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Understanding And Monitoring Energy Consumption With Power Meters

A power meter is a large single electric control panel which is responsible for measuring the total electric consumption of a building. Normally a switchboard meter can be accessible from the inside and from the outside of the building as well. An electric supply company normally has a device which reads the client’s energy consumption on a regular basis in order to be able to bill the client for the service.

The supplier company has the capability of sending a meter reader once a month to do a physical reading; however, the latest technology allows these companies to take the readings directly through their database and this is something which can be considered a very practical approach.

This equipment installation also includes the capability of better understanding and monitoring of the energy consumption in a specific area at a designated time during the day or during the month as well. This helps electrical suppliers to understand the different demands of their clients and how to cope with the supply in times of extremely hot or cold weather conditions and other similar periods. It also helps the consumers to understand their consumption. A sudden increase or decrease in meter readings should signify a definitive change in usage habits or a problem in delivery of electricity.

There are many different types of power meters; however, the most common ones are the electromechanical types that work on counting the revolutions of an aluminum disc which rotates at a speed proportional to the power.

There is also the electronic meter, which is basically doing the same measuring; however, it is displaying the results on an LCD display and it can transmit the reading to a remote place. These kinds of switchboard meters are also used quite frequently for recording load supplies as well, They are becoming the most commonly used types, since they function much more efficiently than others.

Having a meter that is able to send readings to the supply company is also recommended, because there are no issues of human error to alter accuracy. Although some customers that have exchanged the older meters for the newer technology might say their electric bills have increased, this should not be the case. It may be due to faulty wiring from the previous set-up and these customers should contact their supply company for a meter check-up to avoid any further problems.

There are different tariffs for different kinds of electricity consumption and the supplying companies try to make sure that those customers that do not come under the heavy consumption tariff get better benefits from them.

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Thermal Mass Flow Meters Are Used On Air And Industrial Gases

When you are working with very high temperatures with air or industrial gases, you need a thermal mass flow meter that will hold up to the toughest abuse. Having a thermal mass flow meter malfunction in a plant or other facility can mean injuries or it could cost lives. That’s why you only want the best when it comes to your thermal mass flow meters. This isn’t something you want to skimp on as far as cost goes.

You want to do your research as far as which brand is the best, which manufacturer is the best, and which seller will provide you with the best product. Whether you’re a plant foreman, the owner, or you’re just on the board of directors, make sure everyone involved has a hand in choosing on the best thermal mass flow meter for your facility.

Save Money

Not only will your thermal mass flow meter save lives when it holds up to the highest temperatures, but you’ll be able to gauge exactly how much of the substance you’re working with. Thermal mass flow meters, just like normal mass flow meters, or coriolis mass flow meters as they’re commonly called, are designed to accurately measure the amount of fluid, or gas, flowing through the tubes.

The thermal mass flow meter will give you an accurate representation of the amount of substance you’re using so you’ll be sure to only use what you need. This will save money in the long run, which is good news for everyone involved. If the meters didn’t gauge the amount you were using, you could end up using too much or too little, which would give you drastically different results than you were striving for.

Save Lives

The thermal mass flow meter, if it’s of the utmost quality, will stand up to the highest of temperatures. This is important when working with very high temperature steam, gases and other substances. If there is even one malfunction with a thermal mass flow meter, someone could end up getting hurt very seriously, or killed. So make sure you inspect your thermal mass flow meters often and replace them whenever they look like they may be worn too much.

Whether you are working with air, steam, or any other high temperature, high pressure substance, a thermal mass flow meter is essential to not only save money but it can also save lives.

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Knowing The In’s And Out’s Of Power Transducers And Power Meters

When installing electrical equipment or working with electrical wires it is critical to be able to test the electrical equipment. The type of equipment will require different monitoring techniques. Some requires constant monitoring of voltage, current and power values.

In some instances a power meter is use to measure, communicate and manage electrical variation. When looking into the power meters or transducers, always be sure that they meet the Public Utility Commission, International Organization for Standardization and Sarbanes Oxley testing requirements. This will help to ensure the proper test results come back every time.

It is also important to look into the different types and models of power transducer and power meters. Most of these will be able to interface with an application used to monitor variations in electricity, voltage, and current. Before purchasing an electrical testing kit, always check the compatibility requirement to ensure that the test unit will work with the customer’s software and other forms of hardware. The durability for the electrical testing equipment needs to be very high. It should be able to withstand harsh weather and conditions.

