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Fuel Flow Meters Are Important In Combustion Engines

A combustion engine works by providing just enough fuel into a small chamber, where that fuel is then ignited. What this does is provide the energy needed to propel your car, lawn mower, boat, or whatever you happen to be using that requires a combustible engine. It’s necessary, however, that the combustible engine is provided with just the right amount of fuel. What you need then is a fuel flow meter.

A fuel flow meter will calculate exactly the right amount of fuel to get the job done. This allows the engine to run efficiently, it allows you to save money so that you’re not overusing your fuel and it allows the engine to work as it’s meant to.

It’s important that you inspect your fuel flow meter often, or have it replaced often, so that you are always using the correct amount of fuel. Even if your fuel flow meter is off by a little bit, it could damage your engine or end up costing you more money than normal.

Inspecting Your Fuel Flow Meter

It doesn’t matter what type of engine you’re working with. It could be a car engine, a gas turbine engine, a boat engine, or anything that uses a combustible engine; you must inspect your fuel flow meter often. For example, if you don’t inspect your gas turbine flow meter often, you could end up spending more money on fuel than you should.

That’s because the fuel flow meter isn’t properly calculating the right amount of fuel to use in order to power the engine you’re trying to use. With fuel prices consistently rising, nobody can afford this so it’s imperative that you always keep an upper hand on the changing or inspecting of your fuel meters.

Changing Them Out

It may be necessary to sometimes change your fuel flow meter. This may seem like more money than it’s worth but you have to realize that it’s better to spend the money on a new meter than to constantly over spend on fuel costs because your fuel flow meter is malfunctioning.

It’s better to spend once, on the initial part, than it is to spend more on fuel over a longer period of time. So bit the bullet and spend the money if your fuel flow meter needs to be changed. You’ll thank yourself later when you realize how much money you’ll have saved.

We All Use Engines

Engines are used in all sorts of products and automobiles and other things. We use lawnmowers that use fuel, we use scooters, cars, motorcycles and much more. Each of these things must provide the exact amount of fuel into the engine in order to work efficiently and correctly. So make sure your fuel flow meter is working correctly so that you don’t spend more than you have to.

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Don’t Forget Ph Meters For Hydroponics

Over the past decade, hydroponics has greatly challenged the efficacy of traditional farming. While conventional agriculture is highly influenced by natural climate conditions, nearly all factors of hydroponics farming are controlled and monitored by the farmer. The methods of hydroponics were used prevalently in biological research labs in the past, as vegetation could grow without the presence of soil, but through the medium of a mineral rich liquid solution. Companies as GrowLab provided a controlled miniature gardening area for schools and labs, to grow a small number of vegetation for studies. Some commercial farms turned such small GrowLab concept into large enterprises to cultivate plants solely on hydroponic science. In fact, EuroFresh Farms, the largest hydroponics farm in the world, produced more than 50,000 tons of tomatoes in 2005. After installation, the maintenance cost and other expenses to produce crops through hydroponics is much cheaper than the cost incurred from farming on soil.

From temperature and humidity to amount of light and fertilization, indoor farming can be closely managed to produce top quality crops. Even if the gardener does not have a specific building to grow a small indoor garden (to grow orchids or flowers), GrowLab offers large grow rooms that can be set up like a tent, with various features including reflective interiors, multiple exhaust ports, and waterproof floors. After deciding on the location or a GrowLab product to begin a hydroponics garden or farm, it is important to realize that nature will no longer aid the growth of the vegetation. Every factor such as humidity, temperature, CO2 levels, and artificial light must be considered for a successful harvest.

While people know to purchase products for illumination and mineral nutrients to successfully grow plants, many forget about the importance of having pH meters. pH levels are indicators of acidity, and soil or cultures can be measured through pH meters. Managing the pH level of the soil (or liquid culture) is very important, as pH affects the absorption of plant nutrients and the spread of plant diseases. Most plants prefer a slightly acidic soil, and will be tolerant of changes in the pH level within the 1 point range. pH meters can effectively monitor the acidity of the hydroponic farm, and the gardener can respond to maintain an optimal level of pH for the specific type of plant. Several custom automated products (CAP) have functions to measure the humidity, temperature, and pH levels, which will also perform the functions of simple pH meters.

