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It happened many times this week.
The car doesn’t show any on hud.
I am not able to see the fuel gauge and speedo meter as well as gear shifting point. Toyota hasn’t recalled this problem. I am sure this is unsafe and unacceptable.
Toyota must admit this. It is absolutely a good car but not safe.

Kilowatt Meter Overview

The kilowatt meter is a simple piece of equipment to use. The kilowatt meter, when used correctly, serves as a midpoint between the open circuit, usually an outlet, and the appliance. There are different makes and models of these meters. A distribution may be used to test the power consumption of appliances in the home, while others are used for testing industrial and state-of-the-art equipment. The meter will have either a digital face or analog face with buttons allowing the user to switch between different modes and functions. The major function of the meter is to determine the amount of electricity an appliance is using.

The cost of the meter starts around $ 25. A report from the U.S. Department of Energy declares that 20% of electric bills are due to appliances that are not unplugged, and turned off. This means that some appliances, while turned off, still consume electricity. It is suggested that a meter be stored in the home to test appliances accordingly. The results from these tests weigh in heavily on energy costs and savings. Most devices will give the calculated voltage, line frequency, current and power factor.

Here’s how to use the device as a power monitor. Understand the basic functions of the device itself. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions that came with the device packaging. Select the target appliance in the home. Unplug the appliance. With the device in hand, appropriately plug the appliance into the device. Next, plug the device into the wall outlet or power source. The settings for the device may or may not be accurately set as out-of-the-box-ready; therefore, some adjustments will be necessary.

After the adjustments have been made, observe the device. In a power-off state, some appliances will still absorb energy. These are the appliances that need to be targeted. In rare cases, this could be due to a short in the wiring of the appliance, or just simply bad design. In any case, when it costs energy and money to use this appliance, the best option is to replace it with a more green-energy compliant device. Use this approach for each appliance using the device as a power monitor.

These power devices are made to accurately detail the usage of energy by any capable appliance. These devices are a necessary component to determine the amount of electricity that is being consumed by a single appliance. The device also puts into question the safety of an appliance. If the appliance uses energy in a powered off state, then the appliance is faulty and should be returned or replaced by the consumer.

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Turbine Flow Meter

Overview of Flow Measurement Flowmeters are devices that measure the amount of liquid, gas or vapor that passes through them. Some flowmeters measure flow as the amount of fluid passing through the flowmeter during a time period (such as 100 liters per minute). Other flowmeters measure the totalized amount of fluid that has passed through the flowmeter (such as 100 liters). Flowmeters consist of a primary device, transducer and transmitter. The transducer senses the fluid that passes through the primary device. The transmitter produces a usable flow signal from the raw transducer signal. These components are often combined, so the actual flowmeter may be one or more physical devices. Flow measurement can be described by Q = A ? v, which means that the volume of fluid passing through a flowmeter is equal to the cross-sectional area of the pipe (A) times the average velocity of the fluid (v); and W = r ? Q, which means that the mass flow of fluid passing through a flowmeter (A) is equal to the fluid density (r) times the volume of the fluid (Q). Volumetric flowmeters directly measure the volume of fluid (Q) passing through the flowmeter.

The only flowmeter technology that measures volume directly is the positive displacement flowmeter. Velocity flowmeters utilize techniques that measure the velocity (v) of the flowing stream to determine the volumetric flow. Examples of flowmeter technologies that measure velocity include magnetic, turbine, ultrasonic, and vortex shedding and fluidic flowmeters. Mass flowmeters utilize techniques that measure the mass flow (W) of the flowing stream. Examples of flowmeter technologies that measure mass flow include Coriolis mass and thermal flowmeters. Inferential flowmeters do not measure volume, velocity or mass, but rather measure flow by inferring its value from other measured parameters. Examples of flowmeter technologies that measure inferentially include differential pressure, target and variable area flowmeters.

Flow computers are often used to compensate flow measurements for actual process conditions, such as pressure, temperature, viscosity, and composition. Additional flowmeter technologies include flowmeters that measure liquid flowing in an open channel, and insertion flowmeters that measure flow at one location in a pipe and use this measurement to infer the flow in the entire pipe. Insertion flow measurement systems often use a flow computer to compensate for hydraulic effects.

