thosefrom India, China, and South America.In these dead, heavy black alternateswith brilliant crimson, yellow, andgold, livid greens and blues, and deep,rich garnet and purple, sometimes inbroad bands and blotches of glowingcolor, and in others in wonderfullydelicate and intricate traceries andpatterns. The texture of the wings isalso infinitely more beautiful than any-thing we have here, some of themhaving a heavy rich gloss that exceedsthat on the finest fabric that humanskill can produce, while others havethe deep changing lustre of gems orliquids. 24

Text Appearing After Image:
THE WHIPPOORWILL WHAT farm boy has not heard thisbirdless voice echoing from theghostly shades of the thicketclose at hand, or scarcely audi-able in the distance? Perhaps you haveheard it as you have passed betweenthe wood and the hill over there, com-ing clear from the wood but re-echoingfrom the hill only the shrill last sylla-ble. Farther away on the distant hill-top you may have taken this last sylla-ble for the piping of the salamander.The whippoorwill song belongs withthe early May moonlit balmy nights, be-fore the blossoms have lost their best per-fume and before farm work ^as becomea mere drudgery. It vividly recalls the merry Maybasket-ing frolics,, apparently so necessary toexistence on the farm; the fresh green,fields and woodland blossoms; the plant-ing season with all its hidden promises.There is, in the warble of the bluebird,glad promise of returning spring; andin the animated whistle of the phoebereiteration of the earlier promise; butthe whippoorwill tells of that del

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Latest Nissan Recall News

Nissan Diesel trucks
Nissan Recall
Image by NZ Car Freak
A couple of old Nissans, dating from the early 1970s. I believe this model was one of the first large Nissan trucks to be sold in NZ. I can’t recall ever seeing any of these on the road before, but that may be because they are from rust-prone 1970s Japan…

Latest GMC Recall News

Baird- Ripon, WI
GMC Recall
Image by consolidated.construction
Centrally located on Ripon’s main thoroughfare, Baird Chevrolet was a high visibility dealership in need of a facelift to reflect the new Chevrolet brand. But the aging building needed some special TLC and there was plenty of upgrading to do inside on the service area, showroom, and offices. Although it had been over ten years since Lee Baird had worked with Consolidated, he recalled that positive experience, and tapped Consolidated once again for a modern dealership makeover.

“I was happy with the work Consolidated had done for me back in 2001, so I didn’t hesitate to call them again in 2012 for our dealership renovation. Once again their project came in on time and on budget, and the quality is impressive. Two GM representatives inspected things before our grand re-opening, and commented that it was the best remodel of a store this age they had ever seen. I was proud that we had been able to exceed their expectations while staying within my budget and using local subcontractors. To other dealership owners out there, I’d definitely recommend going with Consolidated to get the job done right.”

– Lee Baird, Owner/President

Latest Dodge News

1940 dodge
Image by ** RCB **

Evolution of GM Connected Vehicles and Technologies The latest recall is due to power steering on some vehicles suddenly cutting out.

Latest Audi Recall News

2015 Fiat 500X Cross Plus: Australia’s Auto Sales – Full Year Results – 2015:
Audi Recall
Image by TuRbO_J
Australia’s Top 40 Selling Brands for 2015:

1. Toyota – 206,236 – Up 1.3%
2. Mazda – 114,024 – Up 13.2%
3. GM – Holden – 102,951 – Down 3.0%
4. Hyundai – 102,004 – Up 2.0%
5. Mitsubishi – 71,743 – Up 4.5%
6. Ford – 70,454 – Down 11.6%
7. Nissan – 66,062 – Up 0.1%
8. Volkswagen – 60,225 – Up 9.9%
9. Subaru – 43,600 – Up 7.6%
10. Honda – 40,100 – Up 21.5%

11. Mercedes – 36,374 – Up 14.0%
12. Kia – 33,736 – Up 20.5%
13. BMW – 25,022 – Up 10.1%
14. Jeep – 24,418 – Down 19.7%
15. Audi – 23,088 – Up 20.1%
16. Isuzu – 20,984 – Up 25.8%
17. Suzuki – 19,086 – Up 9.6%
18. Land Rover – 11,885 – Up 17.6%
19. Renault – 11,525 – Up 15.1%
20. Lexus – 8,691 – Up 24.2%

21. Fiat – 5,475 – Down 31.5%
22. Volvo – 4,943 – Up 5.3%
23. Skoda – 4,750 – Up 23.3%
24. Porsche – 4,090 – Up 45.4%
25. Peugeot – 4,000 – Down 9.0%
26. Mini – 3,342 – Up 30.0%
27. Alfa Romeo – 1,577 – Down 36.7%
28. Jaguar – 1,292 – Up 10.7%
29. Tesla (e) – 1,250 New
30. Dodge – 1,184 – Down 23.0%

31. Citroen – 1,106 – Down 15.0%
32. Foton – 1,065 – Up 98.0%
33. SsangYong – 1,000 – Down 22.0%
34. Chrysler – 925 – Down 44.0%
35. LDV – 767 – Up 258.0%
36. Infiniti – 574 – Up 30.0%
37. Maserati – 519 – Up 29.0%
38. Proton – 421 – Down 48.0%
39. Chery – 201 – Down 66.0%
40. Ferrari – 167 – Up 40.0%

Total New Vehicle Market – 1,155,408 Units – Up 3.8% on 2014 tally. 2015 is also a new record year.