The art of growing quality vegetation requires close attention, and the result is highly affected by the smallest details the gardener or farmer makes. By adjusting the pH levels about twice a year, the grower can expect to attain differentiated products that are more sweet or vibrant in color. For instance, top quality watermelons can be achieved when the soil is slightly acidic, about 5.5 to 6.5 in pH levels. Even if vegetation is grown in small lab structured facilities as offered by GrowLab, pH meters will allow plants to develop in the best environment.

Make your indoor garden a superior environment for your plants. Visit the Hydrosource, an one-stop distributor of hydroponics supplies as the Growlab and pH meters .

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Kytola Instruments “?” Manufacturer Of Positive Displacement Meters

Successful businesses rely on the accurate reporting of information to keep their operations running smoothly. This reporting is an essential component of successful manufacturing companies, where detailed information about their mechanical processes is vital in helping to fine-tune their products. For affordable and consistent accuracy, many companies use equipment created by Kytola Instruments.Kytola has manufacturing bases across Finland, the U.S and Canada and has become the leading provider of high performance flow meters, seal water monitors and lubrication solutions. Kytola Instruments also manufactures quality positive displacement meters.

The Kytola Instruments positive displacement meter produces accurate readings in a wide variety of industrial environments. Companies rely on Kytola’s trusted engineering to create a positive displacement meter that provides consistently accurate readings independent of oil viscosity and temperature.
The company produces a wide-array of positive displacement meters for a plethora of industrial applications such as Kytola’s line of SR meters, which measure oil flow. This vital oval-gear meter model is built using aluminum and allows for constant monitoring of oil flow, thanks to its inbuilt alarm system that informs the technician when oil flow is running either too high or too low which helps to keep systems running at optimal capacity.

Because Kytola understands that clients need reliable and efficient monitoring tools in order to handle large volumes of production, the SR meter models are built to be cleaned on the run, ensuring that you do not suffer any loss of productivity due to cleaning downtime.

With the extended 5-year warranty that comes with each SR meter unit purchased through Kytola, the company protects their clientele from any additional maintenance costs that could arise into the future. Moreover, because it combines exceptional levels of accuracy with superior levels of repeatability, many consider the SR meter to be one of the leading types of positive displacement flow meters in the industry. This makes the SR models the obvious choice for companies searching for an affordable piece of equipment that merges rugged dependability with pinpoint accuracy.

Companies that are working with chemicals require a positive displacement meter that will work consistently and will remain unaffected by changes in the viscosity of the chemicals during the process. For these companies, Kytola offers their 6210 model. The 6210 offers many of the customary features of all Kytola equipment, such as dependability, easy-maintenance and expert construction. This dependable, cost-efficient machine has a wide array of applications, such as in the polymer injection process and during the application of a specific chemical dosage. For accurate chemical flow readings every single time, choose Kytola.

In addition to their excellent selection of positive displacement meters, Kytola’s expert engineering team provides technical sales and support to equipment manufacturers worldwide. The company employs a global network of local and international engineers who are available five days a week to help provide solutions to any technical problem that you might have with your equipment.

Kytola stands out for their commitment to excellence. This deeply held commitment means that each of their products conforms to ISO 9001 and ISO14001 environmental standards.

About Kytola Instruments:
Kytola Instruments is a manufacturer and developer of measuring instruments for a wide-variety of industrial applications. The company has a proven history of innovation and is the only flow solutions manufacturer that guarantees their workmanship 100%. Kytola Instruments has a long-standing reputation for constructing premium quality equipment at affordable prices. For more information about Kytola Instruments, please go to Kytola.

Kytola Instruments is a manufacturer of superior quality Variable Area Flow Meters that deliver efficiency to your tasks. Kytola Instruments also provides technical support due to their vast experience and various application and engineering solutions. For more information visit www.kytola.com.

