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Aswath Damodaran: “Valuation: Four Lessons to Take Away” | Talks at Google

The tools and practice of valuation is intimidating to most laymen, who assume that they do not have the skills and the capability to value companies. In this talk, I propose to lay out four simple propositions about valuation. The first is that valuation is not an extension of accounting, insofar as it is not about recording the past but forecasting the future. The second is that valuation is not just modeling, where people put numbers into Excel spreadsheets and pump out values. A good valuation requires a narrative that binds the numbers together. The third is that valuing an asset or business is very different from pricing that asset or business, a difference that is often blurred in practice. The fourth is that luck plays a disproportionate role in whether you make money off your valuations. Put differently, you can do everything right and still walk away with nothing or worse at the end.

About the Author
I view myself, first and foremost, as a teacher. I do teach valuation and corporate finance not only to MBAs at Stern but to anyone who will listen (on iTunes U, online and on YouTube). I love to write books, teaching material and blog posts. After 30 years of teaching finance, I still find it fascinating as an interplay of economics, psychology and number crunching.

Ex-Barclays boss Diamond set for million payday
LONDON (Reuters) – Former Barclays chief executive Bob Diamond is set to be paid about 2 million pounds ( million) in July, a year after he left the bank following its Libor interest rate rigging scandal. Diamond is entitled to a year’s salary, pension and benefits, which will be paid in a lump sum on July 3, Barclays’ annual report released on Friday showed. Benefits include the use of a company car and chauffeur, private medical insurance, life insurance cover, accommodation while in Britain and tax advice. …

ECB should cut rates, allow higher inflation: Lagarde
DUBLIN (Reuters) – The European Central Bank should cut interest rates further and strong economies such as Germany should allow higher inflation and wage growth, the head of the International Monetary Fund said on Friday.

Icahn demands Dell pay billion dividend to avert fight
Activist investor Carl Icahn is demanding Dell Inc pay out .7 billion in special dividends, joining a growing chorus of opposition to founder Michael Dell’s plan to take the world’s No. 3 personal computer …

Google’s Motorola to Cut Staff 10%
Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility hardware unit has begun laying off about 1,200 employees, or more than 10% of its headcount, according to a company email reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, as the smartphone …


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Massive airbag recall could take months to notify owners, years to fix

The largest auto recall in U.S. history has affected 11 major auto companies, 34 million vehicles and dozens of models. It could take the manufacturer Takata two years to make all the replacements. So what’s an owner of one of these vehicles to do? Gwen Ifill talks to David Shepardson of The Detroit News to get insight on Takata’s plan to serve this massive recall.

Get Your Boyfriend To Take You Back Even After You Cheated With This One Thing

Do you want to get your boyfriend to take you back after you’ve been caught cheating? This was once something most women thought of as impossible but there is one thing you can do that will make it much more likely to happen. Keep reading to find out what that one thing is. Don’t forget to click on the link at the bottom to speed up the process and get your boyfriend to take you back after cheating even faster.

Breakups are tough. It’s even harder when you feel as though the breakup was completely your fault and didn’t want the breakup to happen in the first place. Now you’re not only carrying around unwanted feelings of anger, hurt, and depression but you’re also carrying around the weight of the world in guilt.

Now is the time to move beyond those feelings and look at things from a different point of view. You need to see the situation from the eyes of the boyfriend you cheated on. It might be painful to see things from his point of view. It’s hard to feel that sort of empathy with and for someone you love while knowing that you are the cause of the pain that person is experiencing. But it is necessary if you want to get your boyfriend to take you back in the end.

What’s The Secret Solution To Get Your Boyfriend to Take You Back?

You have to make him want you back. Make him believe it’s his idea and something that he wants. You’re probably thinking that is something that is easier said than done but if you want a long and happy relationship together it’s a fine art you’re going to have to learn to master.

It’s not as difficult as most women believe it to be though. Men are often easily persuaded to do things they would have said “no” to with little thought or as a knee-jerk reaction had they been asked. This is going to be easier than most of those things.

Why is that? Easier? How?

The thing is, your boyfriend didn’t stop loving you because you made a mistake and cheated on him. Even as much as he prizes loyalty he still loves you. That didn’t instantly stop when you made a bad decision. You have the fact that he really (perhaps deep down inside) WANTS your relationship to work out on your side. Now it’s time to show him all the reasons he wants the relationship to work out and conclude that HE wants to get back together.

That really is all it takes to get your boyfriend to take you back even after you cheated. Wouldn’t it be great if all things in life were this easy?