A lot of the electrical testing equipment comes with an Ethernet interface that allows for real-time monitoring. Some other types of units will also do the monitoring and periodic testing automatically. The electrician or engineer can set the times for the testing and set different alert displays for safety.

A device can be used to monitor tenant metering, substation automation, utility submetering and generator monitoring. A lot of utility companies such as the electric company use automated metering reading equipment to measure, manage and record electrical usage. Most are multifunctional and very efficient.

Another important factor when considering the type or make and model of the transducer or meter is the type of protocol it will use. There are several types of protocols that help to advance communications capabilities. These protocols are Modbus Plus, Modbus RTU and ASCII, and DNP 3.0.

The amounts of different electrical outputs are important when considering which electrical testing equipment. It is important to know how many electrical parameters are being measured. Always make sure that all of the necessary power functions are being monitored and tested on a regular basis.

If for any reason the customer is not comfortable with installing, testing or monitoring electrical function of any type, then a professional electrician or technician should be contacted. A professional electrician with the proper certifications will know what to do should something go wrong with the installation or testing process. Monitoring voltage, watts, VARs, volts and other variables is extremely important when working around electricity.

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Are Flow Meters Helpful In Many Ways?

If we talk about flow meters, we can find so many kinds but the only purpose is to measure the flow of an element especially liquid and air. These instruments are very much helpful in many ways as being used by so many individuals in determining the volume of a certain liquid or gas. The two elements are can be measured through mass flow rates or volumetric. These devices contribute a lot to the activities of the people who work in this kind of industry. Not all of the individuals in the world know about it. These are not commonly used that being displays publicly but for special purposes.

You will find very different types of flowmeter devices currently available. Some of these flow meters may be used within the construction of a tube or pipe to watch via flow. Others may literally sit on the exterior from the tube framework to watch through flow. This can obviously depend on numerous factors. It is because these devices must depend upon its usage in many activities. Even though they are also called the same but the functions are different. Other factors that will decide on the kind of flow meter utilized include the cost of inserting it right into a pipe/tube and the ramifications of doing this.

You may know about the device for measurements of liquid or gas but there are still so many things you need to know more. These flow meters could be set up in to, or even clamped on to a pipe or even tube completely. On the other hand there are more products which are totally transportable. Flowmeters can keep track of as well as capture vital information concerning the fluid or even gases which flow through pipes or even tubes. What exactly type of processes tend to be flowmeters used for? Water as well as Waste Water Market is now showing everyone through exhibit of how these devices must be used properly by individuals so they would know.

In today’s business activities and making products, you will find flow meters products maintain a close eye on all types of flow information, including raw water flow as well as oxygenation flow dimensions. For all those pipes along with uncooked sewerage flowing through, clamp on flowmeters are perfect to use. Using this type of poisonous substance entering plumbing isn’t the ideal choice. Not only using the danger associated with seepage of sewerage from all of these plumbing, but also the chance of polluting pipes which are transporting clean water. It is a requirement that when you use any of these kinds, you are familiar if what is the exact and fitted to the activities that you are doing.

It is a requirement that safety first must be considered. Clamp on flow meters are also the device of choice within the plants industries inside the in line with Pharmaceutical business. Know that in the manufacturing and processing of all pharmaceutical drug items, using a sterile atmosphere is supreme and highly needed to avoid any flaws which can be harmful. Getting flowmeter devices installed inside these types of pipes or pipes operates the chance of contaminants and also limits the range with regard to recalibration of these plumbing or even tubes. That’s the reason on this Industry field there’s requirement for non-invasive flowmeters.

You have to additionally see whether the fluid is chemically compatible with wetted parts of the flow meters, and in case the applying is actually process oriented, exactly what size tube ought to be used. Additionally, you will also have to be worried about the steaming in addition to area in which the flowmeter can best end up being situated. Another aspect in order to choose in utilizing a flowmeter is comparing this when it comes to performance with a stage indicator this too can offer similar overall performance.

So, before you lay down your flow meters, it is recommended to have check up whether or not you can make use of bulk models or volumetric models to acquire most useful flow information. To be sure, volumetric flow is not very useful in the case of unstable supplies that don’t have continuous density. In such instances, it may be better to use bulk flowmeter which are insensitive to denseness and pressure as well as variations within viscosity. The actual technologies used in flowmeters has been significantly affected by the needs of numerous sectors including auto and production that want to possess effective as well as better resources for acquiring exact measurements which go past sensor and computer potato chips.