Fiscal Metering at truck flow meters?..

“Flow” is measured by calculating the velocity of a fluid over a known area. Fluids can be liquids and gases. The flow is generally measured by the differential pressure flow meters. They work by accumulating a fixed volume of fluid and the number of times the fluid is refilled gives the quantification of the flow. Custody transfer often known as fiscal metering in an oil & gas industry is a process, which include the fluid transactions. The truck flow meter is based on the same concept of flow measurement and it is calculated in terms of Horse power.  

 Truck Flow meters….

  These are used to measure the pressure in the pipeline closed under the full pipe flow of the fluid flow. A wide range of Truck flow meter are designed with high accuracy and reliability with long life span. They have a minute pressure loss and have a better level of viscosity with good adaptation. These are supplied with the Liquid Control pulse output Devices for compatibility.  

Types of flow meters…

  A variety of flow meters are widely used in the process of custody transfer. The flow of fluids is measured by using the following methods and each serve in various applications.

Differential pressure flow meters

Turbine flow meters: to measure medium to high flows
Coriolis flow meters
Positive Displacement flow meters: to measure low flows
Ultrasonic flow meters. Etc.

Each of them is designed with the help of selective use of several spare parts. But in general, all the flow meters have the following components:

Multiple meters

Flow computers

Quality systems

Support automations


These are also widely used in the food industry for the metering liquid sweeteners & oils. They also hold the use in metering the solvents, acids, caustics and water.

The Liquid Control Positive Displacement flow meters:

A positive displacement flow meter is available in various materials like the aluminium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass etc., which provide the necessary accuracy for various processes like the batch processing, custody transfer of liquids, flow rate controls, blending etc. Liquid Control flow meters includes the assortment of process connections including the ANSI flange, slip on weld flange, BSPT thread etc. these are used in several industries, where the flow rates are frequently monitored.

Flow monitoring is necessary and should be observed as an efficient practice in any fluid industry. Therefore the use of truck flow meter, which can provide accurate and reliable metering, is used. These meters are available with the electronic or mechanical registers. They are widely used in the terminal, pipe line or even the truck users go with these ideal monitoring processes.

Advantages of truck flow meters:

The major benefits underlying the truck flow meter are as follows.

These do not have a metal to metal contact and thus ensures greater accuracy.

Use of Carbon for extended life.

enhancing maximum flow rates.

both electronic and mechanical registrations.

Accessories and calibration.

The above article holds a description about the truck flow meters. It also contains information about the liquid Control Positive Displacement flow. Several underlying features and the benefits of several kinds of flow meters are discussed.

The above description gives the information of Loading skid, Truck flow meter and Oil flow Meter which ensures save and accurate dispensation.

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Using Peak-Flow Meters for Your Asthma

Peak-flow meter is a small softball size portable device, available in very economical price in the market. It is relatively easy and to use and measures the air flow in your airways. The rate at which air moves through the lungs and airways is called Peak Expiratory Flow Rate (PEFR). An important point here to remember regarding peak-flow meter is that it is a device used to monitor air flow, and not to diagnose the asthma.

A peak-flow meter is a useful device that helps you in identifying asthma symptoms by telling you whether the airways are narrowing, or stethoscope detects any wheezing sound. Before the things get worse, you can seek help from your asthma management plan and PEFR to take some additional medications. Peak-flow readings help you and your doctor to conclude that the medicine plan is working fine or not. Your doctor will increase or stop your medication according to your PEFR. Peak-flow meter is also used to determine or identify personal asthma triggers.

Who Should Use a Peak-flow Meter?

Normally the people who take asthma medication daily are usually suggested to make a peak-flow meter part of their routine usage. In early weeks after diagnosis, peak-flow meter is used to assess airways’ response to prescribed medication and helps to figure out and changes happen over time between readings and exposure to asthma triggers.

The guidelines published in 1997 by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute suggests that you are required to use a peak-flow meter on for a long term on daily basis, if you are older than five years of age and is a victim of moderate or severe asthma.