It’s great to know you can get your ex back even after something as big as cheating. But, be careful that you don’t rush in and make this one colossal mistake: http://www.magicofmakingup.com that could seriously set your efforts back.

Steps You Need to Take to Win Back Your Ex

Romantic relationships are often very complicated mainly because you will need to consider just what is appropriate for you as well as your companion. You could each have diverse needs, nevertheless achieving success within a romantic relationship indicates that you will want to take measures that take into consideration exactly what would most likely make both individuals happy.

When you are unable to do this, you’ll probably ruin the intimate relationship and this means that you will have wasted your time. Whenever you’ve come to care for and really love this individual, then you may need to learn how to win back your ex. Following these tips will make it possible for you to recapture the relationship and reestablish the connection that you really spent time creating.

Right after a breakup, the first thing you need to do is let your ex have the space they desire. This will mean that you allow them time by not calling them for at least three weeks. At the end of this period, let the person know that you want to speak to them. This might be carried out using a very simple text message or phone call to say hello and permit them to know that you just are missing them. Leave the conversation at a length of about ten minutes and wait around several days to contact them once more.

It’s conceivable to win back your ex by respecting their desire for space. You’ll be able to accomplish this by waiting for them to get in touch with you. When they wish to speak to you, then you definitely are going to be in a much better position to allow them to understand your feelings. The key element to this is honoring their space and offering them some time to recover from the breakup.

As soon as you’ve established the connection, it would be a very good idea to let them know that you continue to care for them. Take time on your own and write down how you really feel. This is going to provide you with a template of what you might want to express to the individual. When you are communicating your emotions, you need to let them learn exactly how you feel, but you should remember not to be overly expressive.

In the event that this particular person thinks that you are expressing feelings which are very powerful, you might scare them off for good. It is good to communicate love, however make sure you never be overly excessive with the feelings you communicate. In the event you wish to win back your ex, it is crucial that you really allow them to learn what you happen to be interested in. Quite a few romantic relationships end in friendships, but you must let this human being recognize precisely what sort of relationship you’re trying to find.

Are you asking “How do I get my ex back?” If you want to improve your relationships be sure to visit my site and read my review of Magic Of Making Up.

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If Your Boyfriend Wants To Take A Break Can You Get Him Back?

One of my parents friends’ daughter was going through some relationship problems not too long ago. From what I understand her boyfriend told her that he wanted to take a break from the relationship which left her puzzled. She then proceed to inquire from friends, family, and even on line websites about advice fixing her relationship.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with your boyfriend here are a few tips that may assist you through this situation so both of you come out unscathed.

First of all you need to understand that when a guy says he wants to take a break it could very well signify something else. More often than not what he’s saying is that he’s quite sure he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you anymore, but isn’t certain yet so “I’ll keep her around until I figure it out or find someone else”.

I know this may sound harsh but basically when someone says they wish to take a break it’s all about them. They want to selfishly “keep their options open”. And that’s egocentric irrespective of the way you try to justify it.

It’s nearly impossible to take a break and work on fixing the mistakes in your relationship at the same time. To really mend the issues there generally must be some discussion between the two of you. That is why a break is not about fixing a relationship, but more about easing out of it.

Quite often, but not always it implies they’re interested with someone new, but doesn’t want to totally end it with you till they’re sure this ‘new thing’ will work out.

Should you’re boyfriend says he wants to take a break do yourself a favor, don’t cling. Do not beg him to keep you informed about everything he’s doing or what his issues are, and then try to fix all of them. Whatever is going on he’s proven that he needs time to get things figured out. Give him space, but do not put your life on hold while he’s making up his mind about you. That’s a little unfair isn’t it?

It is essential you just maintain living your life. Go out with the girls, go to movies, shopping, or whatever you enjoy the most. Don’t sit around and how or when hes going to get it all figured out. Just live.

You can also use the break as an opportunity to determine what you want. Do you need this relationship? Are your needs being met? Is he the kind of guy who values this? Now is a great time to do some soul searching and turn the attention inward towards yourself. You may be surprised with how you start seeing things from a different perspective, and much more clearer than before.

If he was getting sick of the relationship there’s a good chance you may have been as well, however you either decided not to face it or just suppressed in some way. This is also a good time to envision what life would really be like with or without him.

So if the phrase “my boyfriend says hes wants to take a break” is still fresh in your mind just keep in mind that there are two of you involved. Take this time to fix your life, do not mope round. Time will only tell if he’s really the guy for you. Things have a way of working themselves out.