Earliest kinds of flow meters had been make use of in order to ration water as well as industry in liquid and solid bodies and thus these were really merely and didn’t have a lot complicated features in them. These days, electronic flowmeter need to supply very accurate measurements so the technology that’s getting used must make sure minimum inaccuracies, as well as which are able to additionally measure flow of gases, liquids in addition to even solids. In addition, simply because this kind of meters needs to calculate items to the tiniest detail, the readings supplied should be as close in order to excellence as possible and they should also provide much better outcomes compared to previous decades associated with such devices.

There are also digital flow meters that are getting used to obtain precise measurements instantly for different gasoline channels which products could be calibrated with regard to air and nitrogen in addition to hydrogen and even carbon dioxide, amongst other things.Therefore, even a pump inside your community service station qualifies like a flowmeter and thus does the house water meter as well as the meter measuring flow associated with natural gas in your house.

To be sure, any inaccurate dimension made by flow meters may cause a lot of reduction in money, especially in the future and it is additionally not every so good for a number of tools and may even wind up also creating a possible threat to one’s life. Due to this, people that use or even close to a flowmeter have to be fully familiar with the workings of this kind of devices. There are so many companies who are now expert in manufacturing these kinds of product which is very affordable. The quality of these products depends upon the brand it bears and the company who produced.

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Shunts And Panel Meters Are Necessary For Electronic Testing

In medicine, the word shunt refers to a mechanism that diverts a process like blood flow or food passage from its usual path to another path. In electronics, shunts work in a similar manner. They are basically devices that allow current to bypass one point and travel to another point in a circuit.

Examples in Electronics
Some Christmas lights are set in a series, which is why once a bulb fails, the entire circuit goes out. To prevent this, every bulb contains a shunt that is made of a tiny wire turned several times. The purpose of this device is to conduct currents in the event that the filament fails. By producing an area of low resistance, it is able to augment the voltage the rest of the bulbs get, resulting to brighter lighting. Unfortunately, this has the effect of making the lights have a shorter shelf life.

In a lightning arrestor, gas-filled types are used. Direct lightning usually strikes tall buildings, like radio towers. If a shunt is present, it will cause the lightning to arc to the ground, thereby protecting vulnerable equipment such as transmitters and other electronic devices.

Uses in Electronic Testing
During electronic testing, circuits are tested for current, voltage and resistance. There are devices that individually measure these parameters, such as the ammeter, voltmeter and ohmmeter, but there are also devices called multimeters. Panel meters, the devices that measure, record and display electronic parameters, can be prone to damage because of being constantly subjected to the parameters they measure. When these are used in conjunction with shunts, the risk of damage is minimized.

Shunts and panel meters are combined to make shunt-resistive circuits. These circuits are used to bypass predetermined levels of current around an electronic instrument. When a shunt and a meter are not used together, excessive current flow through the instrument may cause damage to the instrument. By using a shunt resistor, this problem is avoided.

In addition, a shunt and panel meter setup can be used to extend the range of the latter. This is referred to as a meter shunt. The principle behind this is that when current is divided between two parallel shunt resistors, the range of an ammeter is increased by adding an additional parallel resistor.

A situation that exemplifies this principle is when an available meter can only read 0-1 milliampere (1 mA) but a 100mA full scale detection (FSD) is needed during electronic testing. This can be addressed by adapting a shunt. The shunt has to be able to take on the difference between the intrinsic FSD of the meter and the desired FSD. If the desired FSD is 100 mA and the meter’s own FSD is only 1mA, the shunt has to be able to take the remaining 99mA of current.

Shunts have varied uses in electronics. Their main utility lies in their ability to protect equipment and enhance the capabilities of panel meters. They are indispensable for anyone who is involved in prudent electronic testing.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about Shunts, please visit http://www.hoytmeter.com/.

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Fuel Flow Meters Are Important In Combustion Engines

A combustion engine works by providing just enough fuel into a small chamber, where that fuel is then ignited. What this does is provide the energy needed to propel your car, lawn mower, boat, or whatever you happen to be using that requires a combustible engine. It’s necessary, however, that the combustible engine is provided with just the right amount of fuel. What you need then is a fuel flow meter.