Mild, Moderate and Severe Asthma

With mild asthma you get mild attacks just once or twice a week. Symptoms of mild asthma are irregular. With mild asthma, your breathing reading on peak-flow meter should be about 80 percent as strong as it should be. The breathing rate with mild asthma will remain almost the same during day and night time. With such condition, your doctor may suggest you to inhale short-acting beta 9 agonist during asthma attacks. Within few minutes this inhaler or reliever medication will help you to have comfortable breathing. Whether you have mild or severe asthma, it is better to keep a record of your breathing patterns in asthma diary, using peak-flow meter.

Moderate asthma victims can have more than one asthma attack within a week. Severe coughing, wheezing and serious breathing problems can be a part of your attack. The peak-flow meter should be measured as 60 to 80 percent normal breathing rate. Moderate asthma attacks make breathing difficult for you at night time. A corticosteroid (a long-term controller) every day and a short-acting beta agonist (a quick reliever) are recommended during asthma attacks.

The people affected from severe asthma might have an asthma attack everyday. Chronic cough is a symptom of severe asthma. Like moderate asthma, the severe asthma also makes breathing difficult at nights. The breathing rate on peak-flow meter would measured as half of the normal rate. Higher dosage of an inhaled corticosteroid (a long-term controller) every day and a short-acting beta) agonist (a quick reliever) will be recommended.

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Measuring Instruments And Meters Industry In China

 Originally referred to the measuring instrument designed to measure water, gas, electricity, oil pressure, flow, temperature precision equipment. Including thousands of varieties of products in the last century, after 20 years, with the micro-electronics technology and the increasing development of communication technology. Accordance with the scientific classification of modern measurement include scientific measurement, legal metrology, engineering, measuring three aspects. Scientific measurement task is to develop and establish the basic standards of measurement devices, to ensure value delivery and traceability for legal metrology and engineering instructors to provide basic protection.

The task of legal metrology is the people’s livelihood, the importance of measuring instruments and commodities, measuring the amount of behavior measured by the government supervision of the administrative department in accordance with law, to ensure that relevant and accurate value. Engineering measurement task is to society as a whole traceability of the activities of other measurements, provide measurement calibration, testing services, on this basis, we are divided into specific geometric measurement, temperature measurement, mechanical measurement, electromagnetic measurement, optical measurement, acoustic measurement , electronics, measurement, time and frequency measurement, measurement of ionizing radiation, chemical metering.

 China’s current all kinds of measuring instruments more than 6000 companies, has formed a relatively complete variety of categories, with certain technological base and production scale industrial system has become the second largest in Asia excluding Japan, measuring instruments producer. 95 years, our measuring instruments and meters industry, the overall situation is to move forward. Product miniaturization, integration, intelligence, development direction of the bus, and so keep up the pace of international development, emergence of a group of technologically advanced new products, a group of private enterprises with considerable scale the rise of industrial development of China’s measuring instruments The new force.

It should be clear that, although our measuring instruments and meters industry, a certain development, but far from being able to meet the national economy and scientific research, national defense construction and various aspects of social life, the urgent needs of the growing, measuring instrument products in China, most of belonging to middle and low technical level, but also reliability and stability of key indicators, not yet fully meet the requirements, high-grade, large-scale equipment is almost entirely dependent on imports, mid-range products, and many of the key parts and components, foreign companies also occupy more than 60% domestic market share of .

Restricting the development of our measuring instruments and meters industry factors. China lags behind the development of measuring instruments, there are many problems facing the severe situation, the main factors that focus on the following four areas:

 First, technological innovation and industrial progress stagnated

Modern measurement is light, machine, electricity, computers, and many kinds of basic disciplines highly integrated product of the new technology is very sensitive to replacement of products of modern industry, frequency of application and development of new technologies very quickly, one category each year a number of new product launch, especially in today’s information age, competition has become increasingly intense, slightly slow down the pace of development, will be far behind.