If you want more help about your ex boyfriend and want advice on how to get him back then you could use focused advice specific to your situation. Luckily this help and advice is out there Discover how to get him back and then keep him this time from the blog dedicated to women going through boyfriend problems.

Take X-Girlfriend Back On Your Line

When you broke up a girlfriend that it can be not easy to bring her back. I am sure, by now, you have tried every tips in the book, internet or friend’s advice. You’ve bought her flowers, you’ve bought her chocolates, you’ve even stood outside of her window and read her love letters – nothing has worked. You find yourself asking questions like: Am I good enough? Does she still care about me? What I am I doing wrong? You have to understand the problem is not you, the problem is that your approach is not the kind that works with her.


The first thing you need to do, if you have any shot of getting your ex girlfriend back, is to come up with a plan of action. If you are serious about getting her back, then you will need to literally write out the steps you are going to take to do this.


Start out by making weekly goals, such as…Step 1: By the end of this week I will have established physical contact…Step 2: By the end of this week I will have gone on three dates with her…and so forth. Your plan of action will be your battle plan as you get closer and closer to getting her back.


After you have created a plan of action, it is imperative that you make her realize how important she is to you. If you have recently broke up with her, then this step will be a little easier to take. However, if you were the one who got dumped, you are climbing a much steeper mountain. There are a few ways you can get her attention to let her know how you feel. One of which is to write a letter – sounds corny – but trust me, it can work wonders. The reason you write a letter, and not an email or long text message, is because a letter is one of the most tangible and sensitive things you can give a woman. In fact, it is what I like to call, and object of permanence (OOP). Other examples of OOPs are jewelry, stuffed animals, tickets to a concert, and photos – basically anything that she can physically hold that reminds her of you. The more OOPs you send her way, the more likely she will be back in your life.


While you are following your plan of action and dropping some OOPs her way, there are a few things you should do in the meantime. The first, and most important, is to listen. Listen to everything that comes out of her mouth. Even if she is yelling at you, listen. At this point in your relationship you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, so open your ears and close your mouth. The second thing you should be doing is figuring out why it didn’t work the first time. If you can figure out why something broke, you can fix it and prevent it from breaking a second time. Another basic thing you can do is be pleasant to be around. If you are trying to get back with your ex, you want her to value this new time you are spending with each other.


Going through a break-up can be difficult for anybody. At the very least it makes sense to try to make it work out. People that don’t, often regret it for years (if not the rest of their lives). That is why George Bachmann has created a resource that looks at many ways of trying to bring that special someone back into your life.

You can learn more when you visit http://www.getyourgirlfriendbacktoday.com/

Take Back Your Life and Stop Anxiety Panic Attacks

There is no magic to stop anxiety panic attacks, but there are means to rid yourself using methods that have worked for many thousands of anxiety sufferers throughout the world. Once someone successfully combats their anxiety, panic attacks, OCD or agoraphobia, they are invariably only too pleased to share their happy story with others.

What will adopting the correct strategies help you to achieve? First and foremost, it will help you get rid of those horrible panic attacks, anxiety, and OCD and agoraphobia conditions. Once you have gotten past these conditions, you will then be able to move forward with your life in a positive way. You will renew or find your inner strength and find the confidence you need to do the things you have always wanted to do. When you stop anxiety attacks, you will feel like you did before they started happening. It will be like a whole new world has opened up to you and you can do anything you want to do in life. This includes, perhaps, a promotion or a raise at work!

If you are experiencing chest pains, dizziness, feelings of loneliness, palpitations, anxiety attacks, shortness of breath, aches, pains, muscle tingling, digestive problems, excessive sweating, cold chills or are afraid to get out and socialize, you need the strategies to stop anxiety panic attacks now. There are other symptoms that are involved in panic and anxiety, but these are the most common symptoms. Take back your life and be yourself again!

Contrary to popular belief, anxiety disorders are not mental or physical illnesses. They are things brought on by you and are considered behavioral in nature. In other words, your own actions and reactions are causing these attacks, phobias and compulsive behavior. You need to learn to shut off your “anxiety switch” that is located in your brain. That switch is called the amygdala. The amygdala is a very powerful organ in your brain that controls your emotions and anxiety. You can stop anxiety attacks by taking control over this organ. Remember, today is a new beginning, and you can combat these disorders by implementing this program.

Most people suffering from severe anxiety would feel that anyone who has not actually experienced an anxiety disorder could possibly know what a devastating experience it is. And in spite of professional training, would find it difficult to advise on a total cure for anxiety panic attacks.

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Master Cleanse – Take Back Your Mind and Body!