Installation Cautions for Flowmeters In liquid service, be sure that the flowmeter is installed such that it remains full of liquid, because gas/vapor in the flowmeter can alter its geometry and adversely affect accuracy. In gas/vapor service, be sure that the flowmeter is installed such that the flowmeter remains full of gas/vapor, because liquid in the flowmeter can alter its geometry and adversely affect accuracy. Disturbances located upstream (and sometimes downstream) of the flowmeter, such as pipe elbows and control valves, can adversely affect measurement accuracy, because the flowmeter may not be able to accurately measure disturbed flow streams. Be sure to locate control valves downstream of the flowmeter so their flow disturbances are not introduced directly into the flowmeter (as they would be if located upstream). Also, be sure to properly design the upstream and downstream piping with sufficient straight run to remove disturbances that can affect measurement accuracy. Be especially careful when flow is two-phase, such as liquid/gas flow and liquid/solid flow, because these flows can adversely affect the accuracy of many flowmeters. Be careful because some flowmeters can become plugged and stop working in liquid/solid flow streams. Application Cautions for Flowmeters Each type of flowmeter has its own specific applications and installation constraints. There is no “one size fits all” flowmeter. The way to select the right flowmeter is to use the application as your guide, not the technology. Many of these technologies will all work well on many applications. If you start with the application, you can select the technology you wish to use based on accuracy, cost, durability and reliability, rather than trying to make the technology you chose fit the application you have.

To know more about turbine flow meter technology you should visit flowmeters.com. You can also learn more about water flow meter.

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Humidity Meter

A humidity meter, or moisture meter, is a device used to measure the amount of water and moisture in a given object. Aside from this basic function, there are advanced types of humidity meters, which are typically used by experts in specific industries. These can measure the humidity, airflow, and temperature levels of substances. Humidity meters can also determine if a given substance is compatible to be used in a given environment or industrial condition.

Typically a small and hand-held gadget, a humidity meter is equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen to show meter readings. These are usually the type of meters used to perform basic functions. There are also large moisture meters, however, which are used in planning large-scale projects to make sure that the materials used can accommodate adjustments in humidity.

Depending on the extent of applications the device is capable of doing, a humidity meter can be used for simple home inspections or basic laboratory and research experiments. Testing of materials under controlled environments and analysing humidity levels are also done with the use of humidity meters. The information provided is used in identifying if a material is wet or dry, suitable for use, or requires further examination.

In practice, the most common use of a humidity meter is to determine the moisture content of wood and concrete. Wood tends to change its shape, shrink, and even crack when it dries, depending on the wood type and lumber species. That is why before wood is used to make furniture and other equipment, it is normally left to dry first. This is where humidity meters come in.

Woodworkers make use of the meter readings to determine the moisture content of wood and if it is fit for use. Carpenters and building inspectors analyse the moisture content to make sure the wood is compatible with the humidity of the area where it is to be used. Problems in construction, such as cracked finishes, buckling, and sunken joints, can be minimized or avoided by proper moisture and humidity analysis.

For concrete, moisture or humidity detectors are capable of detecting even the small particles that can be found in concrete. This includes the density and the chemical properties of concrete. The two are measured because they can greatly affect how concrete reacts when it is dry. How the moisture content of concrete reacts with the relative humidity of air around it is also analysed.

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Enter the Love Meter

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by SS&SS

Measure your love around the love meter. May you and your spouse last through the test of time? Are you a match produced in heaven? Everybody wants to learn if they’re using the proper one. You will understand a small amount of the potential by screening your relationship on the meter. Enter your name and your partner’s name in the love meter and it’ll tell you whether or not you are destined to be together forever. The meter calculates your love through your brands. Names have a meaning. And the name we received was supposed to be. And who we’re meant to be with can come down to your names. Get to learn about the greatest Love Calculator.