Already entered the 21st century, China’s general level of measuring instruments still at the beginning of the 20th century, 80 years on the international level, large-scale and high-end equipment almost entirely dependent on imports, and many much-needed special equipment or a blank, middle and low product assurance quality, there are still many difficulties need to overcome. Scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development has stagnated and is restricting our measuring instruments and meters industry, the development of a “bottleneck” and restricting our measuring instruments and meters industry, technological innovation and development has stagnated There are three main factors: first, a serious shortage of research funds; The second is lack of qualified personnel; third is the lack of government, industry, academia, research, whole, with effective integration.

 Second, a long-term stability and reliability of products is not a fundamental solution

My measurement products, including industrial automation instrument systems, communications equipment, etc., although the technical specifications of similar products abroad, compared with the gap is not great, but the stability and reliability is not high. Greatly limited the use of our measurement products and credibility of the reason for three main areas:

(1) Long-term neglect of the basic technology research development.

(2) made the basis of common parts and pieces of quality, but off.

(3) business-to-product quality control and management of poor product quality, but off.

 Third, the old system, constrained the development of enterprises

The old system that hinders China’s economy, especially the state-owned enterprises to develop a common problem. Equipment industry is no exception. A considerable number of state-owned enterprises, due to the shackles of the old system, we can not burden the students to disentangle the history, the loss of vitality in the market competition, production and management of serious landslides, a large number of backbone enterprises in the line between life on a struggling Therefore, the pace of institutional reform is an important way of development

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Different Types of Water Flow Meters and Their Suppliers

A water flow meter is designed to measure the amount of water used by consumers both for domestic and industrial purposes. This meter serves as an essential tool in measuring the amount of water used for agricultural purposes too. There are different types of meters to detect the exact flow of water.

Purpose of Water Flow Meter

The water flow meter serves many purposes. It is used in the agricultural sector to accurately measure the flow of water which helps to decide the exact amount required and how much is used. It is also used by water authorities to check the amount of water used in industries and other commercial areas.

These meters are installed at homes by the authorities to measure the volume of water used. It also helps to indicate any kind of leakages in water pipes. The online business to business directories have a number of water flow meter manufacturers listed in their catalogs. You will find different varieties of meters to detect the flow of water according to your requirements.

Different Types of Water Flow Meter

The water flow meter is available in different varieties. There are flow meters used mainly for hot water which can be further categorized into Turbine Hot Water Meter and Multi Jet Hot Water Meter.  

The multi jet hot water meter is used for domestic and commercial purposes where as the turbine hot water meter is used mainly for commercial purposes. It is however quite important to conduct a thorough research on the products available before purchasing them by keeping an eye for price, specification and standard.

The multi jet meters are used for domestic purposes and it is known for its precise measurements. It is also used in smaller commercial areas. It cannot be used in areas where high flow of water is necessary.
The compound meters are another type of meter that helps to measure high flow rates. It is also used to measure lower flow rates of water. The electromagnetic meters use electromagnetic properties to measure the velocity of water flow.

The different water flow meter suppliers include Creative Engineers, which manufacture domestic meters, digital meters, hermetically sealed meters to measure the flow of water. Base Electronics and Systems, Chennai, is another company that manufactures and supplies a varied range of meters for measuring the flow of water. It supplies industrial electromagnetic, electromagnetic and economical digital water flow meter.

Another trusted supplier of the flow meter is Manas Microsystems Private limited which offers magnetic flow meters, digital, compact, process and electronic flow meters. The Ajinkya Electronic Systems is also a reliable supplier of flow meters, rate meters, liquid meters and gas flow meters. The Multimedia Enterprises are well known for their products of flow meters which includes electromagnetic flow meters and pipe flow meters. It also supplies high power flow meters.

The water flow meter is used in homes and industries and it is extremely useful to measure the exact consumption of water. With multiple products available in the online markets to measure the consumption of water, it becomes easier to purchase a flow meter of your requirement.