Previous best year was in 2013 when 1,136,227 Units were sold.

SUV sales now account for 35.0% of the Australian market, while Passenger Car sales account for 44.0%. Many predict with the continuing growth of SUV’s, sales of SUV’s will overtake traditional Passenger Car sales by 2020.

If you take a closer look at the results, you’ll also see a pattern. Every FCA brand, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge, took big hits. Chrysler and Dodge sell one model each, the Chrysler 300 sedan and the Dodge Journey SUV. Fiat and Jeep have been hit with constant recalls and bad servicing reports, which has lead to sales drop, plus pricing has crept up to the point that vehicles like the Jeep Renegade and Fiat 500X are considered overpriced. Fiat also deleted the Panda and Punto from it’s Australian lineup in 2015.

Also another pattern, what ‘dieselgate’?? It seems it hasn’t effected sales of VAG vehicles in Australia, with Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda, all increasing their sales and all recording record sales! SEAT is the only one missing, but they could be making a return in 2017 if you believe the reports, I have my fingers crossed ……

And another pattern, Chinese brands are all but fading into the sunset in Australia, with only LDV and Foton seeing in action. Great Wall has all but disappeared in Australia, selling only 147 Units and down 95.0% and Chery too is on it’s way out. It’s hard to imagine Great Wall sold 11,000 vehicles in Australia just 3 years ago!!

And yet another pattern, Sime Darby is responsible for the importation of SsangYong, Peugeot and Citroen into Australia and look and behold, they too took big hits when compared to their 2014 sales results. Sime Darby is a Malaysian owned automotive company that has made a mess of these three brands. Citroen is priced higher than Peugeot, yet in Europe and other world markets, it’s the other way round, while starving the Citroen brand of new models. The C4 Catus will only reach Australia in March 2015!! New Zealand has had it since the middle of 2014, I believe.

One more pattern, the down fall of both GM-Holden and Ford in Australia, is a sad sight! Both recorded lower sales results and in Ford’s case, not seen since 1967!!

Out of the Top 10, only Mazda, Hyundai, Volkswagen and Subaru saw record sales, while in the Top 20, Jeep and Suzuki were the only ones not to score record sales.

And a special mention to a brand that I am fond of and that’s Renault. It’s hard to believe that in 2010, the brand only moved 1,778 units in Australia. 5 years later in 2015, they’ve sold 11,525 units! That’s quite a turnaround for the car maker. A pity the same couldn’t be said for Peugeot and Citroen.

Latest Honda Recall News

Honda recall
Honda Recall
Image by KOMUnews
Michael Dick works on a car at the service station at Albert Honda on Providence Road on Feb. 10, 2010. (KOMU Photo/Ileana Llorens)

Latest Jeep Fire Recall News

Al Schade (my uncle)
Jeep fire recall
Image by The Rocketeer
Here’s a story on a Navy website about my Uncle Al and his experience as a Marine in WWII and Korea.

I recently found the link above broken, so I thought I’d copy the text of the link here, in case it "breaks" again:

Veteran passes knowledge on to NJROTC, Lincoln Sailors
Photo by JO1(SW) Joaquin Juatai
More than 60 years after assaulting the beaches of Makin, Alfred Schade enjoys a quieter time aboard USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). Schade said regardless of how much time has passed that carriers are still "old hat" to him.

By JO1(SW) Joaquin Juatai
USS Abraham Lincoln
Friday, November 18, 2005

Almost universally Americans acknowledge the deeds of the “Greatest Generation,” as heroic and vital to the existence of our nation. Yet many of the youth of today do not know where battles in places with names like Kwajalein or Guadalcanal happened or what they meant.

USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) Sailors had a unique opportunity to talk with a veteran of both World War II and the Korean War when Alfred Schade, a former U.S. Marine, recently came on board as an escort with the Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps.

The silver-haired Schade still carries himself confidently and said being on a carrier was “old hat,” to him. He spent his time in the Corps during WWII in both carrier and island-based flight operations as an aviation machinist’s mate and aerial gunner in the SBD “Dauntless,” serving aboard USS Coral Sea, an escort, or “Jeep,” carrier.

“In the Marine Corps, you know, the air wing actually makes the beach heads with the line company, or the ‘grunts,’” said Schade. “We were the third wave so on my birthday, Nov. 20, 1943, we took Makin [in the Gilbert Islands]. At that point, the Seabees came in and built an airstrip for us.”

Schade’s first assignment was to repair SBD “Dauntless” aircraft, a carrier or land-based dive bomber, that had been used in the battle to take the island of Midway.

“The first thing we had to do was almost rebuild them to get them into flying shape,” he said.

