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GMC Acadia “Guillotine” Power Liftgate Malfunction

My GMC Acadia’s power liftgate (trunk) decided to come forcibly crashing down upon my head this morning. It opened with the key trunk release button just fine, however a few seconds later I heard a terrible noise and the whole thing came crashing down upon me. The liftgate then opened fully again, only to close again (normally) on it’s own.

My preschool aged twin boys saw the whole thing: the awful noise and my screams as the liftgate come crashing down on me. They are now terrified of the car and don’t want to ride in it.

A simple internet search revealed that this is a common problem and has been affectionately named “guillotine liftgate” on Acadia forums.

This is the video I took after I got out from under the dangerous liftgate and calmed my crying children. I have found that problems I experience with the car at home are often not repeatable at the dealership, so a video must always be made to document the problem.

If you own this car, please always be careful when getting things in and out if the trunk.
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Evolution of GM Connected Vehicles and Technologies The latest recall is due to power steering on some vehicles suddenly cutting out.

Ford recall for power steering issue

2011-13 Explorer, 2008-11 Escape/Mariner
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Hyundai recalls 200000 vehicles for power steering defect

Hyundai recalls 200000 vehicles for power steering defect
Hyundai is recalling more than 200,000 vehicles that could have a power steering defect that increases the risk of a crash, according to documents posted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Saturday. The recall will affect Elantra …
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Proton recall costly but it'll rebuild trust
PROTON CEO Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah on Tuesday announced that 100,000 cars, involving its Preve, Exora and Suprima models, would be recalled to replace the oil cooler hose that can burst after 40,000km. Anyway, I am glad for Harith's statements …
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Understanding And Monitoring Energy Consumption With Power Meters

A power meter is a large single electric control panel which is responsible for measuring the total electric consumption of a building. Normally a switchboard meter can be accessible from the inside and from the outside of the building as well. An electric supply company normally has a device which reads the client’s energy consumption on a regular basis in order to be able to bill the client for the service.

The supplier company has the capability of sending a meter reader once a month to do a physical reading; however, the latest technology allows these companies to take the readings directly through their database and this is something which can be considered a very practical approach.

This equipment installation also includes the capability of better understanding and monitoring of the energy consumption in a specific area at a designated time during the day or during the month as well. This helps electrical suppliers to understand the different demands of their clients and how to cope with the supply in times of extremely hot or cold weather conditions and other similar periods. It also helps the consumers to understand their consumption. A sudden increase or decrease in meter readings should signify a definitive change in usage habits or a problem in delivery of electricity.

There are many different types of power meters; however, the most common ones are the electromechanical types that work on counting the revolutions of an aluminum disc which rotates at a speed proportional to the power.

There is also the electronic meter, which is basically doing the same measuring; however, it is displaying the results on an LCD display and it can transmit the reading to a remote place. These kinds of switchboard meters are also used quite frequently for recording load supplies as well, They are becoming the most commonly used types, since they function much more efficiently than others.

Having a meter that is able to send readings to the supply company is also recommended, because there are no issues of human error to alter accuracy. Although some customers that have exchanged the older meters for the newer technology might say their electric bills have increased, this should not be the case. It may be due to faulty wiring from the previous set-up and these customers should contact their supply company for a meter check-up to avoid any further problems.

There are different tariffs for different kinds of electricity consumption and the supplying companies try to make sure that those customers that do not come under the heavy consumption tariff get better benefits from them.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about Switchboard meter, please visit http://www.hoytmeter.com/.

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The Power of Protein

Near the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, protein is also an essential element for developing a healthy diet and lifestyle. Even more, protein can highly improve your weight loss efforts and it is better that taking diet pills, weight loss supplements or harmful fat burners. Although people at first, when hearing about protein think about animal sources, there are different types of protein sources. The best thing you should do to get the needed protein amount while taking care of your cholesterol and fat intake is to choose a variety of food rich in protein and build a balanced diet plan. Serving as a critical building block for our bodys tissues and cells protein is an essential nutrient that we need for muscle building, healing and every function of our body.

Everyone should give the needed amount of protein to their body but in limited amounts, without overloading. The normal amount of protein intake per day for women is about 50 grams while this amount at men varies between 60 and 70 grams taken in as two or three servings. The majority of people eat more protein than necessary, usually 120 grams, which is high even at seniors, athletes or pregnant women who need more protein than an average adult.

Not all food acting like protein sources are healthy for you. Cholesterol and saturated fat found in many types of meat are those unhealthy factors, which are advisory to avoid; if you cannot eliminate them from your meal plan at least lower your daily intake. You can eat meat, but you have to choose the right type of it; for example, eating skinless chicken breast, which is high in protein instead of cholesterol and fat rich red meat, is a good start for a healthy diet plan. Hot dogs, cold cuts and steak should also be avoided, because these meats are also high in fat, cholesterol and salt.