Vaiv Jais has wide knowledge of B2B Marketplace and Business industries. Get latest updates on Business Directory which are of great demand in B2B space.You can find more free information about Water Flow Meters at our online Directory dir.indiaMART.com

Players in the field of Flow Meters and Diesel Pumps

There are various types of liquids used in various ways in various industries. When dealing with liquids the most important requirement is measuring the velocity of the liquid. The instruments that perform this activity of measuring are called flow meters. With the increasing demand of flow meters there has been an increase in the introduction of various manufacturers of flow meters as well.

One such organization that has been into the manufacturing of good quality flow meters for various uses is DEA Engineering. DEA engineering has been in the industry of producing low flow meters for over 25 years. With various competitors in the flow and low flow meter markets DEA Engineering has been able to make its mark and stand separate from its competitors due to the following reasons:

1.  User friendly and low cost.

2.  Small parts help reduce the relative velocity.

3.  Very easy to clean and maintain the meter.

4.  Easy to arrange and dismantle depending upon the area.

5.  The meters are durable and last longer than the competition.

6.  Capable of performing effectively even with hostile liquids.

7.  Simple yet innovative design.

That being said DEA Engineering is a pioneer in low flow meters, PIUSI is the pioneer in pumps. PIUSI was found in 1953 which not only produce pumps but offers complete solutions which led extensive research and innovation in the respective field. The features of PIUSI pumps are as follows:

1.  They are known for producing highly trustworthy products.

2.  PIUSI pumps are a perfect blend of innovation, performance and user friendliness.

3.  PIUSI pumps are known for being cost effective and having long sustainable life.

4.  Known for understanding marketing trends and producing goods that match the buyer’s needs

5.  PIUSI pumps are considered to be a reliable and long relationship oriented when it comes to handling customers.

Many a times, we must have observed the instrument that allows flow of fuel into our vehicles at petrol pumps. These instruments are called fuel and chemical nozzles. These nozzles are used for all types of gasoline, diesel, oil and many more fuels and chemicals. Diesel Nozzle is found almost in all the petrol pumps and at industries that use diesel as one of their manufacturing ingredient. Diesel nozzles are found in two major types:

1.  Manual nozzles

2.  Automatic nozzles.

These diesel nozzles are specifically designed for smooth flow of diesel. Diesel nozzles also include high end nozzles like bulk fuel nozzles that are used when the quantity of diesel to be transported is more. These diesel nozzles are available in various sizes and shapes like:

1.  Plastic manual nozzle

2.  Standard speed automatic nozzle

3.  High speed automatic fuel nozzle

4.  Stainless steel automatic nozzle and many more varieties.

These days though the manual diesel nozzles exist many prefer the automatic diesel nozzles as they need not bother about holding it and about the filling. Once the quantity to be dispensed is set the automatic nozzle stops the flow once the set target is achieved. Thus, depending upon the use and budget the right diesel nozzle can be bought. These days there are many online stores as well for ordering diesel nozzles.

The site offers different types of Low Flow Meter to make your fittings proper. now you can avail good qaulity DEA Engineering.

Industrial Flow Meters for Handling Industrial Flow Applications

Industrial flow meters and related control devices are designed to handle several industrial flow applications. There are several types of flow meters like: – Magnetic flow meters – Micro flow meters – Turbine flow meters – Ultrasonic flow meters – Vortex flow meters

Magnetic flow meters:

Magnetic flow meters also known as mag flow meters are of two types; electromagnetic and battery powered. The battery powered Mag flow meter are available at a low cost and has a full bore and absolutely no moving parts. This property makes it tolerant to sediments, debris etc. It is ideal for water or liquid that has water based conductivity or higher. The electromagnetic flow meters can be mounted stationary and remote. It is available with a hard rubber liner, local LCD rate, pulse, frequency; totalize outputs, bi directional measurement, and protection for the sensors. Mag flow meters also have stainless steel electrodes which indicate the flow rate and flow total.

Turbine flow meters:

Turbine flow meters include FT (liquid) flow meters and GFT (Dry Gases) flow meters. Liquid flow turbine flow meters sizes range from three fourth inches to six inches and are made of stainless steel. They are available with flanged connections, accuracy of plus or minus .5% and reliability of plus or minus .1%. The temperature ranges are from -30 C to +120 C. The gas flow turbine flow meters comes in the same size and same specifications as that of FT flow meters except for in accuracy and reliability where accuracy is plus or minus 2.0% and reliability is plus or minus .2%.

