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What is TV meter

Smart Meter Fires
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TV meter is commonly used in radio and television equipment in broadcasting. It is mainly used in terrestrial television, cable TV, satellite TV signal measurement and analysis. It is always an important job for its systematic evaluation and measurement to radio and television project, but the TV signal strength is the most basic measurement. Through the field strength measurements, we can have a preliminary understanding to the TV system equipment, the quality status of a network operation.

1. Basic concepts of signal level meter

Signal level meter (field strength meter) is an instrument measuring TV signal strength. Strength stands for electric field strength; it is the level of signal that antenna sensing at one point in space, to characterize the electric field strength at this point. TV signal strength measurement is actually measured by a standard antenna to receive induction territorial television signals, or directly connected to the output of the cable TV signal and read the signal strength with level meter.

Signal level meter makes dB as the unit, such as dBuV, dBmV, dBm.

2. Basic principle of signal level meter

Signal Level Meter is mainly used to test the TV field strength level, generally by the RF input and attenuation circuit, high-frequency tuning circuits, IF demodulation circuits, video processing circuits, spectrum processing circuit, synchronization and display circuit, sound and tone field circuit, power supply and battery charging circuit and other components. The signal level meter is equipped with a CPU, and directly displayed on the screen with a LCD, the operation is very convenient.

3. Function of signal level meter

In addition to the basic level measurement, signal level meter also has other functions, such as sound carrier measurement, carrier noise ratio measurement, TV picture display, audio monitoring, A/V audio video ratio measurement, spectrum measurement, TILT measurement, video output / input, external LNB power supply and so on. Signal Level Meter is generally equipped with a battery, power supply or car charger, easy to carry out for work. Some advanced signal level meter are with spectrum analysis, can make full span scan for the whole frequency range of television signals, or view the spectrum by selected range.

According to their functions, TV meter can be divided into TV signal level meter, TV spectrum signal level meter, CATV analyzer. An advanced TV meter can cover cable television and satellite TV bands, with the function of spectral analysis and color picture display, is capable of the measurement and analysis of both analog TV and digital TV signals.

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Magnetic Flow Meter


Basic principle:

When a flowing conducting fluid is subjected to a transverse magnetic field, the flowing conducting fluid cuts the magnetic field and causes a voltage to be induced. This induced voltage is proportional to the fluid velocity, that is, flow rate.


The main parts of this instrument are as follows:

A conducting fluid is flowing through a non-magnetic and non-conducting pipe, whose flow rate is to be measured.

Two electrodes are attached in opposite sides of pipe carrying the conducting fluid. These electrodes are in contact with the flowing conducting fluid.

The pipe is surrounded by an electromagnet which produces which produces a magnetic field.


This magnetic flow meter is based on Faraday’s law of induced voltage which is given as follows,



E = induced voltage(volts)
B = flux density (Gauss)
L = Length of conductor which is the diameter of the pipe (cm)
V = Average velocity of conductor (fluid) in cm/sec

When the conducting fluid flows through the pipe which is subjected to a magnetic field, the conducting fluid cuts the magnetic field and due to this a voltage is induced. As the magnetic field is constant, voltage obtained across the electrodes will be directly proportional t average fluid velocity and diameter (length) and hence becomes a measure of volume flow rate.


Used to measure flow rates of conducting fluids.
Used to measure flow rates of slurry, corrosive and abrasive fluids.
Magnetic flow meter is used to measure bidirectional flows by reversing connections which can be done automatically.


These meters do not cause obstruction to flow and hence cause no pressure drop.
For measurements, it does not matter whether the flow is laminar or turbulent.
It gives accurate results.
Its reliability is high, that is, it gives a standard performance for an elongated period of time.
It can handle greasy materials and fluids containing suspended solids.
The measurement is independent of viscosity, density, temperature and pressure.


The fluid whose flow rate is to be measured should satisfy certain conduction conditions.
The fluid should be full in the pipe to get accurate results.
Air and gas bubbles in the fluid will cause errors. With certain fluids, the electrodes might get coated with scales and this will affect the output signal. However, this can be taken care off by cleaning the electrodes.

In many cases, the output voltage is low and hence requires amplification.


To know more about flow measurement go to Magnetic Flow Meter and Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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Different Types of Flow Meters Including Vortex Meter

Flow meters are devices used to determine the flow and velocity of gases, liquids or steam through pipes or other designated areas. They are very essential in the day-to-day functioning of various industries as they provide necessary flow data. They also enable the management to make decisions on operational costs. Flow meters must be properly installed and maintained in order to have accurate readings.

Benefits of using Flow Meters

Installation of flow meters, like ultrasonic flow meter, at your workplace offers many benefits. Through a flow meter, you can monitor how much fuel, oil, lubricant or gas you are using every time you fill up a vehicle or a machine. This helps you to monitor costs, thus, saving money. Flow meters help in keeping up the efficiency of a vehicle or a machine. It also enables you to know exactly how much fuel a vehicle or a machine requires. This information is important as every vehicle and machine should not exceed the optimum level of fuel.

Different types of Flow Meters

Ultrasonic Flow Meter – This meter is used to determine the flow of gas in large industrial applications. It measures the speed of sound waves that travel from one point to another through pipes. The advanced sonic measuring devices installed in the meter gives the results. Because sound travels at different speeds and in different volumes of gas, these gas flow metes require advanced computers for advanced computations. You will also find a portable ultrasonic flow meter in the market.
Turbine Flow Meter – This meter determines the velocity of gas transfer. It is installed inside a pipe line which causes the turbines to spin as gas flows. A mechanical counter translates the rate of speed of the turbines into a measurement of gas flow. However, this meter cannot be accurate in its measurement because of only a certain amount of gas that can be transferred through a pipe at one time.
Vortex Flow Meter – This meter uses an obstruction that interrupts a flow called laminar. The  rate of flow is determined by the length of the vortex.
Digital Water Flow Meter – This meter measures the volume of water. The unit of measurement used is cubic meters or feet. Its measurements are very accurate and are used at homes, offices and apartments. It is very easy to install and anybody can install it if instructions are followed properly.

The ever constant growth of science and technology has led to the inventions of devices that can measure water, air and gas. These devices are called water, air and gas flow meters. Flow meters like ultrasonic flow meter gives accurate measurements and are very helpful for various industrial applications.

This article talks about what is flow meter and what are its advantages. It also explains the different types of flow meters like Turbine Flow Meter, Low Flow Meter, digital water flow meter, etc.

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