There are some food types, which are not only high in protein but contain all the needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need for a healthy body and even weight loss. The best sources of protein are fish, soy, whole grain food, protein fortified pastas, dried peas, black beans, kidney beans, lentils and low fat yoghurt, cheese, milk and dairy products. So try and include these types of food into your daily plan and start living a healthy, protein and vitamin rich, cholesterol and fat low life.

On the other hand, quick and permanent weight loss is not easy for a greater number of women. The significant challenges discourage more of them so they end up being completely held back to try losing weight. Women and men differ biologically and psychologically when it comes to weight loss. Thus, there is a need for specific weight loss plans for the female population. Here are some effective weight loss diets that work fast for women.

South Beach Diet is a very popular and nutritionally balanced diet for women based on the concept of glycemic index. The diet plan was developed by Dr. Arthur Agaston, a cardiologist. Southbeach diet was originally created for heart patients who are overweight. During initial experiments, the patients actually experienced excellent results. Dieters could lose weight effectively, quickly, and permanently without depriving the body of the necessary and required nutrition.

Janice Duryea is a nutition expert and writer for several online weight loss portals. To learn more about the hottest diet trends like Reduce Weight Fruta Planta and Super Slim Pomegranate go to Netnutri.com for more information.

Power of Transformation

Why to repeat the same self-defeating behavior year after year? The key is to find a way to live more and more in the present. The Power of Spiritual Healing is a powerful program that helps you understand the challenges in your life and take ownership over issues that may seem overwhelming.

Sci Divine workshops are wide-ranging exploration of knowledge, practices and tools for leading a conscious, spiritual life. Whether you are just going aboard on a spiritual path, or have been studying spirituality for years, you will benefit from its unique combination of information, experiential processes and resources.

As we move out of the country for better changes Sci Divine also moved out of its country and it flied to Dubai on a massive Devotees Demand and curiosity for Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji.

Yes! Good news for the people for Dubai and Middle East Countries. Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji is such a person who helps people to actualize their natural brilliance by supporting them in releasing past distress and by sharing solutions which enhance spiritual consciousness in the midst of everyday life. The occasion will be addressed by honorable chairman Mr.Rajesh Goyal

Sci Divine Workshops are designed to enhance one’s ability to gain greater access to one’s inner self – using meditation and scientific techniques from Ancient Indian traditions. Participants benefit by acquiring a comprehensive sessions to manage life’s expected ups and downs. It consists of the wonderful Maha Medha Kriya which has been proved a boon for all the career aspirants, working professionals -an established scientific technique for multifold increase in mental ability and intelligence of the students ensuring outstanding success in academic performance and competitive exams by enhancement of memory, concentration and confidence.



Sci Divine experiential exercises, moralizing teaching and group interaction you will be on the path to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom.

For more details contact

Mr. Rajesh Goyal
Chairman, Sci-D’vine Governing Council
e-mail: rajesh.noida@scidivine.net
phone: +91 120 4346600

Official Website : www.scidivine.net

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Hybrid Water Power Review

You’ll find out how to benefit from the new technology breakthrough to give your car a bring economical benefit, you’ll find out in a year you can save thousands of dollars! Continue reading the following you will avoid the outrageous price adjustment. Tens of thousands of people around the world are using this technique, when you read it, you will smile to the bank, the IRS to provide alternative energy from hydrogen in your car! Find out how . 

Have you noticed that natural gas the price has gone up? You should take control of your self-confidence, to know that you have the latest hybrid technology available today to clean your engine, and reduce vehicle emissions, in the money at the same time get benefit!

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And then you have to do is, just add water! This in any car are very easy to install!The use of water and batteries will save a lot of money every month! Some users doubled, and its length ( better! ) Despite their driving large vehicles! As everyone knows the truth: water safety to store large amounts of energy just waiting to be released.
Like a tiger in your tank, when you read it, you will master it!Engineering and fuel injection and the carburetor, the washing hopper and sludge and steam cleaning of the engine and reduce emission reducing global warming ideal!The new car, used car, car with hot, cold – it will play a role in!
Tens of thousands of people around the world are using this technique, when you read it, you will smile to the bank, the IRS to provide alternative energy from hydrogen in your car! Find out how … you’ll find out in a year you can save thousands of dollars! Continue reading the following you will avoid the outrageous price adjustment. You should take control of your self-confidence, to know that you have the latest hybrid technology available today to clean your engine, and reduce vehicle emissions, in the money at the same time get benefit!

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