It is possible to examine other sorts of associations about the love meter as well. You can test whether your buddy are truly meant to be together or your puppy love. You never know who you might find yourself with ultimately. To marry your closest friend who is furthermore your lover is the best marriage ever. You can find the one you are suppose to become with, it just requires sometime. Remember that the love meter actually is just a sport. It is just designed for amusement purposes. Have fun entering your name and your lover’s name. Try entering your complete names. Sometimes nicknames do not provide as large as score as nicknames. Perhaps that’s as the entire name we were given really does have some time to tell about your destiny.

Love Meter Results

Whether you choose to believe in the love meter’s results or not is your decision. It can surely give a little love ego to you boost though. And would you not desire a pride boost. An pride boost makes you more happy and being more happy is great. Therefore if you do have confidence in the results, make certain you believe in the good results as opposed to the negative ones. Although, if you believe in the negative results, then possibly deep down you know you are not in a good relationship.

Love is truly discovered within yourself. You have to look strong down to find out if you are really deeply in love with the man. When they really love you though? how do you know though? Finding out if they truly love you can be difficult. You must watch for signals that they give off. Actually the manner so if they say “I love you,” is a tell tale hint. Keep watching for these signs to discover if he truly loves you. Even though you are waiting to fall head over pumps, you can keep examining the love meter for that small love ego boosts along the way.

Understanding who you’re suppose to become with is difficult. It is therefore hard that the love meter was devised. And love is wanted by everybody. Seeking for love is difficult, but it is always worth it. Never negotiate. Ensure he loves you just as much as you love him. Several folks settle, never knowing true love. And the saddest thing will be in relationship without love. It is advisable to stay no relationship whatsoever. Love with all your heart, do not restrain, and find your true love.

Discover the love of the lifestyle and analyze your love with all the love games together. Increase your vanity and stay absolutely in love with the meter. View for your little love signals and secret love terms from your companion. Love having an open heart primarily. Never settle and present your to it all. Existence is too brief not to risk loving passionately. If you’re designed to be on the love meter have fun finding out. For a better result, visit our site

Understanding who you’re suppose to become with is difficult. It is therefore hard that the love meter was devised. And love is wanted by everybody. Seeking for love is difficult, but it is always worth it. Never negotiate. Ensure he loves you just as much as you love him. Several folks settle, never knowing true love. And the saddest thing will be in relationship without love. It is advisable to stay no relationship whatsoever. Love with all your heart, do not restrain, and find your true love.

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Love Meter Test

In today’s internet world there are many things available for to enjoy. One of them is Love Meter Test, which is getting very popular these days. It is basically a love percentage detecting perimeter. This is truly an amazing device and by using this device now it is easy to measure love for your loving one. As per different reviews this device is popular because it is very easy to operate. A person just needs to enter the names and click the “show me” for result. Many people say that love meter test has made easy to find soul partner in this over-populated world. The teenager girls are becoming more addicted to this device, especially girls from high school. They are really getting crazy about it. As we all know that girls are so thoughtful and so curious to know what their future holds for them with a certain someone they’ve a crush on.

This is a reality and human nature that he/she is capable of loving and each person needs to be loved. Usually females are more conscious about there life partners. They really want to know the status of their love relationship. Well no doubt that there are many other love related games and activities to do apart from the love meter test. One game named Cupid’s match is also very popular and in many parties when girls and guys get together they open up these sits and tools and match each other for compatibility just for fun. Normally couples play this love meter test game to whether they both lovers really meant to be together or not. One can also play around and introduce special names the couple which they have given each other and see what pops up.

Actually the main reason of love meter tests is to provide entertainment and fun to people. Love meter test is more reliable than others because it requests you to enter more detailed info about you and your partner are more close to reality. This device is smart enough to make a rough estimate on how two persons match with each other and based on that it tell a person about his/her compatibility.

Well it is also suggested that never take such things serious. These all are entertainment and a fun way of taking your mind of the gravity of a serious relationship. Additionally, there are some cases in which this type of test gives people a confidence and courage to breakup with people who were bad for them after discovering that their test results were negative match ups.

you can test you love status here love meter , love meter test

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What is TV meter

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by SS&SS

TV meter is commonly used in radio and television equipment in broadcasting. It is mainly used in terrestrial television, cable TV, satellite TV signal measurement and analysis. It is always an important job for its systematic evaluation and measurement to radio and television project, but the TV signal strength is the most basic measurement. Through the field strength measurements, we can have a preliminary understanding to the TV system equipment, the quality status of a network operation.