When his squadron reached Makin after helping take the island they received new planes.

As an aerial gunner fighting and fixing in the Pacific campaign, Makin learned a skill most enlisted personnel don’t even dream of today—he learned to fly the mighty warplane he was also plane captain of.

“Being a gunner in an SBD, the pilot, for the most part, taught the gunners how to fly. We had a full set of controls in the back,” Schade explained.

“The gunner was trained to pilot the airplane and most of the time when we were on a mission the pilot was the navigator,” he added. “When he would pull his plotting board out from under the instrument panel it would cover the stick, and so the gunner then would fly the airplane.”

After his time in the Corps, part of which he had the distinction of being the youngest sergeant, Schade continued his flight education, receiving his pilot’s license, instructor’s license, instrument rating, multi-engine rating and A&P (aircraft mechanic) rating.

“I had all the FAA ratings that were available at the time,” said Schade.

In 1948, Schade opened his own business purchasing surplus warplanes and rebuilding them as general aviation aircraft.

“Brand new Corsairs and P-51s were available for ,500. So you can see that there was quite an opportunity there, but there were some negative aspects too,” said Schade. “Because of all the surplus planes that were on the market, in one year more than eight general aviation aircraft manufacturers went out of business.”

Schade’s business suffered too, so he went to work for North American Aircraft Corporation’s space division and spent 32 year working on projects such as the Apollo program and the Challenger Space Shuttle. But Uncle Sam wasn’t finished with him yet. “After hiring on with North American as an engineer, less than 60 days after I was employed, I was getting ready for work one morning and there was a postman asleep on my doorstep,” explained Schade. “I woke him up and said, ‘are you looking for someone?’

“He handed me a telegram and I opened up the telegram and it said, ‘you will report to the nearest Marine base for active duty.’”

Schade had been recalled along with many active and inactive veterans (he was in the Marine Corps Reserves) in order to form a full division to fight in the Korean War.

“[General] MacArthur had a plan to put a Marine division north in Korea at Inchon and then penetrate down towards the south to Pusan and sort of ‘rescue’ the 8th Army,” said Schade. “But he couldn’t get a full division of Marines.

He added that at the time, President Truman was trying to eliminate the Marine Corps so the force was down to less than two full divisions. In order to fulfill Marine Corps requirements all active and inactive reserves were recalled.

“I can recall that when the ship was being loaded in San Diego for its eventual trip to Inchon, some of the inactive reserves were brought in with handcuffs because they didn’t feel they were qualified or in a condition should be called up for active duty,” said Schade. “Nevertheless that’s how MacArthur got his full division of Marines and we did make the Inchon landing and secured Kempo Aerodrome and then secured Seoul and then we went back to Japan for 30 days of leave.”

Schade returned to Korea and took part in the drive into the north and the Chosin Reservoir.

This time around, Schade’s training as an aviation mechanic proved to be not as valuable as his availability as a “grunt” or a land company Marine.

“I was a fire team leader,” he said. “I had five guys under me. The first guy carried a Browning automatic rifle (BAR). I carried a Thompson submachine gun, a carbine and a 45-caliber pistol. But the object of that fire team was to keep that BAR firing at all times, so there were four backups behind the BAR rifleman.”

At the Chosin Reservoir, Schade and his fellow Marines saw some of the worst fighting and worst weather to date. Forced to withdraw by foot back to the North Korea coast to be evacuated, the 1st Marine Division fought defensively in temperatures of up to 75 degrees below zero.

“The daytime temperature was about 35 degrees below zero. That’s why so many Marines walking back lost their legs and feet to frostbite,” said Schade.

“I was in Korea for one year of combat,” he added. “You might say that I was destined not to die in either war because with all the close calls we had in combat and flying I was never injured. I don’t understand why not, but I guess I lucked out.”

After his second stint in the service, Schade returned to his career at North American.

Now he is an active member of the Estrella Warbird Museum in Paso Robles, Calif. The museum has 17 Navy aircraft and one Air Force jet; his most recent project.

Schade once brought an Air Force T-37 from a base in Texas to the museum where he helped oversee the reassembly of the craft. He is also involved, through the museum, with encouraging the youth of today to learn more about the history of the military who fought to ensure their freedom.

“One thing we’ve noticed in our museum is that for some reason young people aren’t interested in military affairs,” Schade added. “If we can motivate some of these people (NJROTC cadets) to stay in the military and especially the Navy, then we’re happy and proud to be able to do it.”

© 2005 Sound Publishing, Inc.

Latest Chrysler Recall News

Call Kurtis Investigates: Fiat Chrysler Recalls 350k SUVs a Month After CBS13
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Latest Nissan Recall News

2016 Nissan Maxima Recalled for Fire Risk
WASHINGTON — Nissan North America is recalling 5,458 2016 Nissan Maxima sedans in the U.S. because a fuel leak may increase the risk of fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A stop-sale order has been issued to Nissan …
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Toyota Recalls 1.6 Million Cars After Nissan SUV Air Bag Injury
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