Ultrasonic Flow meters

Fixed ultrasonic flow meters and portable flow meters are famous and used widely! – Fixed ultrasonic flow meters – Have wall mount display with various options for output and with data logging features. This type of ultrasonic flow meter is a non intrusive one and gives display of volume flow that enables quick and simple installation without making any cut in the existing pipe-work. Suitable for horizontal or vertical installation with a temperature range of -20C to + 70C and accuracy of less than 1%. They are suitable to be used in any size of pipe or in any material and are non invasive and not prone to deterioration. – Portable Ultrasonic flow meters – This hand held model of ultrasonic flow meters have all the features and specifications that resembles with that of fixed type except for that they are portable.

Vortex Flow meters

Vortex flow meters are used for steam applications. It comes with IP65 local LCD display. The size ranges from one inch to about 8 inches and available in ANSI flange or wafer style as per specifications. Vortex flow meters are suitable for steam, liquid and also gas and are made of stainless steel. Accuracy rating for liquid is plus or minus 1% and for gas is plus or minus 1.5%. They are powered by lithium battery with approximately five year life. And it’s safe to be used only in European region. Flow meters are used for varied applications and with the right meter for the right application can give you the right readings.

We offer Cam and Groove Couplings, Diesel Exhaust Fluid DEF Pumps, Turbine flow meter, Ultrasonic flow meter & Vortex flow meter Diesel Pumps, Automatic Nozzle, Diesel Fuel Management System and Flow Meter solutions. Including Low Flow Meter measurement with the DEA Micro Flow Meter.

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1% Negligence with Gas Flow Meters Could Cause 99% Loss

Gas Flow Meters, the name says everything; a meter that regulates the flow of gas; a meter that acts like a gladiator, which is under an oath to protect the investment at any cost. The above title is righteously given, because 1% percent mistake in the flow measurement could result in 99% loss of assets and that too irreparable. In case you are opting about giving a second thought to these meters, explore a bit about dreadful accidents that took place in Japan’s pesticide factory in late 1980 and Hydrogen explosion accidents held in the same country in the year 1991.

Anyone can have a glimpse of these Gas Flow Meters in their parking or courtyard area of their property; a meter coated in gray or silver color, which performs two main functions; it regulates the flow and measure the consumption. These meters besides in residential uses, plays an important role in Industrial sectors, especially in chemical, oil and gas or power industry. In these factories, these meters serve a real purpose. Irrefutably, any malfunctioned reading means loss of gas, deteriorated quality and poor flow. These losses then become a limelight on the fiscal reports.

Let us explore some common flow measurement related mistakes, which results in wrong readings:

Wrong selection: The biggest challenge in industry is, “how to select a right flow meter”, and most of the time, the reason behind its failure is the wrong selection. Therefore, before resting your investment on a particular meter, do check its sustainability; do check whether that meter is okay for measuring all sorts of gases. One needs to make a thorough comparison between its tangible and intangible factors, before implanting it in a unit. It is simply not recommended to install a flow meter without judging its flow range, desired accuracy, filter requirements, data update frequency, etc.
Gas carry under: these carry under conditions varies a lot while measuring other liquid flow which may or may not alter the accuracy of liquid flow measurement and this wrong mensuration results in shrinkage. This shrinkage later on results in wrong gas flow readings.
Straight run requirements: undeniably, every flow meter cannot measure every kind of flow; or in other words, these liquefied gases have different sensitivities to different kind of flow field deformations.
Meter installation: sometimes the reason behind wrong measurement is its installation, i.e. it is not properly installed. There might be mistakes with its alignment, direction, piping geometry and many others.


Therefore, one need to buy a flow meter that can assure the best reading or measurement or a particular liquid gas, without any discrepancies. These Gas Flow Meters must be checked for above mentioned points before implanting, in order to slay any chance of loss.