Many people in the world are much more health conscious than they used to be. Years of abusing their bodies have taken it’s toll and now they wish to turn things around by using methods such as detoxes, diets and cleansing. These methods are a useful way to help restore your body and mind back to the way that nature intended it to be.

Throughout the years, if left to accumulate, the waste in our digestive systems builds up. This waste can be harmful to our bodies and they end up not being able to cope. We can also end up feeling lethargic, ill, depressed and out of shape. These factors, and more, can all be rectified with the aid of a detoxification, cleansing or diet program.

One of the most popular detoxes at the moment is the Master Cleanse. Brought to the fore by some celebrities, it claims to be a great method for cleaning up your body and mind. Some of the claimed benefits of a Master Cleanse include:

• Loss of weight
• Thorough cleansing of the digestive system
• Reduction in aches and pains
• Heightened level of energy
• Return of Libido
• Younger and healthier looking complexion
• Reduction in bloating
• Increase in efficiency of the immune system

Some people choose to undertake a Master Cleanse purely because of the claim that you can lose a lot of excess weight rapidly. It is stated that it is possible to lose up to 20 pounds of weight, from various parts of the body, over a 10 day period. There is also no solid food allowed to be eaten during the period of a Master Cleanse detox.

With all of these claimed benefits that help our body, comes the possibility of making our mental health much better too. If you should see the claimed benefits for yourself then you may feel happier and have a lot more confidence in yourself. This in turn will help to keep your mind active and in a good state.

It is advisable that you check with a medical professional or health practitioner before you undertake any cleansing, detox or diet method.

Can I Lose 20 Pounds on Master Cleanse Like Beyonce Did?
Endorsed by CNN, Health Networks, Oprah & Used by Hollywood Stars such as Beyonce Knowles to Lose 20 Pounds!

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Take Effective Actions If You Want to Get Your Ex Back

Have you ever experienced a break up in your life? Not only you, but almost every adult would have gone through a break up at some point of life or other. After the break up, they may remain in sweet remembrance of the relation for sometime and then move on with life.

The truth is that it is possible to turn around most of the breakups. Only that you need to take a few steps to get back to your ex. You need to choose the right steps because there is nobody else who knows your relation as much as you. Take a look at the simple steps to win your ex back.

Firstly you need to determine the actual cause for the breakup. Only if you are able to understand why the breakup occurred, will you be able to get win your ex back. Definitely you cannot turn back the time machine and alter the reason for breakup, but you should be willing to learn from mistakes, and see to it that you never repeat it.

When identifying the reason, you will come to know that the breakup occurred as a result of a specific event or several reasons together lead to it. It might also have resulted from a behavior that one of you exhibited and the other didn’t approve. But, only when you identify the root cause will you learn to deal with such scenarios later, if they occur. Also, when you identify the actual cause, you may start wondering if such a silly cause could play this havoc.

Secondly prepare your mind and ensure yourself that you don’t look needy. You should never let yourself look deprived. But this is not the usual scenario. In most cases, we would want to show the ex that it is difficult for life to move on without them. The reason being, it would only make them feel important. But, your aim should be to let your ex realize that you are strong to live by yourself. You should show others how self confident you are. Your aim should be to you’re your ex need you.

Thirdly, you should take care to see that you never make your ex feel jealous in your attempt to win back the love you lost. This is definitely not a pleasant thing to do, because your ex might infer that you have moved ahead in life, and he/ she should also be doing the same. So, instead of thinking to get back, your ex will only look at ways to go further. You need to think of ways to make your ex think that the best days in both your lives where the days you spent together and nobody can replace you or your ex. So, do not seem desperate, and your ex will realize the bond you shared, in spite of the silly differences. Another possibility that may occur is that your ex may already be seeing somebody else. In such situations you need to strengthen yourself, because there is very little that you can do to help.

As the fourth step, arrange to meet with your ex to sort out the issues that bother both of you. But you should be thoroughly prepared as to how you are going to meet up and what your strategy should be. You need to stay calm, no matter what. If you do not do a proper homework, it might only worsen things for both of you.

Though winning your ex back is not that tough, you need to ensure the right behavior from your end, to make your ex want you.

So, boost your self confidence, take a deep breath, stay calm, and be a go-getter. You are sure to win your ex back.

Usually when a breakup occurs there is a lot of healing that needs to take place. Egos are bruised and trust has been shaken. Sometimes the path back to harmony and trust in a relationship can be a long one. Here are some more things that you can do to shorten that path and make getting back together much, much quicker.

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