A fuel flow meter will calculate exactly the right amount of fuel to get the job done. This allows the engine to run efficiently, it allows you to save money so that you’re not overusing your fuel and it allows the engine to work as it’s meant to.

It’s important that you inspect your fuel flow meter often, or have it replaced often, so that you are always using the correct amount of fuel. Even if your fuel flow meter is off by a little bit, it could damage your engine or end up costing you more money than normal.

Inspecting Your Fuel Flow Meter

It doesn’t matter what type of engine you’re working with. It could be a car engine, a gas turbine engine, a boat engine, or anything that uses a combustible engine; you must inspect your fuel flow meter often. For example, if you don’t inspect your gas turbine flow meter often, you could end up spending more money on fuel than you should.

That’s because the fuel flow meter isn’t properly calculating the right amount of fuel to use in order to power the engine you’re trying to use. With fuel prices consistently rising, nobody can afford this so it’s imperative that you always keep an upper hand on the changing or inspecting of your fuel meters.

Changing Them Out

It may be necessary to sometimes change your fuel flow meter. This may seem like more money than it’s worth but you have to realize that it’s better to spend the money on a new meter than to constantly over spend on fuel costs because your fuel flow meter is malfunctioning.

It’s better to spend once, on the initial part, than it is to spend more on fuel over a longer period of time. So bit the bullet and spend the money if your fuel flow meter needs to be changed. You’ll thank yourself later when you realize how much money you’ll have saved.

We All Use Engines

Engines are used in all sorts of products and automobiles and other things. We use lawnmowers that use fuel, we use scooters, cars, motorcycles and much more. Each of these things must provide the exact amount of fuel into the engine in order to work efficiently and correctly. So make sure your fuel flow meter is working correctly so that you don’t spend more than you have to.

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Don’t Forget Ph Meters For Hydroponics

Over the past decade, hydroponics has greatly challenged the efficacy of traditional farming. While conventional agriculture is highly influenced by natural climate conditions, nearly all factors of hydroponics farming are controlled and monitored by the farmer. The methods of hydroponics were used prevalently in biological research labs in the past, as vegetation could grow without the presence of soil, but through the medium of a mineral rich liquid solution. Companies as GrowLab provided a controlled miniature gardening area for schools and labs, to grow a small number of vegetation for studies. Some commercial farms turned such small GrowLab concept into large enterprises to cultivate plants solely on hydroponic science. In fact, EuroFresh Farms, the largest hydroponics farm in the world, produced more than 50,000 tons of tomatoes in 2005. After installation, the maintenance cost and other expenses to produce crops through hydroponics is much cheaper than the cost incurred from farming on soil.

From temperature and humidity to amount of light and fertilization, indoor farming can be closely managed to produce top quality crops. Even if the gardener does not have a specific building to grow a small indoor garden (to grow orchids or flowers), GrowLab offers large grow rooms that can be set up like a tent, with various features including reflective interiors, multiple exhaust ports, and waterproof floors. After deciding on the location or a GrowLab product to begin a hydroponics garden or farm, it is important to realize that nature will no longer aid the growth of the vegetation. Every factor such as humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, and artificial light must be considered for a successful harvest.

While people know to purchase products for illumination and mineral nutrients to successfully grow plants, many forget about the importance of having pH meters. pH levels are indicators of acidity, and soil or cultures can be measured through pH meters. Managing the pH level of the soil (or liquid culture) is very important, as pH affects the absorption of plant nutrients and the spread of plant diseases. Most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil, and will be tolerant of changes in the pH level within the 1 point range. pH meters can effectively monitor the acidity of the hydroponic farm, and the gardener can respond to maintain an optimal level of pH for the specific type of plant. Several custom automated products (CAP) have functions to measure the humidity, temperature, and pH levels, which will also perform the functions of simple pH meters.

The art of growing quality vegetation requires close attention, and the result is highly affected by the smallest details the gardener or farmer makes. By adjusting the pH levels about twice a year, the grower can expect to attain differentiated products that are more sweet or vibrant in color. For instance, top quality watermelons can be achieved when the soil is slightly acidic, about 5.5 to 6.5 in pH levels. Even if vegetation is grown in small lab structured facilities as offered by GrowLab, pH meters will allow plants to develop in the best environment.

