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Smart Meters – Surveillance State – Smartmeters

The bulk of this was filmed in winter 2015 and the whole thing was so annoying, I didn’t even want to touch it for a good, long while.
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Smart Meters – Surveillance State – Smartmeters

Brian Thiesen: Technical Facts and Political Adgenda of SmartMeters

Public Forum in Enderby BC on Smart Meters and the Wireless Industry.

Stop Smartmeters

The presentation, Stop Smart Meters is presented by Lisa Nancollas, a graduate of Penn State University. She is the Coordinator for the Stop Smart Meter Coal…
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▶ Digital Portable Phones and Microwave Radiation on the Electrosensitive   YouTube

MICROWAVE RADIATION AFFECTS THE HEART: ARE THE RESULTS REAL OR ARE THEY DUE TO INTERFERENCE ? January 7, 2012. In 2010, we published a paper that showed radi…
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Echelon Smartmeters Danmark.

Så er deres smart meters landet her i landet…..en man burde undersøge lidt mere. kig her: Smart Meters – Det trådløse Helvede og den nye verdens orden http…
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Are SmartMeters Dangerous Due to The Microwave Radiation they Emit? Part 2

Cordless Phones Health Rsks : http://www.emfnews.org/Car-Radiation-Cell-Phones-Faraday-Cage-and-Cancer.html Blue tube headset : http://www.emfnews.org/mret-t…
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PG&E Feels Heat Over SmartMeters

California’s largest utility is coming under fire for billing practices associated with its SmartMeter program.
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Group Tries To Put End To SmartMeters In Santa Cruz County

Group Tries To Put End To SmartMeters In Santa Cruz County

Protesters opposing PG&E’s new SmartMeter program forced a Capitola subcontractor that installs the meters to shut down Thursday.
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A Bank of smartmeters in maryland

I am standing several feet away from these meters against an apartment wall in Takoma Park.