1. Basic concepts of signal level meter

Signal level meter (field strength meter) is an instrument measuring TV signal strength. Strength stands for electric field strength; it is the level of signal that antenna sensing at one point in space, to characterize the electric field strength at this point. TV signal strength measurement is actually measured by a standard antenna to receive induction territorial television signals, or directly connected to the output of the cable TV signal and read the signal strength with level meter.

Signal level meter makes dB as the unit, such as dBuV, dBmV, dBm.

2. Basic principle of signal level meter

Signal Level Meter is mainly used to test the TV field strength level, generally by the RF input and attenuation circuit, high-frequency tuning circuits, IF demodulation circuits, video processing circuits, spectrum processing circuit, synchronization and display circuit, sound and tone field circuit, power supply and battery charging circuit and other components. The signal level meter is equipped with a CPU, and directly displayed on the screen with a LCD, the operation is very convenient.

3. Function of signal level meter

In addition to the basic level measurement, signal level meter also has other functions, such as sound carrier measurement, carrier noise ratio measurement, TV picture display, audio monitoring, A/V audio video ratio measurement, spectrum measurement, TILT measurement, video output / input, external LNB power supply and so on. Signal Level Meter is generally equipped with a battery, power supply or car charger, easy to carry out for work. Some advanced signal level meter are with spectrum analysis, can make full span scan for the whole frequency range of television signals, or view the spectrum by selected range.

According to their functions, TV meter can be divided into TV signal level meter, TV spectrum signal level meter, CATV analyzer. An advanced TV meter can cover cable television and satellite TV bands, with the function of spectral analysis and color picture display, is capable of the measurement and analysis of both analog TV and digital TV signals.

by Radiasun meters, article source: http://www.radiasunmeters.com.


Magnetic Flow Meter


Basic principle:

When a flowing conducting fluid is subjected to a transverse magnetic field, the flowing conducting fluid cuts the magnetic field and causes a voltage to be induced. This induced voltage is proportional to the fluid velocity, that is, flow rate.


The main parts of this instrument are as follows:

A conducting fluid is flowing through a non-magnetic and non-conducting pipe, whose flow rate is to be measured.

Two electrodes are attached in opposite sides of pipe carrying the conducting fluid. These electrodes are in contact with the flowing conducting fluid.

The pipe is surrounded by an electromagnet which produces which produces a magnetic field.


This magnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s law of induced voltage which is given as follows,



E = induced voltage(volts)
B = flux density (Gauss)
L = Length of conductor which is the diameter of the pipe (cm)
V = Average velocity of conductor (fluid) in cm/sec

When the conducting fluid flows through the pipe which is subjected to a magnetic field, the conducting fluid cuts the magnetic field and due to this a voltage is induced. As the magnetic field is constant, voltage obtained across the electrodes will be directly proportional t average fluid velocity and diameter (length) and hence becomes a measure of volume flow rate.


Used to measure flow rates of conducting fluids.
Used to measure flow rates of slurry, corrosive and abrasive fluids.
Magnetic flow meter is used to measure bidirectional flows by reversing connections which can be done automatically.


These meters do not cause obstruction to flow and hence cause no pressure drop.
For measurements, it does not matter whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.
It gives accurate results.
Its reliability is high, that is, it gives a standard performance for an elongated period of time.
It can handle greasy materials and fluids containing suspended solids.
The measurement is independent of viscosity, density, temperature and pressure.


The fluid whose flow rate is to be measured should satisfy certain conduction conditions.
The fluid should be full in the pipe to get accurate results.
Air and gas bubbles in the fluid will cause errors. With certain fluids, the electrodes might get coated with scales and this will affect the output signal. However, this can be taken care off by cleaning the electrodes.

In many cases, the output voltage is low and hence requires amplification.


To know more about flow measurement go to Magnetic Flow Meter and Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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