Make your indoor garden a superior environment for your plants. Visit the Hydrosource, an one-stop distributor of hydroponics supplies as the Growlab and pH meters .

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Kytola Instruments “?” Manufacturer Of Positive Displacement Meters

Successful businesses rely on the accurate reporting of information to keep their operations running smoothly. This reporting is an essential component of successful manufacturing companies, where detailed information about their mechanical processes is vital in helping to fine-tune their products. For affordable and consistent accuracy, many companies use equipment created by Kytola Instruments.Kytola has manufacturing bases across Finland, the U.S and Canada and has become the leading provider of high performance flow meters, seal water monitors and lubrication solutions. Kytola Instruments also manufactures quality positive displacement meters.

The Kytola Instruments positive displacement meter produces accurate readings in a wide variety of industrial environments. Companies rely on Kytola’s trusted engineering to create a positive displacement meter that provides consistently accurate readings independent of oil viscosity and temperature.
The company produces a wide-array of positive displacement meters for a plethora of industrial applications such as Kytola’s line of SR meters, which measure oil flow. This vital oval-gear meter model is built using aluminum and allows for constant monitoring of oil flow, thanks to its inbuilt alarm system that informs the technician when oil flow is running either too high or too low which helps to keep systems running at optimal capacity.

Because Kytola understands that clients need reliable and efficient monitoring tools in order to handle large volumes of production, the SR meter models are built to be cleaned on the run, ensuring that you do not suffer any loss of productivity due to cleaning downtime.

With the extended 5-year warranty that comes with each SR meter unit purchased through Kytola, the company protects their clientele from any additional maintenance costs that could arise into the future. Moreover, because it combines exceptional levels of accuracy with superior levels of repeatability, many consider the SR meter to be one of the leading types of positive displacement flow meters in the industry. This makes the SR models the obvious choice for companies searching for an affordable piece of equipment that merges rugged dependability with pinpoint accuracy.

Companies that are working with chemicals require a positive displacement meter that will work consistently and will remain unaffected by changes in the viscosity of the chemicals during the process. For these companies, Kytola offers their 6210 model. The 6210 offers many of the customary features of all Kytola equipment, such as dependability, easy-maintenance and expert construction. This dependable, cost-efficient machine has a wide array of applications, such as in the polymer injection process and during the application of a specific chemical dosage. For accurate chemical flow readings every single time, choose Kytola.

In addition to their excellent selection of positive displacement meters, Kytola’s expert engineering team provides technical sales and support to equipment manufacturers worldwide. The company employs a global network of local and international engineers who are available five days a week to help provide solutions to any technical problem that you might have with your equipment.

Kytola stands out for their commitment to excellence. This deeply held commitment means that each of their products conforms to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 environmental standards.

About Kytola Instruments:
Kytola Instruments is a manufacturer and developer of measuring instruments for a wide-variety of industrial applications. The company has a proven history of innovation and is the only flow solutions manufacturer that guarantees their workmanship 100%. Kytola Instruments has a long-standing reputation for constructing premium quality equipment at affordable prices. For more information about Kytola Instruments, please go to Kytola.

Kytola Instruments is a manufacturer of superior quality Variable Area Flow Meters that deliver efficiency to your tasks. Kytola Instruments also provides technical support due to their vast experience and various application and engineering solutions. For more information visit www.kytola.com.

Fiscal Metering at truck flow meters?..

“Flow” is measured by calculating the velocity of a fluid over a known area. Fluids can be liquids and gases. The flow is generally measured by the differential pressure flow meters. They work by accumulating a fixed volume of fluid and the number of times the fluid is refilled gives the quantification of the flow. Custody transfer often known as fiscal metering in an oil & gas industry is a process, which include the fluid transactions. The truck flow meter is based on the same concept of flow measurement and it is calculated in terms of Horse power.  

 Truck Flow meters….

  These are used to measure the pressure in the pipeline closed under the full pipe flow of the fluid flow. A wide range of Truck flow meter are designed with high accuracy and reliability with long life span. They have a minute pressure loss and have a better level of viscosity with good adaptation. These are supplied with the Liquid Control pulse output Devices for compatibility.  

Types of flow meters…

  A variety of flow meters are widely used in the process of custody transfer. The flow of fluids is measured by using the following methods and each serve in various applications.

Differential pressure flow meters

Turbine flow meters: to measure medium to high flows
Coriolis flow meters
Positive Displacement flow meters: to measure low flows
Ultrasonic flow meters. Etc.

Each of them is designed with the help of selective use of several spare parts. But in general, all the flow meters have the following components:

Multiple meters

Flow computers

Quality systems

Support automations


These are also widely used in the food industry for the metering liquid sweeteners & oils. They also hold the use in metering the solvents, acids, caustics and water.

The Liquid Control Positive Displacement flow meters:

A positive displacement flow meter is available in various materials like the aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass etc., which provide the necessary accuracy for various processes like the batch processing, custody transfer of liquids, flow rate controls, blending etc. Liquid Control flow meters includes the assortment of process connections including the ANSI flange, slip on weld flange, BSPT thread etc. these are used in several industries, where the flow rates are frequently monitored.

Flow monitoring is necessary and should be observed as an efficient practice in any fluid industry. Therefore the use of truck flow meter, which can provide accurate and reliable metering, is used. These meters are available with the electronic or mechanical registers. They are widely used in the terminal, pipe line or even the truck users go with these ideal monitoring processes.

Advantages of truck flow meters:

The major benefits underlying the truck flow meter are as follows.

These do not have a metal to metal contact and thus ensures greater accuracy.

Use of Carbon for extended life.

enhancing maximum flow rates.

both electronic and mechanical registrations.

Accessories and calibration.

The above article holds a description about the truck flow meters. It also contains information about the liquid Control Positive Displacement flow. Several underlying features and the benefits of several kinds of flow meters are discussed.

The above description gives the information of Loading skid, Truck flow meter and Oil flow Meter which ensures save and accurate dispensation.

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Using Peak-Flow Meters for Your Asthma

Peak-flow meter is a small softball size portable device, available in very economical price in the market. It is relatively easy and to use and measures the air flow in your airways. The rate at which air moves through the lungs and airways is called Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR). An important point here to remember regarding peak-flow meter is that it is a device used to monitor air flow, and not to diagnose the asthma.

A peak-flow meter is a useful device that helps you in identifying asthma symptoms by telling you whether the airways are narrowing, or stethoscope detects any wheezing sound. Before the things get worse, you can seek help from your asthma management plan and PEFR to take some additional medications. Peak-flow readings help you and your doctor to conclude that the medicine plan is working fine or not. Your doctor will increase or stop your medication according to your PEFR. Peak-flow meter is also used to determine or identify personal asthma triggers.

Who Should Use a Peak-flow Meter?

Normally the people who take asthma medication daily are usually suggested to make a peak-flow meter part of their routine usage. In early weeks after diagnosis, peak-flow meter is used to assess airways’ response to prescribed medication and helps to figure out and changes happen over time between readings and exposure to asthma triggers.

The guidelines published in 1997 by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute suggests that you are required to use a peak-flow meter on for a long term on daily basis, if you are older than five years of age and is a victim of moderate or severe asthma.

Mild, Moderate and Severe Asthma

With mild asthma you get mild attacks just once or twice a week. Symptoms of mild asthma are irregular. With mild asthma, your breathing reading on peak-flow meter should be about 80 percent as strong as it should be. The breathing rate with mild asthma will remain almost the same during day and night time. With such condition, your doctor may suggest you to inhale short-acting beta 9 agonist during asthma attacks. Within few minutes this inhaler or reliever medication will help you to have comfortable breathing. Whether you have mild or severe asthma, it is better to keep a record of your breathing patterns in asthma diary, using peak-flow meter.

Moderate asthma victims can have more than one asthma attack within a week. Severe coughing, wheezing and serious breathing problems can be a part of your attack. The peak-flow meter should be measured as 60 to 80 percent normal breathing rate. Moderate asthma attacks make breathing difficult for you at night time. A corticosteroid (a long-term controller) every day and a short-acting beta agonist (a quick reliever) are recommended during asthma attacks.

The people affected from severe asthma might have an asthma attack everyday. Chronic cough is a symptom of severe asthma. Like moderate asthma, the severe asthma also makes breathing difficult at nights. The breathing rate on peak-flow meter would measured as half of the normal rate. Higher dosage of an inhaled corticosteroid (a long-term controller) every day and a short-acting beta) agonist (a quick reliever) will be recommended.

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